What was the last game you played?

Finished up HALO 4 last night, which means I’ve now gone through the complete series within the MCC. I am still undecided about 4. When it first came out, I played through it once and then found it really hard to go back to. I think I actually appreciated the story better this time, but that may be because the story makes so much more sense having (a) finally completed the story of HALO 2 & 3 and (b) played through 5 and 6 including all the lore stuff. Whether it’s the direction the story should have gone is another matter entirely (not to mention highly subjective). I do feel like Infinite brought things together reasonably well, though.


Doom 3: Lost Mission

Fun little expansion, though I had a bad case of, “better save all these BFG cells for some serious combat” and then the game ends. It is my opinion that the version of the Archvile in Doom 3 is still the best looking in the franchise.


I’ve been playing the Halo games I never had the chance to play on the 360 on the MCC, namely 2 and 4.

I also happened to finish Halo 4 a few weeks ago, both on Heroic and Legendary. The story, visuals and some of the new weapons and vehicles were good but there’s not much else positive I can say about the campaign.

The levels that only feature the Prometheans are a pain. The Knights are poorly designed as they can randomly teleport and their shields recharge at a ridiculous rate. Most of the time, you’re just going to spam Lightrifle shots because it’s the only weapon that’s viable and (usually) has enough ammo. And the Forerunner grenades are the single weakest grenades I have ever seen in a video game (even worse than Modern Warfare 3).

The friendly AI is atrocious. Seven times out of ten, the guy on the Warthog will shoot at the corpse of a recently killed enemy not the Grunt with firing a Fuel Rod. Had to reset the entire mission where you escort the Mammoth one time because there’s a point you have to destroy like 12 Wraiths and Ghosts because one of the Marines drove the Gauss Hog off the cliff and there was literally nothing I could use.

Heard pretty negative things about Halo 4 before I played it… and they were mostly true.

Does the scattershot not scale well for the Knights? On normal it was pretty much a one shot kill. Agreed about the grenades - very frustrating, especially given that all the AI has to do when you throw one is step one pace sideways. The thing I hated the most was the Promethean turrets - that sound effect was really putting my nerves on edge.

Never let a marine drive - they’re terrible at it.

Theoretically they would, three shots at the very most but it still has a good rate of fire…

But the issue is how dangerous the Knights are on Legendary. Their melee attacks can pretty much insta-kill you and the higher ranking ones have a special teleporting attack that is unavoidable. It’s also an issue I had with Reach where enemies were so dangerous at close range that melee and the Shotgun were practically worthless on anything higher than normal.

Here’s the thing: I never even had a chance to prevent them from taking the wheel. It looks like they’re programmed to bee-line to it as soon as the Hog appears and the game never even has a marker to show you where it appears. You just hear something on the radio that goes “Gauss hog available” but that’s it.

I lucked out in that the marine who took it from the Mammoth actually parked it and jumped out waiting for me (like when the Hornets get dropped off in 3). It still took longer than I wanted on normal, because target priority isn’t great, but got it done.

I know they have a bunch of easter eggs in RDR2, but i couldnt trigger any of them. Tried to kill a vampire, but he didnt spawn. so that sucked. I moved on to see a ghost of a woman, but closest i got was hearing her voice. but i was in the swamplands, so almost got attacked by a croc.

did get a jump scare of a grizzly though

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I cant quite share one of the events in game because of its racist imagery, but in the entire time of having RDR2, I have only recently spawned my second encounter with a certain group. there is supposed to be a third, but i dont think i have hit that yet.

went back to TWL to try and get one of the new grenades (no luck but did get some shotgun) so im probably going to try to get that today.

Night time cityscapes:

Chex City (Chex Quest 2 1996):

Promethea (Borderlands 3 2019):