What was the last game you played?

I recently bought Cyberpunk 2077 , and have already played it. As a result of the plot, I want to say that it even exceeded my expectations.

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Finally stuck my nose into Fallout 76 last night, since Game Pass and I might as well. Still just dabbling around the initial area and doing the tutorial and overseer quests.

Honestly, it would have been so much better if they’d just come out the gate with a fully solo player option (you can get that with Fallout 1st, but that’s yet another subscription service).

First off, it’s really immersion breaking when another player suddenly passes through.

Secondly, the whole nuclear strike thing is nuts. Plus I’ve already encountered one idiot perched on top of a telephone poll sniping at anyone who comes through.

And thirdly, some people have gone and built stores completely blocking a road - didn’t even know that was the direction I needed to go in until I checked the map.

And this is why I prefer solo games…

Other than that, though, it’s fine so far!


Last week I didn’t play any games I love to play. The only thing I played was video games from link redacted with my little brother. Last week I played Fortnite and Counter-Strike for a couple of hours. I hope soon I will have more free time and I will be able to play my favorite games. Does anyone else like to play these games that I do? Here are some more games I play often: Hades, GTA, Back 4 Blood, portal, Dota

The Far Cry 6 dlc, Insanity, dropped a few days ago. I finished it twice for the different endings. Didn’t get the secret ending, but I’ve seen the video.

It is one crazy dlc. Can’t wait for the next one.

More Horizon Zero Dawn. Completed the first Cauldron, climbed my first Tallneck, cleared a few sides and errands. Really just relishing my time in the world. I’m not very good at stealthing, so I’m gonna gear up to tank the world.

Tried SuperMash, and the quirky concept of combining genres for short bursts is amusing, but not likely to become an obsession. I’m not mad at it, but highly doubt I’d recommend it.

I seem to be favouring Fallout 76 right now, despite its several obvious flaws (including server fails). Ran in to the scorch beast for the first time last night, and then spent about 10 minutes hiding and running because there was no way I was ready to fight it, but I really wanted to get to this one place…

Anyway, become a fire breather (What do you mean, that doesn’t make me the dragonborn?!) Hit level 18 on the back of that. It was weird though. I’m at this one railway station in Welch, there’s a bunch of mole people shooting at me, and there’s this other player there wandering around not getting hit by anything and just completely ignoring it all. How does that even…???


Picturesque West Virginia complete with coal mine fires (@Arsonist)

Family pic in-game - very retro:

Sleeping off the chems:

Warning on a Vault entrance:

Wait - VaultTec uses metric units?! Must be some sort of commie plot!


At least they got something right!

Continued my Mass Effect Engineer (read mage class of the technical persuasion) to ME 3. Playing through the amusing Citadel DLC now.

On the side, my daughter got hold of my cell phone and shows up now and then to get hints on Monument Valley.

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One of my favorite early moments, I think I have a screenshot around here somewhere.

A mix of a lot of things lately. The PS4 has been mostly a Blu-ray player lately, with a mix of NG+ Horizon Zero Dawn, but on PC I’ve had a decent mix of titles. A good amount of Zero Hour co-op situations, Vermintide 2 slaughter, Dark Souls, and New Vegas nights.

Whenever I pass out tonight the toothless internet speeds will be downloading Halo: Infinite, I’ve got a lot of people playing that lately.


Forgive me father, for I have sinned…

It is Forza Horizon 5, which takes place in Mexico. I’ve played it since launch and despite honeymoon being over, it still feels like (at least) a decent game. It seems that, Playground games did not want to take any risks, so the only major element that has been changed between FH4 and this is the map. Everything else seems to be pretty similar or were improved slightly.

Of course the game has some stuff that is below lukewarm:

  • online did not work for the first week (shocker, right?). Because of that I was not able to participate in Horizon Arcade or Eliminator (Horizon’s spin on Battle Royale) or Online racing;
  • developers removed ranked multiplayer for some reason;
  • main story and side stories left me numb. But it’s racing game so who cares despite developers putting time and effort into it, right?
  • Festival playlist (daily, weekly and monthly tasks) feels like a chore even more than in FH4, but that just me and some people on Horizon’s official forums. Reading threads there felt like returning to the launch of BL3 and in a bad way: game fells better, with a bunch of missed opportunities.

Anyway, if you did not bother reading my rant, here’s some pics from my adventures in Horizon Festival Mexico.

AI flexes it’s parking skills.

I’ve driven up some mountain near the edge of the map and took this pic of main city of the game.

Horizon always has some barnfinds and chests to find:

If player gets enough accolade points, this banner will appear to mark your enormous contribution to prosperity of human kind, YAY…

The game has SURPISE MECHANICS called wheelspins which give a random prize. I was lucky enough to roll a special car with lots of grip and skill point farming potential. Celebratory pic of Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Forza Edition:

There’s a car somewhere in there…

It is me, KauluMaisas, finishing a race in style.

Every week, the game changes to one of four seasons (wet, storm, dry and hot). Here’s storm season (motion effect is because of Photo Mode).

My new temporary love: STI S209.

Racing in fog is hard. I think I could see more if I was able to turn off headlights.

2 AIs not able to share the road. MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY they scream. Oh, wait…

I was thinking: what’s that in the distance?

They sand now!

That might be enough… for now.


Out of absolutely nowhere I’ve decided to pick up yu-gi-oh. So i downloaded battle links and started learning


Actually decided to finally try Genshin Impact (admittedly, because Hu Tao is supposedly overpowered, but due to my computer issues I didn’t get to start till her event was almost over so I may not pick her up). So far kind of torn. The aesthetics are gorgeous, the element system is great, and the systems in general are surprisingly robust - I haven’t been as pissed about the free to play/gacha nature as expected. On the other hand, the story/dialogue are terrible, the voice acting varies wildly in quality, a number of things drag, and there are some basic design and opaqueness issues.


The 360 version of this game costs less than the average lunch I eat at the local gas station.

I’ve also been grinding through the Gears of War trilogy on the hardest difficulty and the first game is done. It’s kind of absurd how much damage even the weakest enemies can survive in that game.


This is a popular take that I kind of hate. Driving games can have stories that add to the experience. See: Driver San Francisco.


The original Driver too, well worth playing, and stil one of my favorite games.

Genshin Impact. Ever since I accidentally rolled Eula (a 5* and therefor difficult to get) it rekindled that enthousiasm for this game.

Grinding for 2 days finally left me with a party that is final. I stil have to work on a second one, but it requires nowhere near the investment as 2 previous members moved to that one. But I absolutely have no drive to get them to lvl70 and above for the forseeable future as it is getting very costly.

2 More I made some time ago.


Well I’ve been trying to continue playing Fallout 76. But today I was getting server disconnects with increasing frequency. Once it hit 5 minute intervals, I decided it was done (for today anyway). That’s pretty frustrating though - it sure looks like the problem is on the server side, not mine.

Deep Rock Galactic got an update recently: Season 01. Skipping light lore dump, new mission type is boss-oriented. The fight itself is pretty fun and difficult (on Hazard 4, at least), tasks leading to final confrontation are the problem though - they are tedious and have no variation at all. The update also added 4 new primary weapons, they are main reason I bothered to grind the game. Anyway, decent update, but maybe I am just burnt out on the game…

Boss arena looks quite great, though:

Yeah, and a short rant, that probably is not DRG-specific: since the update I’ve noticed that difficulty spike jumping from difficulty level Hazard 3 to Hazard 4 (max difficulty is Hazard “5.5”) is not what it used to be. I went to Steam forums and Reddit for find out if others feel the same. If anyone had opinion similar to mine, the main answers were - “you are just rusty” and “RNG”. I play for at least a few hours every week, so “rusty” argument doesn’t feel that robust, at least from my point of view. Before update, when I switched to Haz4 from Haz3, I was quite surprised that difficulty spike was pretty mild, I questioned myself, why I hadn’t switched before that point. Now, Haz3 is a cakewalk and Haz4 feels like sweat factory.

tl;dr: me being paranoiac about trivial stuff.


Some random pictures from the adventures.

Perfect parking.

Extra note here, I’m still bitter about this amazing character’s fate in BL3.

With that I have done what I want to do in TPS, for now.

Now it’s back to BL2. Time to continue my Borderlands series fresh play (rebuild) on the Xbox One.

Until we meet again Elpis.


Great post man! :+1:

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once a week, I’ll get on now to do the Insurgent Mission in Far Cry 6. Pretty much retake a section, run a black ops mission and then kill a target.

I’m still on Animal Crossing, doing stuff to pay off my house (yeah, I still haven’t done so since launch)

Been playing Marvel’s Avengers since Spider-Man came out. I like him. Almost at lvl 50 with him. Not much to do since he had no special mission. So, it’s just repeat things until I can do the higher-level stuff. Did play online with some folks and by God, they weren’t bright. Like we are doing a fight and I have a band (from the Black Panther stuff) that summons a Black Panther bodyguard and they fight with you for a few minutes. These guys were so confused and couldn’t figure out where she came from and thought it was a glitch.

Needed some short burst stuff. Tried the Flame in the Flood. Roguelike/lite survival game. I’m terrible at this stuff, but it’s really beautiful with a great ambient soundtrack. The tried the Journey of the Broken Circle. Got through a bunch of chapters. It’s a platformer that isn’t difficult, but is beautiful and deals with some existentialism in its narrative. I like it a bunch for the lightness and traversal. Gonna dip back into HZD for a bit next time I get to game.

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