What was the last game you played?


You had recommended Dragon’s Crown to me, IIRC. I grabbed it on sale and did the first dungeon. It is pretty fun, though on my 1-2 hours a week and with my lack of attention span I’m not sure how long it’ll take me to get through it.


I loved that game Paulo. Absolutely the best throw back side scrolling beat em up in the last decade, at least.

Pretty much all the characters are fun and different just getting them to 100 each will take a bit of time. It is a fun one to throw 2nd controller to your son on for a bit of co-op fun too. And the loot and NPC follower system is fantastic :slight_smile:


I finished Manifold Garden last evening.

If there is a single point I could complain about, then it would be that the game could be longer. I got through it in about 11 hours and someone more clever than me might easily cut that time in half.

But everything else about it was to my liking. A logical puzzle game in first-person perspective that lets one have a lot of fun with manipulating gravity. There is never a ticking clock or slowly closing door, so it´s rather meditative at some points. And it´s simply beautiful in spite of, or more likely due to its stripped-down look:



Mate, he’s 3. His hands are still too small, he doesn’t have a healthy relationship with failure yet, and I can’t afford a 2nd controller, let alone multiple replacements. Plus, I doubt the Mrs would approve of the jiggling chesticles on my Amazon in coop. :wink:

That being said, it is pretty fun so far. Now to see if I can play only that on my weekend evenings for awhile.


Hm, Dragon’s Crown doesn’t seem to be available for PC. I protest that and hereby respectfully voice my desire to see the people responsible for this pilloried.

It sounded quite interesting to me and yes, even before the mention of

Though having played bow, spear and javelin Amazon in Diablo II, I am rather Amazon-friendly.

Meanwhile, I started Control, since:

The beginning is intriguing indeed, though if I love it remains to be seen a few more hours in.


It is one of those games that you actually get more from the longer your gaming session is. The loot has a multiplier that gets better every time you beat an act and decide to carry on rather than go back to town. Eventually if you get into it, you find yourself filling everyone of your different equipment bags with full back up sets so you can continue for longer before heading back to towns for repairs, by switching to a new bag until you have burned through all 12 sets.

I am still in the same position as I was last time we chatted ps4 games. Still not got a single working pad, just about 5 or 6 in various states of near death. I love the ps4 controller for its feel, but it is the worst build quality I have ever known.

It was a ps3 exclusive, that got ported to ps4 only if I recall right Cur. And yes it is a shame if you remember things like Golden Axe and it’s ilk fondly in the arcades. It really gives the 2d scroller a nice modern update.

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The oversexualization of the female characters is the most common complaint, and I kind of get it. The gameplay outweighs that IMO. It feels smooth and well paced. Not as fast as Devil May Cry hack and slash, but not as deliberate as something like Dark Souls looks to me from videos I’ve seen. However, not being able to sink several hours at a time into a game is a handicap with most games. A lesson I am learning anew every weekend.

And this is just upsetting to hear. I must find a way to divest myself of family for a weekend long session.

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Don’t let it worry you too much Paulo, Each act is pretty quick never more than 10 minutes or so to reach and kill the boss. So even on those only got an hour or 2 type sessions you can combo a fair few together in a short time, but your first really big sesh you will feel like you hit the jackpot cashing in the loot at the end.

Once you complete easy mode, don’t bother hanging round move on because you get huge treasure increases every time you step up a difficulty. It also has an endless dungeon mode that remembers the last level you got up to. So you can start from the last floor you reached. So even that mode is friendly to those that only have an hour or 2. Play it online for an hour Paulo. You will pick up the corpses of the people you played with and you can then take them in as your NPCs mate. They come with all the gear and spells/ability’s that person had instead of the 1 or 2 bits that a normal NPC companion would have offline. The NPC system is actually really interesting and one of the best I have seen in any game. If I came into your game and died for example you could have an level 100 Archer or wizard or Amazon with 12 full bags of equipment as one of your NPC companions.

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This particular hero was a heroine. A redheaded one. Now, there is a tendency at a point like this to look over one’s shoulder at the cover artist and start going on at length about leather, thighboots and naked blades. Words like ‘full’, ‘round’ and even ‘pert’ creep into the narrative, until the writer has to go and have a cold shower and a lie down. Which is all rather silly, because any woman setting out to make a living by the sword isn’t about to go around looking like something off the cover of the more advanced kind of lingerie catalogue for the specialised buyer.

  • Terry Pratchett in The Light Fantastic

I can’t put it better than Pratchett’s satiric way of pointing that out. His comment on literature is easily transported into gaming.

Though, being European, I would have more problems with exploding heads, gore, eviscerations and high-definition fatalities. In other words, the reason wouldn’t play Mortal Kombat with my eight year old kid ain’t the state of (un)dress or any jiggling on the female fighters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, I suppose we can thank our overwhelmingly puritanical roots and tradition for that. And I’d eschew all of that with my youngins, again, 3 and younger.

On the other hand, I am an adult, and I appreciate stuff like that as satire on the topic of the lack of self-control expected from men in a patriarchal society.:wink::joy:


By the way, my daughter found her game of choice anyway. She’s now on her way through Episode III of Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

Well, as far as that Saga went in 2009…


It’s good - I have that as well as the original trilogy version (for 360). I’ve mentioned above completing the LEGO SW:TFA and enjoying that, too, but I haven’t checked if they did the other two movies in that trilogy or released a compilation. Heck, I still haven’t even seen the 9th movie…


If you like the beginning, you’ll probably like it all. I pretty much hated it from the jump.


Hm, there are a number of games that were recommended to me and should have ticked all my boxes…

Timeshift comes to mind:

  • first-person perspective: check
  • puzzles: check
  • even better: time-travel puzzles(!): check

Just my type of game, I thought. Let’s just say I was glad I got that one cheap. Maybe the game itself wasn’t even bad, but I couldn’t rustle up any sympathy for it and left it alone quickly.

By the way, I seem to be in full puzzle mode and postponed Control in favour of The Turing Test.


Yeah, I loved Alan Wake and Quantum Break, but Control didn’t do it for me.

The Turing Test was on Games with Gold a few years back and I loved it. I think I mentioned it in this very thread somewhere.


I have the Turing Test, along with Tacoma.

As for Control, the cheats would help with the gameplay.

I have yet to play thru Quantum Break.
Alan Wake has 2 games: Alan Wake & American Nightmare.


after months of not playing, i finally deleted BL2 and BL3 to have some space for other games on my PS4. Currently downloading the Uncharted 2 and 3 and Batman Arkham City and Arkham Knight and this time I planned to 100% it. Just thinking of the Riddler trophy collectibles is making me to cancel the download, lol.

“Horizon: Zero Dawn”

Slowly getting Irene the Imperial Warrior Mage up to level 82. I am this >.< close. Got her Alteration maxed and did the quest to get the Dragonflesh armour spell, but my Magicka isn’t high enough to use it yet :frowning: I also finally got the Purity side quests for the Companions done - had to do Farkas first otherwise the quest bugs out and you get permanently stuck (thank goodness for multiple save files!) Right now I’m focussing on the other spell trees, plus one-handed/block/heavy armour.

PSA for those with an XBox: I just found out MS are having an “Achievement Enthusiast” sale, and there are a bunch of great games on sale at 70-80% off (5 days left!) Also, the official release of Subnautica: Below Zero is May 14th and it’s currently available for pre-order/pre-install.

The original ps3 releases of Uncharted 2 & 3? Uncharted collction exists.
Arkham City was remastered for ps4.
Arkham Knight is alright.

Still hate the Riddler in all 4 Arkham games.