What was the last game you played?

the next 3 levels were cake walks… then this pos, the last level before the final boss…

Lilith voice


Rage quit at the part were you have to boost jump off two tiki birds… ■■■■ that up and yeah… and im still not good at timing the boost x.x. The guy in that video had diddy from a previous level, which would make the lava rise part a bit easier… but still, you ■■■■ up the double tiki bird jump, the two extra hits and hover wont even save you. They reallly should of gave you diddy before the lava rise part but nah, YOU MUST SUFFER.

I’ll be so happy once I basic clear this. I do not have the patence to unlock the bonus levels… getting all items ontop of the redonk difficulty is like… you have to be a damn superhuman. This stiff is harder then the DKC games I played as a kid, and those games had there hell levels, but nothing this hard!

God, if you want a hard as balls platformer, get this ■■■■■■! I’m imaging the original with the damn wii-mote waggle controls and blowing and like… thats bonus hell ontop of the hell.

Tropical freeze is the next game after this, but id have to get a switch to play it (I am planning on a getting a switch when the time and price is right).

Bl3. Before that, castlevania lord of the shadows 2. Both great games. And both outdid themselves regarding the previous titles. Damn I love videogames.

I’ve been on a major drive to get through the DA:II story yet again, as I’ve kept messing up getting certain achievements that require you to do or find things throughout the story that aren’t necessarily obvious.

First one down:

I hadn’t realised that to get this, you need to make sure you talk to the Arishok at times not indicated by your quest log. :dukefp: Now I know… It’s difficult keeping track of all the side quests (some of which depend on your party member’s disposition towards you) that you need to get some of the other achievements (Supplier, Archeologist) and it is so easy to miss one thing in an area that you can never return to. So far, however, so good. :crossed_fingers:

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Been playing Fallout 4 on my Xbox One. Here are some random pics from my adventures.


I see you’ve been busy collecting souvenirs! So, who’s your favourite NPC in FO4?


@AMG_75 Do you have the dlcs?

Finally basic cleared Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. I would probably break my 2DS in rage trying to 100% clear that game, so back in the case it goes, and now onto Pokemon Sun. I nearly died at the Team Skull hiphop rap theme omfg…

And the lesson learned from DKC:R is… If you get too frustrated, put the game down and come back at it the next day with a fresh mind. Final boss the first time around, I was too mentaly tired after the “rocket barrel to the top of the tower” part to fight the boss efficiently. So I had to rage quit. Next day I beat it as I had the rocket part memorized and the boss patterns too. Took a few tries but I won, what was it… 3 lives lost. Before I think I went though 20-25… haha.

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That’s a good question. I really like Codsworth (he calls me Mr. Andy) and I have a soft spot for Ada.

I don’t have any on the Xbox One.

Ada is good, especially after you give her some major firepower upgrades! I think my personal favourite remains Nick Valentine.

In other news, I got the almost-impossible-to-get book in DA:II last night. Just had to stand right next to it through a fight and mash the button like fury.

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Been mucking about with Inertial Drift, which is a damned snazzy arcade racer with an ingenious control scheme. I mean, why haven’t we had twin stick steering yet?

And Stick It to the Man. 2.5D platformer with point and click adventure elements mashed in, with some very Tear Away-esque elements. It’s so feckin’ weird, and I love it.


Got through the end of Act 2 of DA:II and finally experienced a slightly different ending, which was good. Started Act 3, and unlocked the first of the elusive achievements I have been missing.

On Switch it has been Animal Crossing and yes, monopoly. Then i have been playing mobile games.

Found out I could have “rented” a PS4 during my hospital stay. I didn’t know and I’m supposed to go home in a few days. Some dude even brought his PS5. I’m jelly, but know it’s waiting for me at home


Finished off Saints Row The Third at 98%, just missed a few collectibles. Then went back and played the second half of Chaos On Deponia. Did better than last time, though there was one puzzle with a meta solution that made me angry. I actually thought of it but then was like “no they wouldn’t do that.” Then I finally gave up and looked up the solution, and I had been right.

I also played through Return of the Obra Dinn and an indie visual novel/puzzle game called Vera Banc: Full Moon. Now I’m digging into my scores from the Xbox Black Friday sale, starting with Superhot: Mind Control Delete. It’s MORE Superhot, which is good.

Started and finished Apocalipsis, a puzzle game in medieval woodcut optic. Quite charming, if a little short. Thanks @paulothead for the recommendation.

Puzzling done, I went back to this:

XCOM 2 is pure genius and completing a mission without casualties or gravely injured soldiers is a quite satisfying experience.


I’ve looked into that game. Also, have you tried Samorost and Machinarium? Samorost 1 is found on the dev site, as a full flash game, while 2 & 3 are available for purchase.

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Finished my second playthrough of The Return Of The Obra Dinn

The optics are charmingly retro:

The soundtrack is very good and the puzzles are just lovely, difficult enough to be satisfying and one isn’t forced into guesswork.


Somehow the old Macintosh graphics gel well with the early 1800’s setting. They both exude a sort of classic sensation despite being hundreds of years apart from each other.


Did the thing:

Managed to get both the Supplier and Archaeologist achievements in DA:II as well, then finished the game. I was hoping to get the one ‘secret’ achievement not unlocked so far as well, but nope. I might need to go back to an earlier save file for that. Or try it on the other character that stalled out when I realised I’d missed some key stuff for the achievements I wanted.


Stick It To The Man. So absurd, well written, paper doll characters, with this song for its theme. I loved it.

And some arcade racers to break it up because it’s quite short.

MX Nitro Unleashed, perfectly serviceable with nice graphics and sound, solid controls, and serviceable physics. Nothing special, but a decent time waster.

Inertial Drift. This one is special. It’s a twin stick racer. Steering (read: changing lanes) on the left stick and drift angle on the right stick. Accelerate and brake both on shoulder buttons. A very interesting control scheme, with physics just weird enough to facilitate the whole thing. It’s good aesthetically as well. Cell shaded, beautiful landscapes where the tracks are carved, shiny cars, electronic music that makes you feel like you’re flying when you execute properly. It’s a wonderful experience.

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As of late, it is now Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom. Both are really fun to play