What was the last game you played?

Dropped back into Fallout 4 to grind a little more towards the last achievement* and visit a Chinese submarine. The submarine was cool.

*The Nukacade one to redeem 100k tickets. There was a method that let you rack up tickets pretty quickly, but it looks like they patched it out at some point. I can get 800-900 a time at the shooting range, but I’m still under half-way to the total.

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Played through Mafia: Definitive Edition, the ground-up remake of the first Mafia game. I’d only played Mafia 3, which was really good, but I have a special fascination with prohibition/depression era culture. The story and setting really appealed to me, and by many accounts the team did a great job fleshing out the original narrative into a more complex story while retaining the original levels and spirit of the game.

They also added actual old pulp magazine covers (which I love) as collectibles and I managed to beat the infamous car racing level on Classic Mode. Go me. Mafia II Definitive Edition is going on my buy list for sure.

I also continued my tactical RPG addiction with a small game called Element Space. It had some good characters with fun abilities and decent combat. The story was also OK, but a number of bugs and confusing design choices really weigh this game down to a point that I can’t recommend it. In fact I’d say it’s one to avoid.


Picked up my hard difficulty play-through of Inquisition again. Closed the breach, got to Skyhold, and started working on the Wardens sub-plot. Had some rough moments with the increased difficulty on reaching Crestwood, but I’ve adjusted and made some fresh armour which has definitely helped. I’ll probably clear the rest of Crestwood before hitting the Western Approaches. Whacking things with a giant sword is pretty fun.

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Far Cry 6

Im trying to do missions as well as some side stuff while i progress further in game. I have one last fang for hire to aqcuire and i’ll have em all. I’m not that good when it comes to stealth, but i get the job done. i finished one section of the island and working on another. but damn, this place is huge.

I ended up usnig Far Cry 6 Interactive Map | Map Genie to find many things in the game.

More Inquisition. It’s time to choose a specialization, and also hit the Western Approaches in pursuit of Wardens, 'Vints, and more. Still trying to figure out this 2-handed weapon approach - I’m much more used to sword/shield or ranged. Did find some cool upgrades for various party members along the way, which was nice. I need to get some life steal going for my own character though.

That would be last night.
It was Borderlands 2

Picked up the XBox version of NieR:Automata. Several hours in and I’m starting to get the hang of it, but this is obviously going to be a pretty massive time-sink at the end of the day. Interesting how the game can switch between top-down or side scrolling 2D shooter for flight, then 3rd person slash’n’shoot for terra firma. Makes for a welcome change of pace, at least.


That, and getting my dailies done in Genshin Impact.


took a small break from FC6 to play MKX. Now, MK is something i havent played in like 20+ years. Last time I played it was either on the N64 or an actual arcade machine. It was hurting my hand, so its something i just wont keep. but it was ok while i played. hard fights but idk what was going on

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More DOOM. Playing it on PC honestly made me like it alot more than on the PS4 during its release year. Of course, I also got distracted:

I’m stil amused that Id took the time to program in a minigame that actually scores you.

Genshin Impact again as well, which is practically a daily thing, even if it is sometimes just to get my dailies done. In the middle of a huge grind preparing for the world to scale up, though.

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