What was the last game you played?

I bought the core book and some dice and I’m going to make a campaign for my friends.

I continued my “franchise catch-up” series with Saints Row IV. I’m surprised how well the story continuity is kept up in spite of how progressively zany these games get. SRIV has a wacky Sci-fi story and still manages to fill in the backstories of characters who haven’t appeared since the first game. It’s a lot of fun to play but you can become overpowered almost immediately, making the game WAY less challenging than any other game in the series so far. It works really well as a power fantasy though, and there are some really funny jokes.

I played Call of the Sea over a period of two days. I usually avoid Lovecraftian games because most of them feel pretty derivative at this point, but I bought this without knowing exactly what it was and enjoyed it overall. I recommend it to puzzle/adventure game fans. It also has some really nice visuals in certain parts.

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Have you played Song of the Deep?

No. Was that the one that was published or released through GameStop somehow a couple years back?

:raising_hand_man: So did I.

Same here. Regarding the story, I do in fact like it. It may help that I am something of a mythology nerd and that the design, lines and voice-acting of the characters appeal to me.

Definitely good enough to take a look at their previous games. Any recommendations?


I’ve been plugging away in Fallout: New Vegas, doing challenges I had not managed to complete in earlier runs. I’ve now broken all three casino banks on the Strip, and completed both the 1 and 2 star GRA challenges.

Yesterday I finished off two of the 3 star challenges: killing Cazadors with time delay weapons, and killing Deathclaws with a .22 pistol. Tip for the first one - get the Mad Bomber perk. This lets you make Tin Can Grenades, which have a shorter fuse than either long fuse dynamite or time bombs; then, go to one of the spots where you can drop them down into a mass of cazadors, such as the Cazador Nest (off route 188). One more challenge and I’ll have the three I need for another achievement - going to go punch some robots.

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I’d probably recommend Transistor most personally, but then I’d also suggest just picking up whatever you find interesting from their backlog. Really, given it’s been a while the best choice might be to just play whatever interests you first.


I’ve finished Hades’ main storyline yesterday.

Same here :slight_smile:

Also, I can’t remember the last time when video game made me laugh out loud - trash talk and characters calling out game-y structure of their world was enjoyable for me personally.
Also also, the theme of reuniting people is something that you do not see done (in such quality) every day. Personal relationship that were shown in the game made me think about how people I know and me myself handle similar situations…

Anyway, gonna do some more runs, because (at least for now) there are more challenges to overcome.

I agree with @temetnosce. My take on Bastion is: combat is not that polished as in Hades, but story is … let’s say, you can find parallels. I haven’t play other 2 yet.


Just like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Song of the Deep is best played with a controller.

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