What was the point of the recent IB hotfixes?

Isnt it strange to they did all that while working on M2.0 and knowing for a fact they will not scale him , and they still pushed ahead with the buffs ?

I mean… why ? For two weeks for fun ?


At least you got 2 weeks. When FL4K got their pet buffs it was at the same time M4 was released.

I don’t know how this is supposed to help GB, but they say they want feedback so give them lots of feedback and pray something happens lol.


Here’s how I’m looking at it for now:

Mayhem 10 is terrible for anything besides m10 guns. It’s not a good mode for playing if you want anything more interesting than the most damage spam you can.

These buffs made it so Bear can wreck in 5. Handle 6. Be useful in 7. I haven’t gotten to 8.

The new Elemental Crit Nova works on Bear weapons. Idk how it gets its damage numbers yet. But it can add a decent helping of damage when you crit.

I hope they decide to bring some kind of scaling. But for now I’m telling myself M10 is not a place designed to be interesting. It’s meant to be a grueling slog for the people who don’t stop saying the game is too easy.

I think, as long as we can remain competitive in the Mayhem level where new gear appears, we’re not too bad.

Amara’s damage Action Skills are trash now too. Like. On m4 I could kill enemies with them. Now. Not even trssh.


Whoa are you serious. Sec I’m gonna test this


I suggest you try it on a gun first to make sure you know what the proc looks like. But I tried it with all three Railgun types and they all did it.

Hex crits also do it. So maybe any elemental grenade crit? Can’t be sure. Might try PTHP and a FireStorm at some point.

I’m also being incredibly serious when I say I have no clue where the numbers come from.

This was Hell on Rails.

This isn’t enough though, and I’m still kinda miffed they didn’t give Bear a secondary healing source.


Ok so its moot really… Sad, Kalthor is sad.

Im in Acension Bluff jus before the holy broadcast center and shooting an anointed aggro tink;

Salamander hits for ~5k and on Crit hits for 25k

Very cool man, in theory, but x5 of current Salamander damage is weak.

Damn. Why does Sally suck so badly? That’s upsetting. Molten Roar even blows.


Mini gun, General Winter (Cryo) have no status effect so there is no nova there… Which, if Minigun had an element, would be the bee knees because Auto Bear strikes crits with the Minigun

I’ll try to find out if skag den or experimental Munitions or cloud of lead count.

Well yeah they do… You would be firing the anointed weapon… I hit for 1mil with the Storm. If we look at the numbers on my rifle there 5x27759 + (21459x2)… It doesn’t equate to 1mil so BM tree would be adding in.

(Side note I’m terrible at math)

Edit: just realized you may be referring to the incendiary that is applied to V-35’s or Vanquisher. FitSK didn’t apply to General Winter. Bear wouldn’t nova crit despite the red word CRITICAL seemingly flowing off the tink while he stood toe to toe.

Yeah. I’m talking about those skills while in Bear :joy:

First time i see it and thought that is the longest anointed ever. Lol

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Almost paragraph haha

I kinda am one of those people. I will keep my impressions so far very brief but suffice to say that once I got a Kaoson the game became cake again. Personally, I am liking a lot MH 2.0 and I am sorta tolerating MH10.

My biggest issue at the moment is that the game itself is not more difficult (mostly thanks to the fact that - dear Cthulhu thank you - GBX did not decide to scale also enemies damage like in the old OP level) but that the modifiers do NOT make the game more challenging, they make it worse.
Stuff like buddy system (immunity drone) and pool party (elemental pool on armor/shield/health break)? Fantastic modifiers, they force you to pay attention to your surroundings.

Not the face? I thought we had this conversation already in MH3?
Rogue lite? The ■■■■ is that? Make the game challenging but give some tradeoff that makes it worth playing it. Like, idk, what you did with Holy crit.

I like this new iteration of the MH system, but I dislike that some modifiers just make the experience crap.

Edit: …so much for keeping it brief.

My even biggest issue is the absolutely shaite that they did with grenades, shields and most importantly IB. Welcome back stationary slag turret, I guess.

i’m still waiting for you to break the ASA nova anoint with bear.

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I’m probably just gonna play on a lesser Mayhem level after I’m done fooling around on Mayhem 10. IB is excellent on approximately Mayhem 5, but at 10 he is back to being a distraction and anointmenttrigger (and now we have multiple anoints that Moze can use that don’t even need him).

That the new elemental nova anoint works with IB is very interesting though. Too bad I can’t aim with the railguns. :frowning:

At least it works in IB. The anointment is terrible with regular guns.

How so? I was testing it on guns like the Hellfire amd Rowans Call and it was a significant boost. Here’s a non-mayhem Hellfire on Kevin.

The 12K is the normal crit. The 212k is the nova damage. This was on my Amara. I’m not sure how this works at all. But I’m leaning towards really liking it.

So. Here’s the thing. Uh. I’m really mad at that anointment for being on Weapons and not on shields right now? What I want is that and the Elemental Crit Nova at the same time. So I’m toying around with which helps more.

Also. I may have a modded shield that has it anyway right now. As I said. I’m mad about how the only two anointments that work in Bear land on the same gear slot

How could you test the gunner only anointment on Amara?