What was the toughest match you've EVER had?

You ever get a team that is really good, but then you go up against a team that’s just as good and y’all push eachother back and forth over and over again until you think that your in an endless timeloop of intense fighting and don’t know WHEN IT’S GONNA END!?!?!? Well I’ve been there.

This was around pre-winter update battleborn and I was playing as my main gal Galilea in a really awesome match of Incursion. When my team and the enemy team finally met, the war had started and I went in sword swinging until this Phoebe killed me, when I got back I got my revenge, but then that started a chain reaction of me and this person killing/taunting eachother as if we where mortal enemies. The most annoying part of this match though was having to build the shock turret over and over and over and over and over and over and over again the literal second the enemy destroyed it , but I bet they felt the same cause we’d always destroyed theirs plenty of times as well. Anyway after 20 minutes or so we were all at our last sentry, theirs was at 25, ours was at 18, all hope seemed lost, until this Oscar Mike called down an Airstrike, and I used my Desecrate to pull two or three enemies into the bombing, resulting in 2 kills and 1 injured Phoebe for me to kill :smiling_imp: then we finally pushed forward and destroyed their sentry. It was truly an epic battle of proportions.

Anyway comment down below what was the match you had a really hard time with and I’ll send you a minifigure of your favorite battleborn and a subway sandwich of your choosing. Trust me and just do it, this ain’t a scam!

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Well, It was the original (and the best) meltdown on outskirts where I had the toughest match in history of my battleborning so far

My team was whiskey, kid ultra, caldarius, Phoebe, and me, montana, the enemies were oscar mike (one of the best I’ve ever seen) miko, kelvin, marquis, and rath

Throughout the match, I as montana had to deal with his best friend oscar mike and the sniper marquis, luckily I had caldarius to help me out with a roaming pheobe, and also had kid ultra come by to give me some heals

After dealing with what felt like 15 fat minions for each side, we were winning by 375 to 350 and we were all level 20, the marquis was critting for days on me and even had good amounts on caldarius, and combined with wave clear of him and Mike was a pain

Also had to deal with a freaking TEN THOUSAND health kelvin and miko helping, and they ended up ahead with 475 to 420

Taking big payback was the right choice, because in a team fight that included the fat minion, they got so desperate they ignored how shooting me never had shots reflect back at them and ended up with a quad and killing fatso, and ended up winning after building to 2 fat minions to help (and yes, the sniper gentleman bot survived from afar until caldarius killed him

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That was the other night while experiencing horrible lag. I was playing melka… running would band me right back to the ground, slide and air stall were out of the question, and even had to reload up to 6 times (I counted) before I could fire. Rough time that was

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In Chaos Rumble’s infancy, I came up with the bright idea of all of one character for one side against all of one character on the other side. We ended up with 5 Kelvin vs 5 Orendi.

The match was down to the teeth. No team could make a real push on the other until our team just said “You know what? ■■■■ it.” and zerg rushed the sentry when there was about 1:30 left on the clock.

And it WORKED!

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Ok this was a LONG time ago, back when Alani was released and capable of taking on nearly every role . I was duo queued with @lolattheseforums on Overgrowth. I don’t remember the entire team comp on each side but my team had Miko (me) Marquis (lolattheseforums) and Toby (one of our three randoms). The enemy team had Miko and Alani. Miko would focus on healing the team while Alani just made herself nearly unkillable. I had to dedicate myself to entirely healing just to keep up with their Alani and Miko’s healing.

They pushed hard and destroyed our first sentry quickly then we spent the next 25 minutes just trying to hold them off. Then in the last few minutes they started to get very greedy for kills. We managed to kill their Miko and the rest of the team crumbled without him since Alani was dedicated to healing herself. We team wiped them and pressed their first sentry. Killing it with 10 seconds to spare, however 3 of us died in the process and the score was 50-50. I told lolattheseforums, “well, no way you and toby can get to the second sentry with 10 seconds left but at least we went down figh-TOBY IS ON THE SECOND SENTRY!”

Our Toby some how managed to sneak around to the last sentry and was working it’s shield. He almost managed to take it down before getting bubbled and killed by Alani. Marquis ran up past the supply station and fired a Bindleblast at it and a few shots. Dealing just enough damage to win the game in the last second (literally the last second).


This actually reminds me of a match where I was playing as ISIC on Overgrowth against a full premade. Me and my team went back and forth in pushes until they finally killed our sentry and pushed us back further where we held off for more time until we ended up getting a team kill and secured their first sentry. They managed to spawn back and slightly pushed us out of lane and it turned into a poke at the choke fest for almost the rest of the game until I hit level 10 and picked the missile helix. There was about 30 seconds left when I somehow managed to get behind all of them and sneak past them with plasma dash and set up by where the stinger is with my ult and start wailing on the sentry with it. I got exactly one point of damage in on their second sentry with like 5 seconds left before I got focused to all hell by their entire team. Needless to say that won us the game. Not exactly my toughest match but it was extremely clutch.

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Chaos rumble against a team of nothing but Gali and Rath 5 stack chain cc stomp brigade.

Mine was in Incursion way before the minion buff patch. i was on a full premade and we went against another full premade team. The battle was evently matched from start to finish. Total kills and deaths were the exact same numbers on both sides. Constantly pushing and getting pushed back. The final score was 0-1 favoring our opponents. They were able to land the last 4 damage to our sentry during the final seconds remaining in the match.

Afterwards, everyone in my team needed to take a shower, drink a lot of water and go to sleep. That battle was the most intense of them all. It was one of a kind. I highly doubt I’ll ever experience any other match quite like it.

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I’ve seen things, my friend.

Too dangerous to dare repeat, lest I inspire the young vipers to mimic these atrocities.

Heck, I won’t ever dare hint at the machinations that fell on that fateful day on Echelon. Though some swear, they can still see the blood stains etched into the gold statues, I hush them quickly. No one must remember that day.

I’m writing this as a cautionary tale, for when you encounter REDACTED on the battlefield, your life will be hell.

Now before I go and take my own life, lest I one night drunkenly share my experience in detail…

I WANT MY DAMN, Phoebe mini-figure, and a BLT. No Olives!

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I wanna say my toughest match was back before the big update.
My team quit on me expect for me (Phoebe) and one other teammate (Caldarius).
There team had 3
It was pretty bad, because when either me or Caldarius died, they would be at our sentry.
The final score?
We won 17 to 0

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The first match I played after the venom hotfix. I couldn’t see the screen through my tears. :cry:

In all seriousness though, I’ve been massively crushed more times than I can count. Precision-honed CC premades against our rag-tag band of personal crushes and pet favorites… yeah.


Funny really, but seriously tough…

Mike dlc at 100 Ops with Marquis solo, the last stage, challenge to kill 10 with melee.
…But room was full of fast moving heavy Thrall.
Run, release birdies, run Marquis!

Score-wise, this is the best comeback I’ve had in Incursion (excluding the beta). It’s also the only one I’ve had in which our own sentry score is down below 25. They got our sentry down to 3, but were able to pull back.

This one is arguably one of my most hectic games of Meltdown. I was solo, and my 4 teammates were in a pre-made, not sure about the opponents. Think they had a team of 3-4, bud not sure as I said.

This is the closest match I’ve had in Finale. And I gotta say, the elite bots really do punish melee characters. I was getting wrecked by them despite being a Kelvin with 4500+ health.

I also had another match on Paradise when I was playing with @FlamesForAll and @vegan_cookies5. It was just a couple of days before the winter update hit, so it was nice having a close game like that before it went away. The opponents took control quickly and more or less dominated us early game. Come early mid-game however, something happened and the tides turned quite drastically to the point where we were dominating them in lane-control all in all. Then early late-game they started to wear us down and catch up. It was an even fight, so no one was dominating the other, but the rate of which they caught up to us was alarming. They started dominating us more and more while both teams were on a 480+ score when there were only 2 more minutes of this match. At this point, they were more or less dominating us and we had to try and kill their minions more or less at our grinders. A minion or two got in here and there on either team, so we both got up to 490+ with only a minute remaining. The last 20 seconds of the match turned out to almost become a coin flip as I on the A lane tried to body block almost an entire minion wave as Mellka. Luckily, none of them got in and we ended up winning 492-491. If they would’ve 3 more seconds, they would’ve like won. I do really regret not saving the footage of that match though, because it was a great match.

I would tag the people I played with, but I don’t know their forum names, or indeed if they’re active here.

Not the toughest, but the one where I carried the most. Pre-Winter Update.

But the real carry was this Caldarius. The greatest I’d ever seen. Ever.

Other team, except for one guy, are all rank 105. Particularly, their Toby and Orendi stand out, though Galilea was great for the first half of the game.

I was playing ISIC. We had one person AFK and booted at start of the match, we began to lose a bit of our sentry health, and another teammate left. Foxtrot, who was terrible, was left with me and the Caldy.

This Caldy juked everyone out. Frequently 1v3’d, best Caldarius I’d ever seen.

That match was a struggle, and we lost, but I impressed myself with my ISIC play, and the Caldarius blew us all away. We held them off for so long. There was even a part where I reflected Toby’s stun mine and killed him with my ult, then I had to escape from Gali and Orendi by teleporting up to a ledge. So much fun.