What was the last game you played?

Console wise, BL3
phone wise, well thats a different story. I have several games and most recent is the MHA game. Havent been too lucky with hero drops, but have been rather lucky with support cards and stuff. been trying to make Deku stronger.

Yoku’s Island Express. A Metroidvania that has no jump, all vertical movement is pinball. Also so far the only actual combat is a boss fight that is multi ball pinball. I know it sounds weird, but I think it’s pretty great.

Also played some Wandersong, a sidescroll rpg-adjacent game with a singing wheel environmental interaction mechanic and an adorable art style.

The sound design in both titles is great. Loving these quirky indie games.

Cait Comes Clean:

My son installed a few mods, which includes this beastie that fires explosive slugs:

That dropped from a Gunner holding out in the detox treatment room above. I died four times just trying to get in the door from it, before I realised the only way was to use psychojet - without the speed boost, I was basically dead before I could raise my weapon after interacting with the console to open the door. It has an interesting effect on mirelurks:

Basically, the blast splits them in two and you get to watch the carapace fly off. I’ve downed two supermutants at the same time with a single shot. Oh, and I’ve also broken both of my own arms with it when firing at too close range :frowning:

Still going to keep using it though!


Finished Journey To The Savage Planet. All in all, a good game. In my opinion not a great one, since I won´t even think about replaying it for a long time. But the palythrough was quite entertaining.

Second game I played through is GRIS. A slightly meditative platformer with one main strength:

It is just beautiful!

Honestly, the hand-drawn and watercolour optics are lovely and an absolute joy to behold. The gameplay is rather soothing, there neither damage nor dying involved.

The gameplay is in fact the main weakness of GRIS. Compared to other platformers on the market, it is neither exceptionally clever, engaging or basically exceptional at all. It does the trick, but in the end, GRIS is more a work of visual art than a great game.


Played a bit of my elf rogue archer in Dragon Age: Inquisition. The game looks so much better on the larger screen!

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After spending quality time with BL: TPS, I headed back to Cyrodiil.

Home sweet home.

The atmosphere presented by the gates is still impressive after all these years.

I appreciate the humor in this game.

The Brotherhood (both faction and questline) in Skyrim is awful compared to this.

Awesome quest is awesome.

Easy skills.

Random shots to close things out.


Since i got a new PC recently, decided to redownload Heroes of The Storm. Gotta say wow. There are things i wasn’t wable to see because they just couldn’t work. For the first time I’m seeing ragdoll effects when things die. I missed out on a lot it seems. Might have to just redownload the other games since it handles well. Oh and no connection issues. Feels good to be able to play again.


I’ve finished XCOM 2 campaign 8 (or so) months ago and return to the game for round 2: War of the Chosen. It was going all right until the most recent mission. Man, I wish I could have recorded this.

I saw the assassin spawning just out of view. Decided to throw an ice grenade and rush the bastard. After connecting, the game showed the assassin and eight (8) lost around said a-hole. How did they not interact? Anyway, they attacked my squad, I had to defend myself. The lost kept coming, the assassin escaped and started spawning advent and harassing my squad while I didn’t manage to retaliate.

Then, I realised that I cannot stand XCOM anymore. I’ve played Enemy Unknow, Enemy Within, and 2. It was stressful, but in the end, enjoyable experiences. WOTC? I am too old for this ■■■■. Literally, probably.

Also, official mod manager for XCOM 2 is spit to the face.

Edit: Also, also, why can’t XCOM have training mode or something? I need my training wheels, god damnit!

In other news:

  • still playing Deep Rock Galactic. Hour or two here and there, the game is still entertaining.
  • If you like circuit racing but sims are too much of a commitment, then Circuit Superstars might be for you. It condensed and simplified main mechanics of racing (fuel management, damage model and tire wear) and combined them with 5 - 10 minute races. Also, bots are proper drivers, they do mistakes and do no use rubberbanding. Yes, I know, it has low poly 3D graphics with a bunch of post-processing on the top and 3rd person, 45 degree camera view, but I enjoy it very much.
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Destiny 2 and a highly modded Skyrim. I alternate between the two.

What are your top Skyrim mods? Asking for a friendly Nord…

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Hi there. I can’t list many of the mods, but a few highlights standout.

For add-on quests, I like Clockwork, and Falskaar, both cool and pretty bug-free. I love the city and store enhancements like Fortified Whiterun, JK’s stores, Enhanced Solitude, etc. I can’t play through now without Inigo as a companion, and other NPC add-ins to populate the game. I use Claralux to improve the lighting, Cathedral Weathers and Cathedral Water because they don’t seem to cause many problems.

I used to heavily re-texture everything but I have since backed away from this lately. Improving the lighting and weather and big textures like the water does tons to make the game look better. My main goal now is the game being stable because my step-daughter now plays it and she hates it when the game crashes.

Last thing. I use some of the endless number of armor and clothing mods but the one I can’t do without is Cloaks of Skyrim. And now I have mods to add cats to the game and more dogs, including one that replaces the courier with a dog, so much better.



Since I got a new PC, I went back to Heroes of The Storm. I play here and there. Dont have anyone at lvl 15 yet. I do have like 2 who are closest. And I just hit lvl 350. So yay.

Other games I have been playing have been mobile, BL3 or Animal Crossing. Mobile wise I have been focusing on a trivia game (cause knowledge is power and i learn about things through games) and a disney game cause i love disney.

i have nothing going on these days :frowning:

@G1R Which disney game? I played thru Disneyland Adventures, The Disney Afternoon Collection, and many other Disney games.

It’s Disney emoji blitz.

After GRIS, something a little different was called for. Enter Carrion.

Imagine The Thing from John Carpenter´s The Thing waking up in an underground research facility. Not satisfied with being locked up, pretty angry that pieces of it were cut off and stored in different containers and with an arsenal of (gradually unlocked) natural abilities that is quite lethal for anything standing between it and freedom.

The game is a short friendly metroidvania rampage, with plentiful gore that is mitigated by the retro pixel optics.

Starting Void Bastards as the next game from my to-be-played list.


Kept pushing through Dragon Age: Inquisition to get some of the remaining achievements. First task was getting to level 16, and ended up clearing the last section of the Storm Coast. It was fun watching the sea rise and fall through the bottom of the boat, made even better by Blackwall’s comment about it (which I’ve added to here):

Having dinged 16, it was time for the Trial of the Empress - killing a specific level 16 dragon at equal level. I thought this would be tougher than it actually was, but apparently I’ve gotten much better at character builds and armour mods, and things went pretty smoothly:

Got a few things to do before tackling the next Trial, but that will be Soon™.


Bloons tower defense 6 is basically all i play now, so if anyone wants to do some co-op just hit me up


Lately, I go thru all the Borderlands installments. Not putting much time into any of them. I load it up, stare at the loading screen thinking of what I’m going to do/focus on and I end up walking away(AFK). Haven’t been feeling the “gaming” obsession as of late.


did some streaming while playing solo some Heroes Of The Storm. Todays missions, had to play 3 games using a support or healer. and for me there is literally just one really good Healer. But I hate using them cause they lack strength or CC. Was hard to stay alive at times, but I won. I’m not competitive and don’t like to play with others, so I play with the AI.

todays quick streaming session got me thinking…I should take a break from BL3 and revisit some of the old games. so might just replay Pre-Sequel and then BL2. small change in streaming and BL3 has gotten a bit repetitive these last several days for me.