What we really need is a Nightmare Difficulty

Nightmare difficulty would be Hardcore with a few things added to it:


  • Same with hardcore mode, you die, you’re out.
  • No health or overshield pickups in the map.
  • A timer. The less players, the shorter the timer (perfect for groups)
  • Enemies with shields are equipped with a 500 overshield.
  • Enemy damage quadrupled.
  • Boss and major enemies have a 30% chance to deal +60 bonus damage.
  • Health slowly decreases (-10 per 40 seconds)
  • ???


  • Shards are increased by a large amount (3% onward)
  • Character points are largely increased.
  • Credits are largely increased.
  • A higher chance to get more than two legendaries.
  • ???

You guys can fill in the blanks, but it would be the ultimate team exercise. You would need a healer and a good strategy to stay alive. It would be an awesome challenge even if it would be a nightmare.

I don’t like this, only because I would never survive lol. But I think the timer thing doesn’t work with this. I’d like to take my time with something like this, if only because one mistake means a lot of lost time.

Enemy damage quadrupeled

As if enemies can’t 1 or 2 shot you in advance already. so they’ll do 8000+ damage instead of the 2000+ that they do? For what purpose? lol

Nightmare? More like “Impossible”.


I don’t like it. Hardcore is already hard enough. I really don’t think there is any way to ring more life out of these levels. It’s time to add new ones.

*Badass mode

Hardcore isn’t hard unless you’re with randoms.

It can still be hard on a good team, especially the later levels like Heliophage and Saboteur.

I dunno, I solo’d them at first and did the advanced missions with a group. Helio sucks no matter how many people are in there, and Sabo is only difficult if you aren’t maintaining buildables.

I’m not talking about solo play. Solo play is so boring I only do every once in a while for lore achievements, and even then I’ll just kill myself as soon as I get what I need to end the level as fast as possible.

As far as i’m concerned the only true way to play Battleborn is with a team of at least three.

Saboteur can still be hard even with all the buildables up. And if someone dies during the final three waves, you usually don’t have time to revive them.

Oh I agree, group play is the only way to play Battleborn, I just solo’d them so I wouldn’t have to rely on other people not f*cking up. xD

I’ve never had problems with it in groups, personally. We all just crowd around the core and snipe the ranged dudes while a tank bodyblocks the foot soldiers. Pendles is only there to keep buildables up. I dunno, none of us are particularly good, (in fact I’m total ass xD), we’re just good at not dying, if that makes sense.

That’s the thing Saboteur is that being good at “not dying” isn’t good enough. You can survive and still lose because the power core goes down.

By the way, I do find it amusing that a level called “Saboteur” involves you constantly having to protect things. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what I should be doing?

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Honestly, all you really need is a Montana (or Isic) in front of the core, a pocket Miko healing them, with Kleese spamming shield Rifts around the core, and an Oscar Mike/ Reyna Combo taking out the ranged enemies. Try it before you knock it, aight? It works if you have players who know how to play those characters.

I guess it refers to Nova’s job, as she the only one actually sabotaging anything. xD

Well yeah i’m sure if you have the perfect combination of characters, it’s easy. But how often does that happen?

Even when playing with a team of people I know, me and my friends don’t pick characters for the perfect set-up like that. Uusually I just pick someone who I haven’t beaten the level with yet. Unless I’m doing a lore challenge or trying to max out someone’s level, there’s no reason to beat the level again on the same dificulty with the same character.

I only play with 5 man pre-mades. If you’re playing advanced hardcore with randoms, all I can say is find a full team, otherwise, you shouldn’t expect to beat it. Welcome to the world of metas.

I’d love to only play pre-mades, but not everyone I play with is online at the same time, and we don’t always want to play the same level. As such, random groups is the most common way. It wouldn’t be so rough if everyone used a microphone, but I’ve found 90% of people in random groups do not.

Hell mode…

  1. Entire match is narrated by Larry the Cable Guy explaining all the problems with the game.
  2. All character voices are replaced by random bits of 2016 election coverage and mudslinging ads.
  3. All music is replaced with performances by Randy Newman.
  4. All weapons now make the sound of a goat braying when fired.
  5. Guns no longer kill enemies.
  6. Enemies no longer try to kill you. Instead, they sing Kidz Bop and Wiggles songs while wearing masks from “The Purge” movie series.
  7. Entire map is replaced with a plain black cube, wherein there is no way to kill yourself or suffer an environmental death.
  8. You cannot quit the match once it has begun.
  9. The match never ends.
  10. Every time you log into the game, it takes you back into the same match.
  11. You look down and realize that you have become Larry the Cable Guy.
  12. You look back up and realize that you are in the middle of a live performance as Larry the Cable Guy and you cannot stop yourself from making redneck jokes no matter how hard you try.
  13. Everyone in the audience is morbidly obese, they all think every joke is funny and demand more while shoveling more junk food into their faces.
  14. Their faces start melting.
  15. You start telling redneck jokes faster and faster, you can’t stop yourself no matter how much you may want to.
  16. The audience, Kidz Bop, The Wiggles, Randy Newman, masks from the Purge, election coverage, and goats all come together in a horrific orgy/dance number in front of you, which you are now conducting as Larry the Cable Guy with farts and redneck jokes.
  17. You wake up and thank the great eagle it was just a dream.
  18. Or was it?

That sucks.

Apologies if that seems blunt, but that’s a user issue, just find more people, use the subreddit, or even these forums.

No health pickups makes healers mandatory, which is bad cause it destroys team comp.
The damage on five man advanced is already pretty high for a single player.
Health decreases makes also zero sense sorry.

You are right that maybe a new difficulty or new story challenge should be added. Like eg only stealth characters, or only eldrid or maybe that some helix choices are randomly disabled to put more survival into it.

I Think they could try to implent it into spotlight kind of battles like now.

No health or shields, wants enemy damaged quadrupled.

Basically they should just call it “Masochists” mode. People wouldn’t even make it past the first few enemies.

Wait, this is supposed to be a list of bad things, right?!

Because that would be the OPPOSITE of bad…

that would be f’ing SWEET

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