What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

well I Completely agreed to all the things you said at number 3,“So huge levels where you can do more side missions at first visit than constantly turning back for a few quests.” see This is exactly why I hated the General Knoxx DLC, you must go to the T-bone J,than back and go through all of that big rood (forgot its map name) go to the other area,than go back to T-bone J, idk about you all,but I Really hated those. About Number 2 you know that I Couldn’t agree more. about Number 1 well, I Hope it’s going to be a mix of the gun system since I Didn’t find the combat of BL1 too fun to ever consider it as “one of the best FPS games I Ever Played” and by that “a mix” I mean the combat it will completely depend on the class you choice. :>

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“She’s a psychotic murderer.” you probably didn’t get what I meant, all people Love her because the crazy things she does, and if GB add her as a PC, then fans be like “OMG WHY YOU DID THAT SHE IS BORING NOW SHE DONT SPEAKS TO MUCH ANYMORE”.What I mean is that she will get less personally if she’s going to be VH/PC .


I see your point but the thing is gbx could make the future vault hunters talking. In Bioshock infinite Booker didn’t stand quiet for a second, and it was annoying af. He talked to himself like in soap opera and when Elizabet came along, he doesn’t shut up even in combat .I don’t want to hear Tina screaming about “hoes’ and badonkadonks” every second. I think thats what most of her fans wants from her as a pc, being like Krieg in the next game. She was funny the first time I met her, but listening to her crap the intire game is too much. Even Krieg gets boring after 3rd playthrough with his audio loops. An NPC Tina opens a lot more options for interesting story quests like she did in B2.
Borderlands 1 is home,man, i still sense a lot of heart in that game. Not sure who gave that feel ,but B1 is a mysterious lonsome beauty. I do want a mix of both b1 and 2 and even Tps for the next game. but it has to be both similar and at same time different from all the previous games. The “curse of the 3rd game” is that people had already enough of the same things. The first game is good because it gives the base gameplay and intro to the story and starts the hype. The second is in most cases the best game because improves things from the first. (which I kinda disagree according to b2, because a lot of good things in the 1st didn’t make it to the 2nd.) And the curse fell on TPS because even with its new gun types and mechanics it felt the same as B2. The succes of TFTB was that the game have completely different type of gameplay). Borderlands 3 will be the 5th game in the franchise and that means it have to be different from any prevous game in order to stand out on it’s own. The story may follow the events so far, but in gameplay and graphics it needs to be a whole new thing while the base mechanics are still there.

Sorry for the long reply,man. :slight_smile: but I love those goofy games and I only wish best to the upcoming ones.

I think the Mechromancer is the closest will ever get to a Tina pc. She was close enough imo. We all love Tina but have to admit some of her lines are… ehhh… “questionable” and I think Gearbox want to move away from that. Especially for playable characters.

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If you guys don’t mind I’ve digged up my old Post. This is what I would like to see from BL3 STILL, after years of playing other games and admire the world of BL franchise.

-make money worth in game
-build gear and weapons, shield from parts, grind parts.
-make one bl engine that you don’t have to ditch and make a new bl game but dlcs moving forward
-proficiencies for making weapons, armor,shirld, gadgets, vehicles. Let people trade the parts between them in cities (exactly like in division. Coop game with mmo like hubs If we want to)
-story driven expansions but with able to repeat end game story “parts”, not just grinding weapons
-advanced AI to give the game the feeling of “every time something new challenge”. new dlcs with new npc enemies with different skillsets.

I would even pay for DLCs. However I think they should start treating BL3 as a main engine and update it moving forward rather than ditching it and building a new game.
Then they could treat the DLCs as separate “worlds” with different environments, monsters, enemy ai/skills.

I miss skills of proficiencies from BL Frenchies. I would like to tinker with weapon mods, shield upgrades, vehicle chop shop crap. I would go berserk to gather mats, grind bosses for extra loot. I wouldn’t mind strict rng on weapon parts that are legendary and hard to get.

Trading between npcs, auctioning selling to other players. Make the $$$ worth something! Repair cost for gear, weapon, vehicle. Bribing npcs to get access secret areas where you can get exotic stuff, etc.

BLs main attraction is story also. Therefore I don’t want a boring “go there kill x enemy collect credit” kind of hundreds of quests like in today’s boring mmos. I admit this is the hardest part to think of however if you got such an amazing story writers who done the earlier BLs shouldn’t be a problem. A good quest generator engine however would add a lot of flexibility for such writers. E.g.: A simple question line for helping locals againts raising bandits, gathering food, materials, give them weapons. At the end you fight against the bandits with the villagers. Afterwards from time to time you have to make sure they got everything to defend themselves and replenish their armament. I could imagine a constant moving and slowly growing that of bandits in the are that needs to erradicated from time to time moving forward.

For this to be not boring on the long run (years I’m thinking! Seriously!) We need advanced AI. There is nothing better in game to play in games right now then play with/vs. other players. That’s because npc are kind of dumb, repetitive. they don’t learn they don’t advance, we figure out a way to easily finish masses off of them. I expect AI to advance to a level where I see them act differently after a while learn their mistakes. give me other opportunities to try new ways of overcoming them. HUMANLY SMART, not godly smart though. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading, I hope I see some or all of these in BL3.

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No offense, but 18 - 20 is literally gaige in a nutshell, and she’s overpowered.


Ok,man. But i still don’t want Tina playable. :>

I have to correct this. Gaige is confirmed to be 18.
Yes you can be 18 in highschool, i was for 6 months

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Being that Playstation has announced cross platform play today with Fortnite can we see cross platform for the upcoming game assuming this will be a more prominent feature in the future? I think the loyal fans who have been here since the original game would appreciate A. being able to play co-op with friends across platforms and B. be rewarded for playing the other games as we have in the past. Currently you can transfer characters among BL2 and the Pre-Sequel among the same console type which if I recall correctly mainly entitled you to the continuation of your Bada*s Rank and being awarded keys and some other little stuff but being able to transfer our previous time and effort from one system to another in some way would be awesome. We would still want new characters and start at level 1 but rewarding people in some way could be cool. By this I mean transfer old data from ps3 to the new game on xbox one to get some benefit but not necessarily an advantage.

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No special pool drop rate lower than 10%. They don’t have to all be the same so don’t be shy to tweak some at 12 or 13% :wink:
As few as possible large special loot pool.

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Melee weapons too so I don’t have to rely on an action skill. I loved Krieg. But sometimes I just want to switch off my higher brain functions and go ham with a sword or a big axe. Hell, bring back the Jakobs Bessie too!


Also B1 Unforgiven, i love that gun. Also if the Pearlescent weapons does similar things to the Unforgiven in B1 i will grind the hell out of B3 for them. For example The Twister Shotgun could gather enemies toward the shot. Or a pearl rocket launcher that shoots torpedoes that goes underground and blows unaware mobs from underneath. Or a sniper that shoots lightning bolts that cause chain reaction to nearby enemies. Xenomorphus shotgun - You shoot a facehuger into some guy face the bug lays eggs in his stomach and when the xeno goes out it will fight on your side. :smiley: As far as i know pearls are the only pre-defined weapons in Borderlands, so i think with a specific gimmick assigned they will be insanely more useful and wanted weapons. GBX can go completely wild with them. :>

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YES! That would be awesome.

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MassayaSoundsyste and many others said everything I wanted from B3 just dont go over the top with humor and change graphics to something thats beautyfull but thats not Borderland just keep in you cartoonish/how you yanks say graphic novel for some great cyberpunk from europe or even manga but i wouldnt call them manga much more effort gone into them to put em away as possible then naruto came to my mind but beautyfull cyberpunk graphic novel or steampunk or horror you understood me thats important now go back to drawing board :wink: kidding ho soon is now for Borderlands 3?

  1. wizard character class
  2. interesting narrative goals
  3. metroidvania levels
  4. gunzerker class
  5. traveling to different planets
  6. interesting fantasy/sci-fi world-building and compelling storytelling
  7. big boss fights
  8. some horror/haloween oriented planet
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Arcade mode, Time attack mode. Something like that…has leaderboards.

A 2019 release date.


End credits: when clicking on a name, the photo of the person would appear. And also a small list of previous works he/she is most proud of. Or something fun to read. Or… even see?. Also the scrolling speed of the credits would have to slow down before clicking away again.

Why not take advantage in the fact that we, the PC-gamers, have a mouse and all the time for ourselves… unlike the poor movie-goers?

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According to news, one of the B3’s planets will be Promethea. Maybe there will be more than one planet.
In Greek mythology, Prometheus is the Titan who stole fire from Zeus to give to the human race.

So, maybe there will be a pyromancer class to support this word play.