What was the last game you played?

Platinumed Final Fantasy Remake, next for me are Rachet and Clank, Subnautica and Day’s Gone.

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Still chugging away with a new run in Fallout 4, when the game isn’t crashing on me. I’d post some screenshots, but the upload system I’ve used in the past seems to have simply stopped adding new screen shots.


Just trying to finish up some things in Disneyland Adventures.

You would need a guide to be able to find everything in the game, as some things are a pain to locate.

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They are Faster and Stronger, a Horde of 100 or more Freakers will attack you. I even have nightmares of them.


Still playing. Some random screens from the adventure.

Best Claptrap design ever.

This game has it’s pretty moments.


After weeks of playing games in the Borderlands series non stop, it’s time for a change up.

Meet Andiro. This one cares not for the fame, but for the fortune. Unless he sees opportunity to make money with that fame.

Meeting the Emperor.

Choosing this is a lost art.

Custom class always! I miss the commitment in the older games.

The classic “good luck” message.

Time to go rest at an Inn for the night and do some bartering in the morning.

Level 2! See these numbers? I love numbers in my RPGs.

Random world shot.


The last game I played today was Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. Well, “played” may sound too active. I helped my daughter a little while she played is a better description :wink:

When she’s not around I am having a nostalgia bout and play Shadow Man: Remastered. I will say that it doesn’t look much better than the original version, but it runs on a current PC and it’s still fun.

The levels are sometimes a little confusing and there’s no map (at least I found none yet), so some of today’s common comforts are missing, but who cares. I liked it very much 20 years ago and that didn’t change. There some sights to see, beginning with an Irish Demon Snake proclaiming that it once drank with the soul of Attila the Hun…


Still been grinding away in FO4. I’ve now got Cait as a companion and have got through the first two levels of approval - she’s the only one that I have never done the personal side quest for. Level 42 so time to take a break.

Edit: Did the Protectron thing at the Robotics Park, which basically initiates a four-way Robot fight. Firefighter bot won because he’d got held up on his way out of the building and so was able to use his ranged weapon while the other three had a melee-fest:

And then I polished him off too, and collected all the parts.


I have been torturing myself with Halo Wars 2’s firefight mode. I set out to reach the prestigious 100th wave and found a guide that allowed you to funnel enemies into one area.

General strategy: have the hero unit and Scarab tank everything. Not pictured here: four missile launching artillery things and giant long-range plasma cannons all around the map. Use anti-air units to circle around the enemy when needed.

Unfortunately, this gametype is full of those moments where 20 or so waves are a breeze, but then out of nowhere, something comes along that craps all over everything you own. I blinked for a moment and the meatshields were toast.

Oh look, an airborne enemy super unit right when something nuked most of my anti-air defenses.

Not having anti-air screwed me over as those artillery things I mentioned earlier can’t attack air units. By the time I got my meatshields back, the Condor had almost reached the center.

Home stretch now.

Not pictured here: excessive screen-shaking.

Last remnants of the army gathering together for a final stand.

I was proud for two whole seconds until I realized that I had only played on Normal difficulty.


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