What was the last game you played?

Some pictures from the adventures.

Yes, I am this obsessed with filling in every map, with every character.


Took long enough, but all the golden bricks are mine!

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That is a satisfying accomplishment in any LEGO game!

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I did finish A Short Hike. Really liked it. Light and airy, pleasant environment, absolutely gets a place in the replay/wander rotation.

Started Valley. Definitely beautifully built from sight to sound, interesting death/life mechanic for respawns. Didn’t catch me for the straight to the end run though. Will come back, but I’m not crazy hooked. Probably because I Am Dead has been on my radar for so long. Started that and will probably drive to the end. Interesting find the picture mechanic, serene, and somehow not as dark as the name implies. Love the art and all around feeling.

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I played through Sayonara Wild Hearts yesterday evening. If you haven’t tried that one yet, you might give it a go.

The game itself is rather easy to finish due to the huge number of restart points during each level (though hard to platinum with achievements like finish every track with a gold rating…), the atmosphere is fascinating and, main point, it’s fun.

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I’ve been looking at this for a while too, but didn’t know it was one of theirs. The rhythm game aspect is what kept me from pulling the trigger, but their name might be the deciding factor on that. :thinking:

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Started a Pokémon white 2 extreme randomizer

Pokémon get random types and abilities. Moves get random types. The moves you learn as you lvl up are also random. When you evolve you also evolve into a random Pokémon.

Trainers get random names and Pokémon

Wild Pokémon are random. My 1st encounter happened to be against a Gen 4 cover legendary

Items you find are random(don’t have a screenshot). Items people give you tend to not he random

TM moves are also random. For example instead of TM21 being frustration in gen 5 i got aura sphere

Animal Crossing. Just got rid of a villager. So trying to find a replacement. Couldn’t find someone i wanted when i was out looking, so my choice is to either get lucky with amiibo cards, wait for a visitor or hoard points to venture off. They got close to 500 different characters, so getting ones you want to fit your island theme (as well as interaction with others) might be difficult.

Aside from this, i did some Crash 4. It is hard. But i find it fun. Played some Aragami 2, just a few missions. Trying to be a stealthy Kiing machine but i sometimes mess up.

Also, kinda annoyed that been losing connection a lot when trying to stream on Twitch. I seem fine via YouTube, but doesn’t quite feel the same.

Sea Of Solitude, a mental health centered game by a Berlin studio that is basically a trip through the protagonist’s depression. The idea and the Look of the world is quite good.

Played it through to see how it ends, but I have to say, the gameplay itself is pretty unimpressive and gets slightly repetitive after a while. Good for one playthrough, no replay planned.

Still chugging through the HALO Infinite campaign. I’m just past the mid-point, and Banshees have now appeared. So I hijacked one and used it to get to some of the more out-of-the-way targets and collectibles. It’s also surprising just how far you can get a Scorpion tank with some careful driving, although it does slow right down on steep grades.

There are some humorous touches - I think this wreck needs more than a patch kit!

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