What was the last game you played?

Got set up and knocked off the next Trials achievement in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Stopped off along the way to admire the views:

I had once again forgotten about the giants on this particular section, which made life interesting. The bigger they come, however…

Next up is to kill a frost dragon while health potions only restore 1 HP. Going to need some armour mods for this one!


Maybe your Vault Hunter life could be put on a pause for a while? Do you think that it is a good idea to keep focusing on BL while there are more stuff worth experiencing?

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Got my 1st fully maxed temple, just hoping this run gets to at least round 200. My last failed at like 125


Would have used Eitenne as the monkey hero. Highest i gotten in that was like 180. But it was over before i could react

Ezili or adora(maybe psi) are the end game heros afaik

But ezili needs to be managed and her ability that can kill BADs takes awhile and psi can’t kill BADs, so i went with adora for the vengeful adora(idk if she actually gets a buff from the vengeful temple or not)

Edit: from the wiki
If a level 20 Adora is in range of a Sun Temple when upgrading to the True Sun God, she will float into the air and change to a more powerful form, granting her +5 damage and +30 pierce for all of her attacks. If the Sun Temple upgrades to the Vengeful True Sun God, Adora will transform into a “vengeful” version of herself. This form is not more powerful than the True Sun God version, however, and is purely cosmetic

As a hobby, I don’t put that much thought into it. It was once an obsession, I’ll admit. But gaming as a whole is more of a hobby or time killer, when the fam or “life” has nothing going on for me. :wink:


That sounds insane. I just like Eitenne cause he gives everyone camo detect and then gets a permanent plane.

One of my main heroes to go with. Some I’m not too easy about. Or if i want a lot of cash, i got with the dj

Round 215, not sure if i can hit 250 with my current 8 temples(well 7 plus the 1 I’m working on)


My daughter remembers Lego Ninjago (after seeing a youtube video of it) and wanted to play again.

Her favorite is Nya and I like to dual wield katanas.



Aside from Presequel, i played a game called Pokemon Unite. If you like Pokemon and games like Heroes of The Storm, then check it out. Not many Pokemon at the start, but each has their unique skills. And as you level up, moves can change. It’s pretty fun tbh.

MR. X Nightmare DLC has dropped for Streets of Rage 4. It has unlockable character moves (for all 21) and new Survival game mode. Each level has randomly selected enemy spawns and character upgrades. Looks good, has decent amount of replayability.
With DLC, came 3 new characters: Estel, Max and Shiva. They all have some interesting moves and are pretty hard to master (well, at least for me).
A lot of to experiment with if you are into that sort of thing:

As a free update, Training mode was introduced with some “Lessons” which made me realise how bad at the game I am. Yeah :frowning:

Training mode. Useful to train against some nastier enemy groups…

Oh, and new Mania+ difficulty game mode, that I am unwilling to play because its difficulty is close to Streets of Rage 2 Mania level. But I not going to give up because I have my…

confirmation that I am joking. Ugh, I bet this will not age well…


Died on 218


I’m leveling up an Iron Cub Moze at the moment, so Void Bastards took a little longer to finish.

Fun game, all in all. A first-person sneaker/shooter with its focus on salvaging parts from spaceships stranded in a nebula to try and get your own ship through said nebula. Your ship is a prison barge full of dehydrated criminals, by the way. To get the necessary parts, a criminal is hydrated and sent off.

Being a roguelite, death is almost inevitable and the game’s best feature kicks in: each time one dies, a random new hydrated criminal enters the limelight, each with new traits ranging from brawny (more hitpoints) over deadeye (better aim) to colour-blind (everything goes black and white) or 'no peripheral vision (which sucks incredibly). And yes, the traits really do affect one’s gameplay.

As diverse and random the player characters are, the ships one enters lack that randomness. There’s a finite number of ship types and they’re assembled from a quite finite number of rooms, which gives the player the dreaded feeling of a rerun rather quickly.

As stated, it’s a solid game, but it lacks the replay value of other roguelites like Hades (for example). At least I didn’t feel like starting another run at it without playing something else for the next few weeks.


I finally broke and picked up HALO 5: Guardians on sale the other day. Three sessions later and I’ve completed the campaign on normal difficulty, although not without some unkind words to my AI squad mates. There’s this particular recurring enemy who is pretty much invulnerable from the front but has a glaring weak spot at the back. Of course, he’s always stalking the player character and it’s really hard to get behind him because he turns fast. But will my AI squad mates blast him in the back when they have the chance? Of course not - they’re too busy trying to make their way to their usual positions behind me!

Apart from that: the game is a visual treat, the combat is what you’d expect, the story was not quite what I expected (which is good in my view), and I’ll pass on the microtransaction-laced PvP.

Time to dial the difficulty down and go looking for secrets…

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Got a game last night titled Haven Park. small game and basic controls, but its keeping me entertained. If you like Animal Crossing, this indie game is for you. Im trying my best to open the map and fix things as i go, but resources are getting hard to find.

and then I get Skyward sword tomorrow. New stuff to keep me busy when i have long days at the C. Center again :frowning:

I’m occasionally going through Mass Effect, Legendary Edition. I only played the first one back in the day, and hear good things about 2 and 3, so I’m in.

I did forget how boring the gameplay can be at times though. Even skipping the dialog, navigation, and driving around planets to survey things, I’m just not a big fan of third-person combat (especially the Gears-of-War-style cover system). Frankly, half of my attention during combat is making sure my squad doesn’t do something stupid and get themselves killed (put points in Unity ASAP for that reason).

A large part of this is that the combat cadence of the Borderlands games is the best I’ve ever played. I’ll get through this, but I regularly need to take a vacation on Pandora to get my combat fix.


I’ve been pondering trying ME; that description does put me off a bit, although I’ve been fine with the Gears series.

I’m still working through HALO 5, getting as many intel pads and skulls as I can. Just like Borderlands, these short audio snippets do add to the story background, and can be amusing at times. One series of recordings is a Grunt Indiana Jones wannabe… It’s a bit frustrating that half the content is stuff I will likely never touch, though - I really dislike PvP.

AC Origins

I have a lot of playtime with the old-gen console AC games, this is the first time I’ve tried a “newer” one.


The “newer” one started with Unity, even Black Flag was released previously.
Rogue was released for the old gen, but came to new gen some years later.

I had to quit playing AC Valhalla as I got bored with it.

Was able to beat the normal version of the boss they added to BTD6(3rd time it’s been available). Was tough and my phone/me will probably never beat the elite version. Didn’t farm enough and couldn’t get a max temple or overclock a temple