What was the last game you played?

The finale of my Doom 4 Nightmare run.

And the screen proof.

And no, I will not do Ultra-Nightmare :p.

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Then play Arcade Mode.

I decided to give the other three characters a try and found them all enjoyable.

I love this Jabbaā€™s Palace nod from Return of the Jedi.

Lorelei is a nice looking character, Gearbox did well with her.


If you get to 50, and you want any gear to play with let me know. Iā€™m always throwing stuff away.


Ultimate Doom. Finished up Inferno.

Hell is a strange place some times, very strange indeed.

And started on the Thy Flesh Consumed Episode.

Not pictured: the fact that M1 is easily the scariest map in the entire game.

Awesome! That lighting in the last pic looks newer?

Light sources have a limited capacity to cast shadows. It doesnā€™t affect sprites, but it can affect the world itself.


Hardest map in Ultimate Doom is behind me :grin:

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Since itā€™s free, the Nathan Drake Collection. Was about 25-30% done with the first game. Was at a part where I was escaping the enemy on Jeep and the girl I was with was driving. Game got an error and crashed and basically the file got corrupted. So I skipped to the second game. So that kinda sucked.

Waiting for Kakarot to drop. Just 3 more days

UV-Maxā€™d Thy Flesh Consumed. Spider Mastermind was stil far too easy despite keeping myself at 40HP deliberately. Next up is Sigil, and after that I can finally start on Doom 64 for Doom 2.

Elena is her name. I had to redownload the collection as it wouldnā€™t work the first time.
Uncharted 4 is on sale, while Uncharted Collection is a PS Plus offer.
I already have Uncharted Collection & 4 on disc, along with 1-3 on disc for ps3.
Awhile back, The Last of Us Remastered was made free for PS Plus. I skipped getting it. Already have the disc on ps3 & ps4.

Iā€™ve returned to my thief/assassin/vampire (no fast travel) character.

Some pics from my adventures.

That spider thought he could get the drop on me, nice try.

Killed this guy with three fast sneak attacks, never saw it coming.

Hunting down a traitor for a Daedric Prince.

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Ultimate Doom, the Sigil Episode. Only on the second map right now but I canā€™t help but love the level design. Itā€™s difficult, but nowhere near E4M1/E4M2.

Kakarot. It is so well made. Im still getting used to the controls in combat, its different than what ive been used to. but it is like playing the anime, i love it.

Ultimate Doom, finished Sigil on UV, withthe ruleset of UV-max mostly in tact. In total I only missed 1 secret, and 2 or 3 kills. Might redo it at some point. Only maps I genuinly had a gripe with with were M6, and M9.

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Did a little more FO3 for the muted palette and change of pace. I was basically clearing up Old Oney in search of Nuke-Cola Quantum. So. Many. Deathclaws! This one was lodged in an odd place. It was definitely dead, but twitching frantically almost as though someoneā€™s axe was still buried in itā€™s central nervous system. The weapon I currently have equipped might have played a role in thatā€¦






Finished the Frieza saga on Kakarot. Now have the option to hunt for dragon balls, which is nice. takes maybe 20 minutes to get them all. Started the Android saga, but wanted to focus on some sub quests, which i need the dragon balls for.

As Goku, transforming using the Kaioken is a bit rough cause it slowly drains HP. As Super Saiyan, it drains energy. So its something you need to keep up and power up. Or you revert back to basic Goku. Which kinda sucks when fighting strong bosses.

its very fun to say the least. Cant wait to run into Mr. Satan and see what wacky shenanigans they do