What was your very first build like?

Just fun thought. If you somehow remember your first build from way back when post it up. I started playing when level cap was already 72 but you can give entries for 50 or 61 if that’s when you got into the game.

I’m pretty sure when I first reached 72 it looked something like this.
I’m not even sure if I hadn’t just put Kill confirmed to 5/5 and steadied the points out for legendary hunter if I had that (if I had that I most certainly did exactly that) and in that case, didn’t even have Grim :smiley:

Pretty horrible, right? :smiley:

I was a sucker for Jacobs snipers back then. Other than that I liked some shotguns and I even at some point used infini-bee while leveling that up.

Do you remember what you concocted up back then? Post it up! Let’s share some memories and have some laughs.

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It feels like 15 years ago…

I can’t imagine what my first 4 looked like. Horrifying I’m sure.

Probably a lot of this going on.

I wonder if I had any understanding of the game at all. Builds? Relics? COMs? What are those?? Despite all that I think I somehow had somewhere around 800 hours in when I joined here 2 years ago. By that time I had found some better YouTube content like Derch.


Axton was my first… I think this was his build (hasn’t changed too much over the years frankly… points out of Grenadier in favor of Able and Onslaught, with one in Laser SIght). I didn’t even think in terms of “builds”… was more, “these are the good weapons I found so far, and this is my favorite point allocation”.


I really wish I could bring up my build (which happened to be your run-of-the-mill generalist Axton), but I scrapped it.

But I do remember my thought process… in that there was none. I picked Axton mainly as I tend to use the cookie cutter as my first playthrough, and just picked up crap that looked cool, but as it turns out did not help me in the long run. As I remember, I took Axton to about 55 and about some ways into UVHM where it was near impossible to play him (at least I felt).

You read all that and ask me how valuable I think joining these forums is. :stuck_out_tongue: Now the proud owner of a pair of 'zerkers, a pair of Mechromancers, a Siren and a Krieg, with +10,000% more common sense and actual thinking behind them.

(Side note: I am legitimately considering picking up Axton again, to apply the lessons.)


This dates back to when the game wa released. I’m not a 100% sure on one or two skills, but I think this is what I used on Axton. Don’t remember the COM.

Being a total noob at the time, I actually managed to get through most areas without too much trouble, but… There were obviously some areas that gave me trouble! :laughing: When I first went to Caustic Caverns, I could barely get past the crystalisks at the start. I had crappy guns, ofc, but I finally made it to Blue… That took some time! :rofl: I don’t remember the details, but it was horrible. After that I to know the threshers up close and personal. It was Pyro thresher bonanza plus a couple of blackhole threshers. That experience made me sweat every time I had to go there. I always ran as fast as I could through there. Scared shirtless! :scream::rofl:

Another “fond” memory is when I went to Control Core Angel for the first time. Crappy guns again, ofc! Those constructors gave me such a hard time. But that was nothing compared to what I was facing when I had to kill BNK-3R. I hadn’t figured out that he had crit spots, so I just shot his turrets and his body. I also died a lot! I kept running on the outer ring, and the bots just kept on coming.

After that, things went pretty well! Until I tried to kill the Warrior with the Dahlminator from where you drop down. Again, with the “Oh, did he have crit spots”-problem. Some people will now begin to see a pattern.
-Pst! Shoot the crits!

And then there was Terramorphous! But this time, I had done some research, and I had therefore picked up a Good Touch. And after several attempts… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Victory was achieved! So now, I wanted more! I had heard of the awesome combo of the Bee and the Conference Call. This was before the Bee was nerfed, so it gave full amp on all projectiles.

Hunter Hellquist dropped me a Bee on the second attempt. He has never dropped it again for me. I got the Warrior to drop me a CC, and off to Terra I went. It was like the top scores of the Time Trials. A couple of seconds. Even on Axton! Those were the days…


Since my first VH to 72 was Sal I’m pretty sure it was close to this:

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That’s exactly how I wound up with the build above.

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That’s probably about my first build too. Axton was my first choice to play on launch, and I really had no idea how most of that stuff worked. If the description looked good, I’d take it, then forget what I was trying to do when the next skill point became available and throw that somewhere else. It eventually settled down, but it wasn’t until level 55 UVHM that I realised just how important skill point assignment was. Fortunately, GBX forum to the rescue and with some good advice from numerous folks (@Derch is the one I remember specifically, but also Blut’s “And the kitchen sink” Axton build) I prevailed.


although it wasn’t very good, i just threw on whatever sounded good so…

This is my first build ever

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All I can remember is that I always used Nurse coms at first. :smiley: My first character was Maya and when I saw the nurse coms start to show up I was all like omg health regen omg. But I think my eventual final level 72 build with her was something pretty similar to what I use with a different Maya, based around a Leg Siren com and element matching with Bones and such, specced into Ruin and Scorn as capstones. That first Maya became primarily an OP8 Cat build later on.