What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

Please pass a bylaw in Sanctuary that makes knocking illegal.


I second that.

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I want BL3 not being in development hell.

Here’s one that may only apply to me, but I personally need it.

When one gets to max level, please still provide an indicator that a enemy has died.

What I mean is this; Prior to max level, when an enemy dies you get the display of the experience points you just earned for the kill
After max level, you of course do not, since you are not gaining any experience.

But, that also means you don’t get an immediate indication that your target has died. I often may not be certain (particularly in a mob setting, or when there are damage effects polluting the screen) so I put a few more slugs into the area (dead body) until I can see that the health bar is gone or the enemy has collapsed.
This keeps me on a target I don’t need to be hitting a few shots longer than is useful, and keeps me from moving on to the next target.
While this is not always necessary, sometimes it’s really bleeding obvious that the enemy is no longer with us, but it happens enough to be a minor pain.
Changing the previous exp gained text to something that says, for example “terminated” or whatever word the designers choose would be handy to know when exactly when it’s time to move on, and would save that half-second or so that you spend figuring it out. My personal Peak runs would be helped by this.


That or you move to the next target thinking you killed it…
Only to see it come back at full health. :man_facepalming:

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Something just came up:

A chatbox to hasten messaging if you need to tell folks to wait, and ability to cancel the fast-travel.

Also, I was reminded of something while reading this:

How does a Homing Rain grenade sound?

Also, nothing like this…:

…which is supposed to happ-- well, the first part, anyway.
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If BL3 is going to have missions or challenges that differentiate between day and night, well, let us know when it’s day or night!
The challenges Afternoon Delight and …I Got to Boogie and the Hammerlock mission Urine, You’re Out all have to occur either in day or night.
But when is that? Outside you can usually tell, but in enclosed areas (like the Urine mission) it’s hard to notice.
And, since BL2 does not have a wait XX hours option that many other RPGs have, getting to night is tedious. I generally just run around until the urine patches show up, and that can take quite a while.
So if you’re going to have these, somewhere show the time of day, and give us a wait option.


In Borderlands 2, many players farm for items to progress in the story. Some may spend hours doing so or some may spend minutes. Even some could never get it since the random generator. My idea for Borderlands 3 before it is released is: Item Rarity Filtering. If we could filter out certain rarities of items, we would spend less time killing the same enemy over and over and spend more time playing the game itself. Please take this idea into consideration, as I’m sure many other Borderlands fans would love to have this implemented into the game. Thank you.

Fully customizable HUD would be nice. We should be able to turn on/off every single icon on screen.
Also proper HUD scalling/placing. For BL2/TPS we can scale/move the HUD on screen, but it should keep the same size as original. So two options, one for the scale and second for place.


If we could possibly get independent traveling in Borderlands 3, that’d be nice. Example: Players can be in different maps simultaneously. One could be off killing this raid boss as this one is currently killing another. As the host travels, it shows a menu to all other players in the session asking to accept to travel with the host or to stay in the area you are in. Would be a nice feature in my opinion.

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I like all the loot in this game, but the vending machines seem too lacking in the special offers department. It’s like they are little more than a place to cash in your loot.

So, a Bad Ass rank stat that boosts special offer percentages based on the amount and types of loot cashed in.

This would incentivize cashing in loot and being rewarded with weapons with unique stats that wouldn’t ordinarily be available.

So, if you wanted certain weapons or attributes, you would cash in only the types that have these brand/type/attribute, and make getting these type offers more likely. Of course, it would take some effort, but it would be another thing to work towards in the Bad Ass ranking system.

I would like status effects. There is burn, electrocute, slag, ect., but some effects that don’t cause much damage, but stops the enemies attacks would be another addition to the indirect damage route.

For instance - a big goliath or similar humanoid is charging you, and he is several levels higher than you, and it is almost certain death… but you shoot him - or melee him in the groin, and for X amount of time he is bent over screaming about his groin - in a high pitched midgets voice - giving you time to deal damage, or retreat.

Status effects are always humorus, and in Borderlands it would be funny, because it is already a funny game.

Another status could be where psychos or other dumber characters would all of a sudden act all intellectual, and during the spell, they would recite game tips while planning how to properly execute you - not seeming to realize the urgency of their situation. Of course, they would have a British accent while affected.

Anyways… more status effects and humor. That’s why I love this game - it’s funny.

OK, there’s vault hunter, true/ultimate vault hunter… a ‘Fabled Vault Hunter’ mode would extend the gameplay…

And in fabled vh mode, the story can be played by any class that have reached the level cap and beat the ulitmate vh mode - interchangeably. So, if you play this mode, all the characters you have that have beat uvhm, are available for you to use to progress thru this mode interchangeably.

So, some quests or maps that are best played by certain classes can be used, if they have been unlocked for fvhm, and really difficult otherwise. The idea being that if you don’t use the right class, it will be all the more difficult to complete the mode.

As well, this could incentivize co-op gameplay to make the journey faster. So, it would make it both harder and easier, depending on your expertise and resourcefulness.

Cross-Platform Saves. I have friends that play on PC and on PS4, it would be nice to have my unlocks available on both accounts via Shift. I don’t need cross-platform play, just cross-platform saves.


White labelled weapons gain more experience per kill. All they are now is for exchanging for cash - some other worth for them would make them useful.

Some white label weapons have a 'fight for life, or ‘second wind’ perk.

Some white label weapons have self healing capabilities - by shooting yourself, under the chin! (like the psycho pictured on the game box)

Some shields - like Anshin - have auto-second wind chance.

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OK, dang it, we’ve all complained about it and I’m one of 'em, so here’s the code Gearbox, royalty free;

Called anytime you want to play a cutscene.
global boolean firstPlaythroughComplete;
global boolean allowCutSceneSkip;
global boolean playingVid;
global ProcPtr vidCompletionRoutine;
At launch;
boolean canSkipCutscene{
boolean returnValue = false;
returnValue = true;
return returnValue;

allowCutSceneSkip = true;

anytime during the game

// time to play a NPC intro scene
vidCompletionRoutine = thisIntroCompletionRoutine;
PlayVideo(videoIndex, * vidCompletionRoutine);
vidPlaying = true;
// in the event loop
if(skipButtonHit && vidPlaying && allowCutSceneSkip)

Or whatever works in your codebase. See how simple it is? Relieve us of our pain.

It occurred to me that: other than red text quest reward equipment, and legendary equipment; all other drops are just different grades of ‘good only for selling’ loot.

And the weapons we need to progress have unusual bullet/ballistic properties.

So, looting is primarily focused on finding legendaries with unusual properties. But it would be nice to find usable weapons with outstanding stats that aren’t empowered with trick moves and work in a traditional way. Nothing against the trick weapons, but traditional weapons would give looting weapons more depth, other than just trying to ‘get that legendary’, and sell all others as loot.

For having a lot of variety in the randomness of weapon drops, no one ever has any weapons to show off other than the legendarys or red text gear… for instance…

I found a Maliwan pistol that had elemental damage 10k higher than all other elemental weapons I had seen, but that is a solitary instance. So, truely rare items should be one of a kind, and able to perform to the degree that the game designed weapons do. And it is very rare if not entirely nonexistant or worthwhile.

That’s why all the youtube videos showcase the legendaries and quest rewards… there is little more that the loot drops offer. So ‘legendary’ simply means it is required to progress, and not rare, or a unique item - they are actually in large part, common items that are part of the game and needed to complete it. The other loot is barely interesting as it never rises to the level of the game designed equipment.

I still hold on to my unique Maliwan even though I rarely use it.

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I commented on white weapons and how to make them useful for other things than selling, and I have another idea…

Some white weapons are treated like consumables. Like a cheap Tediore weapon that is one-use-only with a stat beneficial to a certain use that - once a weapon switch is made - the weapon is removed from inventory; it is consumed.

So, with these type weapons, you can nova, or spike in a suicide psycho kind of way, or have a special use skill that is one-time-only way of defeating the enemy or escaping.

Or in the instance of scavers, or rats, you can arm them and drop them, and when the scavs pick them up - they explode! (Torgue item) Good times! Or you can throw loot at enemies for ranged melee damage, ect.

And so, this would give use to items normally discarded to make room for more valuable loot, and put them to use in ways other than getting cash.

Not all of these weapons have benefit, some can backfire and have negative consequence… they can be revealed to be a legendary upon use, or jam and leave you unable to switch weapons - forcing you to run (Bandit or Scav item)… some will be time limited and if not used auto-removed from inventory. It would be sort of like a slot machine mechanic with direct battle field use. And can be entirely avoided if one is not inclined to gamble.

Oh, and a scaver shield that uses inventory loot to buffer against damage. As the shield goes down, so does your loot inventory - the parameters are set by rarity, with purple giving the most buffer, but all loot in inventory - purple or less (that isn’t equipt) are lost when the shield goes down and you are killed. The shield is consumed in dying as well ;(

Please consider a BR option. Not associated with the regular gameplay, just an option for a separate game mode. It would be quick and easy and we all love Borderlands PvP <3 Thanks in advance for an awesome game regardless.

I would be interested in a br for bl3 with a few tweaks of course