What was your first legendary item you found? (BL/BL2/BLPS)

(Axton Main) #21

BL1: Equalizer -Random chest.
BL2: Kerblaster - world drop from one of the Badass enemies when leaving the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve.
TPS: Never found one, never played more than first playthrough, never liked it.

(Lypreila) #22

BL1: A Hellfire world drop.
BL2: RNJesus hates me. Didnt get a legendary till I got a CC from the Warrior on my first playthrough.
TPS: A Torrent, which I was still passing along to new toons till I DL’d THC on Steam today.

(brianbailey393) #23

Kerblaster from slot machines in Moxxies.

(Hyperion Numba Wan - Accept No Substitute!) #24

I have no idea about BL1 (haven’t played it regularly for a while now), and TPS I don’t get much running time on, but BL2… I want to say Thunderball Fists.

(SerCrowes) #25

BL1: Couldn’t remember.
BL2: The Pot O’ Gold. Threw it away almost immediately because literally all I looked at was the shield amount back then.
TPS: Haven’t found one yet, just picked up the game yesterday.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #26

Pot o’ gold in your first try? that is some luck.


I can’t say for certain, but I think I’ve only gotten one Pot to drop ever. That’s with several dozen playthroughs. Tests my faith in the Almighty.

(Wow. Come to think of it I now have gotten more T-Balls than Pots. I have a new bit of gear to gripe about :+1:)

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(Carlton Slayer) #29

Not to be picky but the Pot’o Gold is a Unique, not a legendary…

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(Craigq66) #30

Fairly new to game. Are legendary items on available for certain levels

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(How much time do we have?) #31

Legendaries are not level locked, no. You can get one from the very first boss in the game - Knuckledragger.

Loot midgets (the ones that leap out of boxes) become Legendary LMs in UVHM. Some of the Pearls (the “second generation” ones) only drop past level 61.

That’s about it.

(Craigq66) #32

Thanks only level 14 just killed a giant snow man :joy:

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(AWaffleTurtle) #33

Bl1: Volcano in knoxx DLC
Bl2: The Cradle. Sold it right away.

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(Matan D3) #34

The kerblaster, didn’t even know I was using a legendary u till level 16 when I was still using it

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(Matan D3) #35

Each boss has his own specific drops, that u less u are in uvhm, are around the bosses level

(David A.) #36

BL1: Hellfire. Served me extremely well. (world drop)
BL2: Slagga. Cool but I preferred other slagging options. (Mobley? That Dust mission at the church)
TPS: Nukem. Wasn’t too impressed until I saw what Athena could do with launchers. (World drop, I think I got it before it was officially added to Flameknuckle’s pool. Or whatever the first boss’ name was)