What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

Yeah it is. Unless intentional (ex. Interfacer shotgun) all purple rarity and above must have a site. And in the case of shotguns, all but Torgue sight is a scope. Which makes no sense to me. Pretty sure a scope on a torgue barrel bandit shotgun that has -1.0 accuracy isn’t going to do much but get in my way. I aim to sights to tighten the spread on shotguns. I’m not sniping with it. I guess they just decided for everyone that a sight is better.

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Lmao yes exactly! And what prompted me to post that (even though BL1 at least can have no scopes on purps) is i’ve found 4 Anarchys in the remaster. All have scopes lol.

I always try to kill those 2 guys on the way to the safehouse with grenades btw. I dont know why lol. A lot of the time i let them live

Replaying BL1 with the remaster (which really improves it’s playability) reminds me of something that I would like, but I know is difficult to achieve.

I would like side quests to level with me.

Yes, very hard to keep the game balanced, certainly don’t want to be in a position where I can seriously over level the main quest by doing sides.
But I don’t do half of the BL1 sides (and we know there are a ton of em) because they’re too unleveled, and I feel like I’m missing out.

Again, I know it’s a difficult task, but it is a wish.

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And another, related to that one.

As we know, we can have multiple missions running in the same zone. And when we do, we (or at least I) am constantly going into the character dashboard to switch missions to see if I’m near a quest item for any of the quests that I currently have picked up.

What would be nice is to have all the quest item or stage locations for any quest we currently have active shown on the map.

Main quest, or the quest we currently have chose to have active, would have to bright diamond (or whatever). Markers for picked up but dormant quests could be a different shape, or a light grey, or something to indicate it’s not the main one.

Having all the items indicated somehow would certainly make planning a good pathway through a zone handy. And keeps me from constantly switching quests to see if I’m near anything.

If BL3 is going to have multiple quests in one zone active at a time this would be very very welcome.

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Before it gets too long, I listed a bunch awhile back. Refresher on some of them:

But as of this moment, what I can think of is primarily:

  • optional button-mapping. Prebuilt is okay, but sometimes prebuild control schemes don’t always work well.
  • cancellable ASs
  • a tab system for DLC content – and grey/lock out the tabs/areas that are uncommon to all players in the team so folks aren’t trying to travel…and trying to find out who doesn’t have what.
  • something for the fast travel. Opening/being in a menu prevented travel by anyone, and the problem was either
    • Folks try to travel…and drag folks along regardless of their readiness.
    • Folks wanna travel, but somebody is in a menu (sometimes asleep IRL while they were in menu) and preventing the entire group from traveling…or repeatedly opening a menu to do just that while they did their thing.

I’d like to see Moxxtails from TPS to make a return. Either that, or some other kind of consumable that offers temporary stat boosts.


They have that on the remaster

Am I the only one that want’s the Infinity Weapons?

Like one weapon of each type that either regenerates ammo, or never runs out? No, you’re not alone.

Nah I think they meant more like this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cross play or Keyboard/Mouse support for console. I prefer my pc but I have many friends who only play Xbox/PS4. Personally, I can only play with my wife on Xbox. I just prefer when the walls are taken down and people can enjoy their games on their preferred platform but still play together.

Like the Infinity pistols from b2 and have each type like the pistol.

All I want is the Hive. I’ll be sad if I can’t get my baby.

I really want a PvP mode in the game where you can play against another people. Maybe there can be a new area on the map where people can go to for PvP. I think there should maybe be a way to balance some more overpowered guns (there are going to be over a billion guns, after all) maybe there will be some kind of second load-out / skill tree that you use while in the PvP mode and no where else. It would be hard to implement but would be a lot of fun and add even more replay value to the game (if that’s even possible)

If anything they should put melee weapons in the game like swords and maces and yes I know they focus on guns in borderlands and that you have a melee attack but I think it would be cool to wield a two handed sword with the element fire.

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Kind of like the Bad Guy’s Sword

This thread has become a book.

I am replaying Bl1 right now and there is one thing jumping out at me. It is a problem in BL2 also. Quest markers. If I have five quests in an area I don’t want them all to have a marker on the map. Now you activate one quest and run the area, and then have to rerun the area over and over to get the remaining quests.

NO! CLAPTRAP voice actor went to rooster teeth so possibly NO CLAP TRAP!

Oh, I got scared there for a sec :open_mouth: