What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

@Evo4g63t: Enemies, sure; cover system, no. Try enhancing movement ability instead of enacting a cover system, yes.

I don’t know if I have a complete solution but that is just the general idea. When I say enemies not noticing you, I think it makes sense (and there are a lot of other games besides those two that address that mechanic). You enter an area, from a sniper’s distance why would the enemies become instantly away of your exact position? or if you are behind objects, enemies suddenly lobbing things to the exact place where you are standing? When I suggest “cover” I don’t suggest going as far as sticking to objects like Gears of War, but rather if there is a barrier between you and the enemy, they should not know you are there automatically. if you are in another room adjacent to where they are, you should be able to hide from them - the current system is a distance based system. If you are withing a certain distance, they no exactly where you are no matter what the circumstances, and I think that is detrimental to the gameplay and the “reality” of the game. The enemies should have a margin of error, and not be so precise in knowing where you are and exactly how to get you or shoot you (perfect aim).

Oh yeah - i don’t really mind Borderlands dramatically change how it’s being played - the combat needs to be refined.


Better clarified, it sounds reasonable.

OMG think of a rift where you had crazy spawns like that. Glitch bosses.

Just say it was the demented project of Moxxi offspring.

Bathroom Bahroo made a video of something like that, like a tri-piece boss…
It was… horrifying, to say the least.

NOTE: G’damned autocorrect…

Every item available in the game should have a assigned lootpool :smiley:

In the meantime -> please check out my post about patching BL2 to keep us busy untill BL3 arrives !
It also shows how my wish for BL3 should work out :slight_smile:

Hm. Bahroo may be related to Moxxi(?)! : o

Here it is:

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I say we should have like a sandbox mode but with decreased loot by like 25% since u could spawn, say like, 20 warriors

Sandbox…hmm… Maybe a huge arena where you could choose to spawn 100 mobs and have to fight them all off at a time? And you could loot farm like that?

Mr Chitsa! Haven’t seen you around for a while. How goes it buddy :smile:

A reminder of the last time we played on line together, hacking away at the mighty Verm:

As for Borderlands 3, just make sure there are LOTS of bosses like Vermi :heart_eyes:

-I’m firmly against a weapons workbench that allows you to slap together gear from other items you’ve found.
But I’d like to see the ability to rename items.

-More risk vs. reward characters.

-Bring Op levels back, but don’t lock them away behind a digipeak of sorts. Personally, I wouldn’t be playing BL2 anymore if it werent for the OP levels. But getting there is a drag.

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May I ask why?

Introducing a workbench feels like it contradicts what BL2 stands for.


To add to what Nova said. Gearbox said in a few articles that they didn’t design a gun hording game but a game where you drop guns and find new ones.

Crafting would just encourage you to hold onto that one gun forever. Borderlands should be about always finding that new better gun.

Rather than crafting I hope they put more time into really making guns more diverse in use case and more balanced in power so that you are always looking for new ones.


Oh, and I forgot to mention in my previous post.

Bring back S&S!


Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I just thought it would be a fun way to keep old things useful, but I’m a hoarder at heart =D

Yes please.


“Roland’s Bane” Legendary Gun Drop,
Just a little thing that I think would be cool and redeem Roland a bit for kinda going out like a punk in Borderlands 2. Taking one shot, even to the back, even when caught unaware, really shouldn’t have taken down such an accomplished Vault Hunter. Putting in a legendary gun with the appropriate effects (Trespasser/shield penetration, back-stab bonus damage, first round in the mag does bonus damage, or, perhaps one pull of the trigger unloads the whole magazine) would explain how Roland was taken out relatively easily as well as be a cool nod to Roland fans who may have been disappointed by how easily he was put down.

In the cut-scene where Roland Dies the pistol Handsome Jack shoots Roland with seems to de-digistruct from his hand after the one shot. Perhaps even that could be worked into its effects. You get one shot with a ridiculously overpowered pistol then it teleports out of your hand, out of your inventory, back to your bank or perhaps just gone and away till it drops in game again. I guess what I’m saying is that the gun which took Roland out in one shot should be an absolute game breaker of a gun and as such it’s draw backs equally game breaking. I suggest it’s inclusion more for flavor than functionality. Alternatively If you wanna get funny about it maybe the gun is a dud with abysmal damage and it’s only effect is %10,000 bonus damage against Roland or dude’s wearing Berets.

Getting significantly less simple at this point… Build a quest around it. Aren’t the Vault hunters at least a little perturbed by the fact Handsome Jack had weapon tech that could one shot a Vault Hunter? Shouldn’t they be looking into that? Perhaps there is a top secret Hyperion weapons production facility Handsome Jack commissioned specifically to design weapons tailor made to take out the Vault Hunters. Perhaps this facility introduces gun modding to the franchise, which it seems a lot of Borderlands fans would really like to see in an upcoming game anyway; I know I would.

Getting way too specific at this point… Maybe this Hyperion weapons facility is where “Roland’s Bane” is looted, maybe it’s where the single use weapon teleports back to in order to be looted again. As the facility was commissioned by Handsome Jack, why not bring back the fan favorite in the form of a hologram that belittles you while modding your guns. If introduced in the next installment you know plenty of players are going to want to spend hours upon hours gun modding and what better way to liven up lengthy inventory nitpickery than to spend that time with one of the most charismatic villains/Heros in video-game history.

…Just sayin.

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Mind Blown! …I think you’re on to something here, Having a melee weapon slot that functions similarly to Grenade mods would fit with current gameplay and controls while significantly expanding melee combat. The single Grenade Mod slot has allowed for a wide range of grenade types and grenadier styles of gameplay. everything from the standard frag to chain lightning, singularities, AOE, and the airstrike like MIRV. A simple Melee Mod slot would allow for such range in mechanics while preserving the control scheme and primarily gun based game play.