What was the last game you played?

By any chance, do you watch Blast or ESL or something else?

Edit: yeah, about recently played games…
Saw dude called Anthopants playing some Streets of Rage ROM hacks and decided to reinstall Streets of Rage 4. Still great game, still can’t put it down - trying to beat my high score on every stage and every difficulty. I was never into beat 'em ups, but nostalgia kept me glued. Now, I really enjoy new mechanics (special moves drain HP which can be regained by dealing damage until getting hit, you know, similar to BloodBorne and Dead Cells), juggling and great music (I remember listening to whole main meniu track when I first launched SoR4…).

Speaking of good music… with Streets of Rage 4 I remember Streets of Rage Remake v5 (v5.2 now) which I played 5 - 6 years ago. As a fan project it is quite high quality and, as I mentioned, has remastered music from SoR 1, 2, 3 + some originals. Aesthetics were a little bit updated to get closer to modern indie quality. And it seems way harder that SoR 4… even on medium I got my butt handed to me, but that’s the fun part :smiley:

P.S. I remember (man, I use that phrase a lot) playing Bare Knuckles 3 (uncensored version of SoR 3 ) on my Sega Genesis when I was a kid - people shouting, beating each other felt too brutal at the time, as well as music was so off putting. Now, music might be the best part of the game…

It takes time to really appreciate some stuff, I guess…


Launched my PS4 to play some Kakarot. Turned out that i hadn’t played since last May. Health issues happened right after. So i played the new dlc, and finished it. But i am far from getting Goku and Vegeta to the new max level and then i need a lot of orbs to be able to upgrade the skill trees with the new abilities and moves. Another day perhaps. But at least i can fight Gold Frieza or Whis when i please.

Just got free so I could play a little, only to find XBLive has been down for four hours already and the game I want to play won’t launch without it. Fantastic! Oh well…

I think Finn was hoping for a second light sabre. This is not that:

I’m not sure whether I should expect an imminent respawn back on Pandora, or to encounter a UK Police telephone box coming the other way:

Also, why do Tie fighters scream like Banshees?

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Better vehicle care:

A room with a view:

Still playing Subnautica (obviously…)


You can sink hours in to that game!


Honestly, if BL3 was half as immersive

Craft to survive isn’t my usual kind of game, but this one is just so well done regarding gameplay, atmosphere and story (as far as I know that by now). Did I mention the sudden jumpscares? Or the feeling of dread when one notices that the oxygen may not be enough to reach the surface…

I am collecting resources for the PRAWN suit now.


The other thing I like about it is that it is a very pretty game, especially in the ‘safe’ shallows. And the construction loop is fun - at some point I’m going to fire up a free-play version just so I can go crazy and build my castle in the ocean.


Be careful with that, I tried making bases all over, after building a certain amount it slows down the game. I forget why, or in what way, but it was serious enough I ended up deconstructing most of it.

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That wouldn’t surprise me. My daughter went crazy with building at one point, and it definitely made things a bit glitchy.


Met someone new:

The acquaintance was short and left a dent. In me Seamoth…
Didn´t even have the time to fully scan the beastie :pouting_cat:

That’s a nasty one. And that’s quite a dent there, too… I can’t remember if you can lock those with the stasis rifle or not. I do know I managed to scan one, but I don’t remember how (other than it was not easy).

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You can kill them with the prawn suit, it’s so annoying that it’s not really worth it though (basically you latch on and drill them to death).


Anyone remember those old musicals featuring Esther Williams doing synchronized swimming routines?

Also, Stormtroopers are apparently shameless:

Yup. Mooned by a Stormtrooper…


I finished off the Saints Row-iverse playing Gat Out of Hell and Agents of Mayhem. Gat Out of Hell was fun, using the mechanics of Saints Row IV to tell a short story and throw in some fun weapons. It made me wonder what happened to the idea of making small standalone games out of the framework of a bigger release (like Far Cry Blood Dragon, a game I rage deleted because of a bug).

Agents of Mayhem gave me some of the most mixed feelings I can recall while playing a game. It’s somehow very fun and colourful while also being extremely bland. Most of the main missions are good, but the main storyline is fairly short and all of the side quests are very samey and repetitive. The game eventually devolves into running down grey corridor after grey corridor in the enemy’s underground bases, clearing waves of enemies or running to a button and pressing it. It’s like the art direction was an A effort and the game direction was a C+ effort.

The characters are all fun to use, but their personalities are all fairly broad stereotypes and the nature of the game doesn’t let anyone shine or develop in the story. The idea that it’s an alternate universe to Saints Row, featuring many of the same characters and vehicles, feels kind of crammed in and confusing and actually has a negative effect overall, in my opinion.

If they want to do a Saints Row spinoff again, they should make a Nite Blayde game.