What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

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Also recoil reduction is seen as bad for Hyperion weapons due to how they work, and for some people who like to min-maxing, that stat is (as I said, potentially) harmful.

One thing I REALLY want to see is both Tiny Tina and Pickles (from the Pre-Sequel), maybe as playable characters. They both have hilarious personalities and would likely go well together, maybe doing a Bunkers and Badasses thing?

Yes I have lost so much money cause of this especially in DLC. I am done with the main game, playing Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep but its hard especially if you have a sniper build and playing alone :frowning:

Hey guys i have a YouTube channel, primarily focused on Fallout and Borderlands. It may be small but I work hard at it and i recently started a series called Borderlands 3: What We Want and it will be a weekly series that I will use my comments and this Thread as inspiration for. So please check it out and let me know what you think about it. You can watch the first video here

Ok so heres what I want

  1. All previous vault hunters as playable characters AND the three missing sirens

  2. presidents of all the corporations in the story mode maybe make a few of them vault hunters

  3. 4 on 4 MOBA mode (maybe 8 on 8) but you die and then respawn instead of going into fight for your life

  4. also i didnt really care for the overpower levels lets get rid of those BUT keep the 72 level cap

Considering that they were optional there’s no reason to get rid of them. I personally was disappointed that there were no OP levels in TPS, I played them for the increased challenge and BL2 was a lot more challenging than TPS even without OP levels.
But not everybody played at OP8 and you didn’t have to, that’s what was so great about BL2, there was a level cap but you could then choose to go even further if you wanted to challenge yourself and play the game on a harder difficulty, it was like an optional upgrade from UVHM.


What I want from Borderlands 3:

More Borderlands 1.


I recall hearing Mikey Neumann will be writing on BL3, so we may get this wish, i hope!


Ok so here’s my opinion about what you want:

I kinda agree on the first part (all previous VHs) but I’m quite curious about how Gearbox will do it. Hopefully they will do it right, and by right I mean better than 1/2/TPS. As for the three missing Sirens I’m pretty sure it’s not mandatory. Not every Siren have to face combat in their life, some of them might be living in peace far away from gun fire and war.

Like the first point, if they can do it right, it’ll be good. Just don’t make it like if they’re trying too hard to make them like you want.

This is going to be a balancing challenge for the devs. As we know the previous three games of Borderlands have wonky balance between player character’s health (very small) and damage output (very high). I hope they learn quite some things from Battleborn.

If you don’t care about an optional challenge, then how about others who do? Like me. Ignorance is not much of a reason for getting rid of a feature. Personally I want it back, if not with a bit of tweaking.

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IMO and with all due respect, some things I think must be considered are:

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My wishlist for Borderlands 3:

Firstly, return to some of the roots of the first game’s loot system.

  1. Random enemies dropping the gun they are actually using was a very good thing. If an enemy spawned with a weapon that gave you all kinds of problems, then you obtained a very cool and unanticipated reward. It was great when a random chump suddenly turned into a mini-boss due to his weapon and you could later claim it from him. On the other hand, when they drop no weapon at all when they were clearly using something interesting it is no fun.

  2. Chests having the ability to generate just about any quality of loot made opening them consistently exciting! In 2 and The Presequel the vast majority of chests yield nothing of interest, making it more of a chore to open them than an exciting possibility as the vast majority of the time whatever is looted will be immediately sold.

Secondly, return to the first game’s balance when it came to weapon types. In the first game non-unique/legendary Assault Rifles performed very well in their own right. Assault rifles are a crushing disappointment in 2 and The Presequel more often than not. The first game did not have a lacking weapon class other than Repeater Pistols, but this was more than compensated by Machine Pistols (the Body 5 version of a Repeater) sharing the same ammunition pool. I believe this can be done without negatively impacting the manufacturer gimmicks started in 2 and continued in The Presequel.

Thirdly, no more aftermarket guns. If some are going to be brought back from now defunct manufacturers (such as Atlas and S&S), then keep them true to the spirit of those manufacturers and let them keep their original manufacturer title. In fact, bringing back defunct legendary weapons such as the S&S Orion would make for a pretty cool scheme for Pearlescent weapons as their rarity would fit with canon reasons (out of production) and those that find them in game would have a cool gun, and a piece of Borderlands lore at the same time. Heck, how nice would it be for the original Torgue Cobra to appear as a pearlescent because Torgue quit manufacturing sniper rifles? It’s an angle I’d like to see used as the three games have produced a wide range of legendary weapons, now part of the lore, and bringing them back like that appeals to long time fans of the franchise.

Fourthly, the scaling of The Presequel got it about right. Borderlands 1 was too extreme in that a weapon could last for as many as 30 levels, in my experience, and Borderlands 2 let you use your favorite gun for far too little time. Finding the balance is important as using guns you truly enjoy is part of the fun of the game

Fifthly, using elements like Corrosive (Borderlands 1), Slag (Borderlands 2), and Cryo (Borderlands The Presequel) to increase the damage enemies received is a good staple of the franchise. However, making it mandatory in higher difficulties is proof of poor balancing. The effect should be noticeable and beneficial enough to merit use, but it shouldn’t be a crutch. If you’ve got great guns and are matching elemental types to enemy weaknesses, then debuffing them should not be necessary.

Sixthly, I am with the crowd that thinks BAR and Weapon Proficiencies can coexist and should coexist. BAR should be specifically for character related buffs (health, shield, melee damage, damage resistance, and movement speed), and weapon proficiencies would cover gun related buffs (gun damage, accuracy, recoil reduction, reload speed). Also, worth considering would be having a grenade proficiency listed as a weapon proficiency capable of improving effectiveness with various grenade mods (grenade damage, blast radius, fuse time, elemental effect chance, elemental effect damage).

Mostly I just want a game where I can build a kick ass character that gets to go through piles of loot to find great guns that are fun to use against challenging enemies. I already know Gearbox will be good for an entertaining story.


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I agree, this should return.

Probably a result of a different system. In BL1 all parts (of one kind of item) can spawn in any chest, and quality is determined by a combination of part rarity (I think). In the next two games rarity is determined first then the item is generated, so chests have rarity range and not parts randomly spawning. You wouldn’t see a legendary in a white (lesser) chest in BL2/TPS but you wouldn’t get a white item from red (better) chests either (except for relics in BL2). In BL1 you could get a legendary in a white chest but you can also get whites in red chests.

It’s true that BL1 has superior balance between weapon types but I’d like to see better.

You mean no more uniques? Wow, uniques are the love and life of BL2! (and TPS to some extent, thanks to glitch guns and luneshine) I mean, BL2 wouldn’t be the same as it is right now if it weren’t for the SandHawks and Pimpernels (and Twisters, Lady Fists, and so on). The game probably wouldn’t get something like Digistruct Peak (which is awesome) if it weren’t for these items.

I agree. But it’s “just about” right, not all right. Why? TPS’ scaling is good, but the loot sources are scarce. I mean, I can farm a lot of chests and bosses here in BL2, (and in BL1 I don’t really care about farming as I almost always get something good that lasts almost like forever) but TPS? I just do side quests and for the whole campaign I’m almost always clinging into quest rewards. Another character, almost the same set of gears, from quests again. I don’t like that especially while leveling.

True. I don’t like the force use of slag in BL2 UVHM (I accepted it and continue playing the game though).

However I also don’t like how some elements are overpowered:

  1. Certain guns in BL1 with high enough tech to proc on every shot makes non elemental guns very dull, because despite the 40% damage reduction, the Damage Over Time caused by the procs is scaled to player’s level, meaning a lvl 60 character can use a lvl 10 of said gun and still wrecks faces.
  2. Corrosive in BL1 is obviously overpowered compared to other elements because the damage reduction stacks along with the damage over time.
  3. Due to (bad, I would say) enemy variance, shock, cryo, and explosive are the most go-to element to use in TPS. Some can say fire and corrosive have their uses with bosses but that’s that. Leveling characters becomes dull (for me) thanks to this.

Plus I also agree with you about how BAR and Proficiency can coexist.


I understand the weapon generation system is different in 2 and TPS, but I’d like to see a return to how weapons were generated in Borderlands 1. The looting experience of the first game was plainly better (in my opinion, of course).

By aftermarket guns I particularly had the Cobra and Ogre in mind. Their predecessors in Borderlands 1 were Torgue and Atlas. Borderlands 2 changed it to Jakobs and Torgue, respectively. I’d like the weapons to appear as their original manufacturer, of a very high rarity for canon reasons (Atlas is gone, Torgue is out of the sniper business) and as true to the originals as possible without creating a plainly overpowered weapon. That way when one is collected you know you have a piece of Borderlands lore and a fun gun to use. This idea also applies to any other resurrected legendary, such as those S&S made.

Unique weapons are obviously fine. They weren’t what I had in mind when I mentioned aftermarket weapons. I’m more focused on weapons that have come before, and staying true to them when they appear again.

Your point about elemental damage procs in Borderlands 1 is a good one as it pertains to character level influencing it. It should have always been tied to the gun’s damage only that way eventually it would no longer do the job nearly as well after awhile. That is probably not a difficult thing to fix.

I don’t think the problem with DOTs in Borderlands 1 only led to corrosive being overpowered. Incendiary effects were often plainly overpowered, and shock completely trivialized shields. It was no surprise Borderlands 2 and TPS shifted away from DOT stacking like what was possible in 1. I think Corrosive would have been fine in 1 if it was simply a debuff combined with a single DOT.

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Same here.

I always thought uniques are aftermarkets because most of them are tied to an NPC who gave you the gun, making me think the said NPC had modded the gun the way they like it, and the brand was just the original brand they bought it from. While legendaries like Cobra and Ogre (in BL1) are powerful weapons produced by the manufacturer directly.

Well they did it. Now we have elemental damage stat on the gun card.

I have no memory incendiary is that overpowered. Incendiary is good against flesh yes, but outside that, only the HellFire is OP.

Well that’s their purpose. What else?

Yep. The debuff stacking is crazy, and we also get the damage over time getting stronger because of that, and it works not only on armored enemies.

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As this is going to be an online mmo I’d like them to whatever they are with some simplicity, Borderlands is known for its skill trees and millions of weapons but that’s going to use a lot of code which can inadvertently affect other things.

I’d rather the game was simple and works as opposed to intricate and buggy.

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Where did you get that word from? I’d like a source, thanks.

As far as i know, the mmo thing is just a very widely spread rumor.

There has been next to nothing revealed about bl3.