What was the last game you played?

Deleted the free game of Wreckfest. It wasn’t what i expected. Like tractor fighting? That’s just dumb.

Did get Battlefield V. I have one more thing to do for the solo campaign. But honestly hate the physics. I’ve died cause of plenty stupidity. Haven’t bothered playing multiplayer and idk if i will. Had bad experience with the beta for IV years ago.


It’s weird how some magic skills are a lot easier to level up (Illusion) than others (Conjuration) - I still haven’t figured out what causes the latter to increment.


Aha! Subnautica: Below Zero is working! The little fella on the bottom left hops along to keep up with the progress bar:

These little fellas are variously called pengwings or penglings, a nod to Benedict Cumberpatch:

Ruh-roh Shaggy! Not going back up that way…

Under the sea… is actually a lot warmer on this planet! That thing in my right hand is a portable mineral scanner, which causes the controller to vibrate when it finds whatever you’ve selected and at least gives you a sense of direction and distance.


You’re quicker than me VH, I just got it installed. Going to play after cooking.

Last i played was Battlefield V. But as soon as I finished the campaign, i just deleted it. Tbh, was bored of it.

Also tried that new Nintendo game (Miitomo?) And no thanks. It’s a very kid friendly like Final Fantasy thing.

It’s been a mix over the last handful of weeks.

First some Oblivion:


Yes, take it. This one makes no money from this thing.

The easy loot cave of Oblivion.

More progress! Bows are less needed now.

The Mud Crab of all Mud Crabs.

Time for a lockpick resupply.

The Nirnroot legend.

At this point I decided to go back and play more Borderlands. Time to work on the other three characters.

Some random shots.

Perfect parking.


That looks good for now.


Started Salt & Sanctuary. Let’s say I am slowly, quite slowly getting the hang of it.


Progress in S:BZ. I’ve managed finally managed to get my Seatruck!

I still need a ton of other things before I can get the first depth upgrade though. And I’m one piece shy for a plan for a portable living quarters to connect to the back of it.

Fortunately, now that I have a mobile O2 centre, I was able to explore some of the other areas more carefully and discovered a couple of very simple habitats. That in turn got me bigger O2 tanks and a rebreather, along with a habitat builder and a set of plans:

I still need to find plans for the basic rooms, but it’s a start - it has power and, finally, a battery charger and coffee machine. Priorities, people!


That’s like, one of the special vehicle side things though. You don’t have to complete most of them to make it through career mode and you can filter them out when searching online matches.

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How come no one ever complains about Conan running around in a loin cloth? These fantasy stories just aren’t very realistic!

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According to Polybius, some Celtic warriors in the battle of Telamon (225 BC) would have considered Conan overdressed. Ye olde times were a little less prudish, it seems.

And re Conan: Arnold didn’t do all that pumping iron just to hide the results under a set of full plate mail :rofl:

Still playing Salt & Sanctuary. And I checked, the heavy armor there doesn’t just cover primary and secondary sexual characteristics.


Had a run with some sci-if RPGs.

Mars: War Logs:

The story is set on Mars where water companies are constantly at war with each other. You play as Roy Temperance, a soldier for Aurora. Over the course of the first act, Roy breaks out of a POW camp run by a rival corporation known as Abundance, and eventually reveals himself to be a Technomancer. Technomancers form a secretive sect of people who can focus excess
electrical energy in their body into a powerful weapon. After a truce is called between the two companies, Roy has to choose whether to join a group of resistance fighters looking to loosen the grip the corps have on Mars or stay loyal to Aurora and work from within to take down its corrupt leader.

There are three skill trees you can choose to invest in, focusing on combat, tactics, and technomancy. The systems aren’t perfect, but the game is fun enough that I can recommend it, especially since it leads into…

The Technomancer:

A sequel to Mars: War Logs that noticeably improves on the first game. The story actually takes place concurrently with the events of the first game, but the player character is Zachariah, a Technomancer for Abundance. You don’t have to have played War Logs to follow what’s going on, but there are a few references and characters that show up that are rewarding to those in the know.

The progression system, combat system, and skills are all much better than the first game, and the NPCs and the world overall are more fleshed out and detailed. The only real complaint I have is that I failed a charisma roll on the last part of a mission I was doing for the character I was trying to romance, and by random chance based on a stat there was no way to see coming I failed the romance I’d been working towards all game.

Both games keep coming up extremely cheap in Xbox sales so I highly recommend picking them up if you see them and like sci-fi RPGs and stories. They’re made by Spiders, a small developer I hadn’t heard of, and were good enough that I want to check out their newest game, Greedfall, despite the setting not being to my usual taste.


Gen this has been on my steam wanted list for a while and quite regularly gets 50% off discounts. Not sure if it is on sale as often on the xbox systems though buddy.

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I saw the physical copy at EB Games for like $20 but I’m working through my backlog right now. I’ll probably pick it up soon.

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That’s a blast from the past. I did not realise EB games were still trading under that name. Apparently so still in Canada, Australia and NZ. I used to be the manager of a big EB store in the centre of town when I was 19. Pay was awful, but the job was still probably the most fun I had out of any of my jobs. When the store was slow we could just play all the games, we got every computer and console magazine released for free at the end of the month when the new issues came through. As the manager I got promo copies of all the new big release games for free. The staff could borrow any game they wanted for free. Got invited to the massive video game tradeshow each year. For a retail job, it came with a lot of hidden benefits for a gamer. They eventually bought their biggest rival in the UK, GAME and rebranded all the EB stores to GAME ones.

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You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike:

Not everything is out to kill you in S:BZ - these dudes are pretty chill:

Finally got my first seatruck module - a sleeper compartment (literally just a bed with a music player):

Home, home on the reef…

Now I have to go find diamonds so my seatruck doesn’t keep getting crushed.


Together with 3 friends playing Left 4 Dead. Finished 1st one on advanced without too much trouble. 2nd one however, seems way harder on advanced difficulty. I hope our friendship will withstand this one…

Also, because of sale, we’ve bought Deep Rock Galactic as a follow-up. Couldn’t contain myself, I’ve tried it on my own and I am HOOKED. In my opinion, aesthetic is great, different classes are distinct, gameplay loop (shooting bugs and mining ores) while being simple is supported by different mission types, difficulty levels and randomly generatred caves. Addicted to it at the moment (for better or worse).


Still plugging away at Subnautica: Below Zero, and generally enjoying the game. Undersea mazes are not conducive to calm, however!

Current state of play at my sea base:

Prawns suit: check. Seatruck: check. Both at the same time: double check!

Had fun getting around this area - died of hypothermia a few too many times. It turns out you can get your prawn suit up on land and through most of it, however, which makes like easier:

A friendly large aquatic creature (for a change):

Quite impressed with all the extra options for base building compared to the first game - there are more rooms and way more items you can build in to them. Also, some of the bonus items you unlock for completing more of the main story are pretty cool. For example, accidentally made an upgrade you already had? No problem, just recycle it back in to it’s constituent parts!

Still searching for parts or blueprints for specific upgrades - I really want the Prawn Suit grappling arm and the Seatruck storage module, but those have so far eluded me.


Crazy good game, I’ve gone back to it twice now. I’m still astounded by how well designed something so seemingly simple is.


Is it possible to play single-player, or is co-op a must?