What was the last game you played?



I’ve played some RoboQuest because of a “new” (1 month old) update. Game has a chainsaw now, so I just brought it all the way to current last boss (not to spoil anything, but it has a gimmick that brings the fight to the next level - literally. The only place that uses something like this is Casino level on Sonic 1 or 2, can’t remember).

The game is coming up nicely. The only issue that I encountered (if you can call it) - the game doesn’t look THAT good to drag my rig like that…

Does this look like something that is heavy to compute?

Also, look at this tiny bro-drone:

I would like to have something like this in real life (well, except deadly laser part).

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tuned into animal crossing cause i forgot about them. supposed to have the big update in like november. but who knows if its true. tired of all these big rumors and “leaks”

was gonna get back into pokemon, but havent been on in so long i forgot what i was doing. but they have 2 free pokemon cause of the new movie and im curious to get them.

Got back into Borderlands. Playing as Mordecai. Some things i like that i wish came back. Also forgot that crawling in FFYL wasn’t a thing. And that one can’t see anything during that time. Most of the time i die during. Which sucks

With my business done in BL1, it was back to TPS.

Some pictures from my current adventures.


Not surprisingly, the Borderlands Triple Pack has the games set up as BL1, TPS, BL2.

I’ve returned to Medici for some reason.

Other reason is to get some closure. First step - bring a truck from excavation site to a garage.

I think that while driving this monstrosity on public roads I killed more people that Di Ravello (antagonist of the game) killed in his entire career of dictatorship. Anyway, here’s shot of the truck near a garage.

Lookin’ good, huh?

Anyway, I am doing some wingsuit challenges and they are infuriating. It seems (for me) that Rico’s hitbox is a bit lower than his mesh/model, or maybe it is an illusion caused by an inconvenient camera’s position, which is almost in the middle of the screen - I want to see where I am flying, god damnit!

Game feels good. I hope that Avalanche will expand on current structure in JC5: what I wish the most is some more challenging enemy types. Ugh, whatever…


Nice inconspicuous parking job, there. No-one will ever notice the giant dump truck!

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Played some New Horizons. Caught some new fish and said goodbye to one of the residents. Although cool looking and a cool house, rarely saw them outside.

I replayed the first borderlands. Haven’t done the dlcs yet. But forgot how strange it was. I’m used to moving with FFYL, forgot you can’t move or see anything when it happens.

Finally got to use Blastoise in Pokemon Unite. Did have some good runs. Just wish I had better team mates.

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Still playing through Dead Space. An engineer´s day is hard, but at least there´s variety to the job…

Repaired the Asteroid Defense System:

Removed 10 kilotons of necromorph from the food storage:

Read the security procedures and the warning what may happen if one does not respect them:

Got a new suit for my troubles:

And as if all that isn´t enough, a military spaceship just accidentally rammed the giant craft one works on and is now sticking out of the cargo hold. All in a day´s work…


There is a glitch where you can start the game on impossible difficulty with the level 5 suit.
Just have to quickly select impossible once the game is finished for it to work, otherwise you start with the level 1 suit.


SuperHot. “FPS temporal puzzle game” seems the most accurate description. The short levels makes it a pretty good “pick up and play” title, and prioritizing targets combined with sequencing movement makes it a quick shift to the “one more board” feeling for me.


I loved the first Superhot and was pretty disappointed when Mind Control Delete wasn’t as good.

I haven’t touched it yet myself, though I’ve heard that. I got it when it was free and assume I’ll be pretty forgiving if/when I get to it. Big if though, as I barely even get to turn my PS4 on much these days.

The gameplay is pretty similar, but instead of carefully constructed levels you play the same 6-7 rooms over and over again with some procedurally generated differences and enemy variants.

It really helped solidify my theory that procedural generation is bad idea and I’m right for avoiding games that advertise it.

Sometimes a little well applied RNG isn’t a bad thing, though it’s never a good sales pitch for me. Some games that have it I enjoy, others not so much.

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I really enjoyed AC:Origins, so it made sense to get AC:Odyssey and that’s what I’ve been playing for the past few weeks.

Lynxes are dangerous.

Chickens even more so.

I love the Cultist system. You’re given a few hints as to who to assassinate and how to reach them and the game never really holds your hand as you do it. Felt pretty refreshing after the sometimes overly linear assassination missions from the previous games. You can even randomly stumble on them as you are just exploring.


favorite thing in Odyssey was the poison blade or dagger. cant remember, but it was fast and the bounties and those who tried to kill me.

my latest was a bit of StarCraft/StarCraft 2. Just wanted to kill some time and play some vs AI matches and just mess around with units.

this morning i played the mobile version of Pokemon Unite. Ran smoothly. I felt like it was a tad bit better than the switch.