What was your first legendary item you found? (BL/BL2/BLPS)

If you can remember them, what was your first legendary item you got from BL1, BL2 and TPS.
I’ll start:

BL1: Volcano - Found it in a plain Dahl chest at Overlook in Rust Commons East.

BL2: The Gub - This was from my first playthrough of BL2. In opportunity, I spawned a loot midget near the beacons and it dropped for me.

TPS: Fusilade - Got it in Cluster Overlook. Thought it was a world drop.

Is this similar to another post? If so, let me know.


Borderlands 2 my first legendary was the Infinity. Believe it or not I got it from those slot machines in Moxxi’s bar in Sanctuary. I was new to the game as well and it sucked so I sold it lol. If I had known the weapon rarity at the time I would’ve kept it just as a memento of it being my first legendary. As for TPS it was the Torrent. A fantastic SMG


Bl2 was an emperor during my 1st play through
Bl1 idr, but probably an equalizer
Tps again idr


BL1 : there’s absolutely no way I can remember that far back but it was probably a Hellfire.

BL2 : very first was a T-Ball Fists on my first encounter with Flynt. That was 6 years ago, and how many do you think I’ve seen since? ( you may remember from the Loot Hunt how many times I tried and failed to get it ).

TPS : I think it was a Machine ( which is not legendary but close enough ).


Barely played BL1 so I didn’t get any legendary in it.

BL2: Not 100% sure but I think it was a fastball. From the Varkid Ranch chest.

TPS: Flakker. Got it from the “regular” duo. Thought it was a world drop from one of their minions! lol


BL1: Volcano, so long ago I can’t remember where it came from. Didn’t even realize it was a legendary, I just thought it was a wicked good incendiary sniper.
BL2: Infinity on the first mission kill. Also the reason I found out about legendaries in general.


In BL1 a Hellfire from a Dr Zed vendor while playing the zombie dlc. In BL2 it was either the Bonus Package from Boom Bewm or the Hornet from Knuckledragger. For anyone that did the side quest it might just be the FotF (even though the game shows the reward as being purple…).


In my first play through ever I got a level 24 corrosive shredifier from Mad Mike. Then to my unending regret I went somewhere else and logged in to a different Xbox and did NOT let BL2 sync, it was having issues and I canceled the sync, erasing my beautiful loader-eating shredifier forever. 3 years later and I still mourn losing that gun.


BL2 - the gub in bloodshot stronghold - talk about great timing!


BL1 was too long ago - I simply don’t remember.

BL2 was either a Hornet or a Bonus Package, and I’m pretty sure that was on one of my first couple of runs through the story.


Borderlands - I don’t know the name, but it was one of those corrosive pistols by Maliwan, is there a Legendary one of those? If so then that was it, if not it was a Hellfire.

Borderlands 2 - This one is hard to recall purely because of how long i’ve played it, but I think it was a KerBlaster from Midgemong.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Not played as much as the other two games, but I seem to recall it was a Four Seasons grenade mod from the ammo machine in Concordia.


That would be the Maliwan Defiler, which I believe was my first as well. It was either that or a Caustic equalizer - both of which I found in my original Mordecai. <3

BL2 was the Veruc. I loved it.

TPS… I don’t think I got a single drop in my first playthrough, until the Sentinel dropped me a class mod. But I did manage to have enough cash to buy myself a Maggie from a Concordia vendor! That kept me going a long time.


Unkempt Harold I think. At least I had it pretty early on. I remember my first 2 characters through NVHM barely saw legendaries. I thought Harold was frigging bonkers. I later realized I was not wrong.

I can’t remember what my first legendary in BL1 was. Probably a Thanatos or some other pistol / shotgun regularly appearing at vendors. Most of that games legendaries are rather unpersonable / unmemorable for me so I can’t really say for sure.

TPS I’m not sure but I think it was either Supernova shield from Bruce in the sidequest or Four seasons grenade from the BA Kraggon at the end of Outlands Spur in the story. Pretty sure I picked one of those up on my very first NVHM run.


In BL1, I think it was a Volcano. Can’t remember where I picked it up!

In BL2, it was a Nasty Surprise. Somewhere in Three Horns Valley (if I remember right from a skag or pile across from the Happy Pig) on my first playthrough. I remember thinking “huh cool, there are legendary grenades in this game…” (And my second legendary was an Infinity from Doc Mercy the first time I ever fought him. “Oh this is like the Dove…”)

In TPS, I think it was an IVF. Can’t remember where I found it. :frowning: Fairly late game I believe so not from the Bosun. But I know my second was a Cat O Nine Tails I bought in the weapons vendor at the Holodome the first time I ever visited there on my first character (Athena) in NVHM.


bl1, also, the volcano rifle. i believe i’ve found it in the red chest at the roof of the observation post near the death race circle
in bl2 it was lvl4 flytns thunderball fist, first playthrough on xbox360 fresh after release. i also found a lvl9 stiff unkempt harold in a parcel box before go forward the satans suckhole but those two legendaries was all of shiny gear i had ever found on bl2 for xbox360 console. i never found something great again. farmed lee for it until i’ve read, 1 month past, it is bugged. i was that frustrated about the game that i never played it again until 2016 if i remember right.


Bl1… Didn’t played it, ashamed.

bl2 it was a Kerblaster, first try obviously i didn’t even know how the loot system works. I just know it was my second attempt at playing BL2, and that kerblaster is what made me the huge player that i am xD It was like lv 9… I was Maya, and used that thing for so long before giving up like… Lv 25 probably ahdhahah

For TPS it was a worthless homing quasar xD


To be honest, it was probably something I didn’t even recognize as a legendary. I played the game clueless for quite some time not knowing about weapon rarity.
I had read about the Harold and farmed it. I was level 16 and it was level 9. After that I started learning more, but the Harold was the first legendary that I can recall.

I also haven’t played BL1. I’ve played TPS very little, little enough that I’ve not found a legendary yet.


The very first orange I ever saw was…drumroll please…a tediore bunny RL…hahaha. tubby varkid. TU. I had no idea what I was looking at. I didn’t read about the game at all beforehand


BL1 - I have no idea. I do remember having the Dove, though.

BL2 - I’m guessing Bonus Package? The first one I got on my recent Maya playthrough was Thunderball Fists at level 4 from Flynt. She didn’t get another legendary until the Legendary Siren right before the Warrior.

TPS - I have it and installed, but I’ve never played it.


BL1 - I remember this one quite clearly. I got the Maliwan Plague(Or Maliwan Crux if you want to go by the mistaken name) first. Having come from WoW I understood the rarity color system the game used, saw the strange stats on it, shrugged my shoulders but used it anyway because Legendary, and melted the first Crimson Lance I came across because I was in Old Haven at the time. I didn’t know people made those noises while melting from corrosive damage.

Sadly I don’t remember BL2 or TPS’s first legendary drops, it’s been so long and they didn’t make quite as strong an impression as the Plague did.