What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

Have all surviving vault hunters be playable. Including (especially) the dlc ones.


i agree with kollega_33. bring back dahl,
vladof, and maliwan shotguns. especially
the bulldog and hunter’s shotguns.

laser and ice shotties from the pre-sequel
would work as well.

more weapon types per manufacturer
( including atlas?) = a win for borderlanders everywhere.


Double jump is a must. TPS has spoiled me and I struggle with single jump now.


What about having character mechanics be somewhat ahead of the gun play? Change the wheel too much? Like bringing a character like rath from
Battle born into the game while keeping his melee centred style in tact for example. Or do you feel maybe that should be more a spin off on the battle born universe and it remain heavily focused on gun play with a specific skill for each class?

… I thought this was going to bed very different topic set… I see a lot of “like this game” style talk. Bl1 was (to me) mind blowing different and new. I’ve seen a few comments I liked but not to many that make me wanna "joy puke my face off"
So here’s my list…

Gear box do your thing
Gear box you have had 2 titles and already YEARS of critiques and ideas thrown at you
Gear box do us proud


First and foremost BLPS was NOT a bad game. The aspects of it that were bad were much greater than its predecessors, but I thoroughly enjoyed it as a whole.

Personally, I know BL3 will be a blast, but the 4 things I’d want to see is:

  1. New characters, don’t recycle characters like others have mentioned. (I love their characters and I know they’ll do a great job.
  2. No custom creations. This will ruin the feeling of how in-depth the dialogue is imo. Maybe a few more customization options per characters though would be nice :slight_smile:
  3. Just like previously mentioned, an adventure-type mode similar to Diablo 3. This was awesome and made me play the game so much longer than just a harder playthrough. Bounties would be so much fun in Borderlands!
  4. The online matchmaking was good on BL2 but maybe a few tweaks to support a more intriguing replay value, like the aforementioned bounty quests.

I know Gearbox will do us right and I cannot wait until BL3!


I’d like to see a number of things in Borderlands 3 myself, mostly small things in comparison to most. As a huge fan of the games myself I’d like to see something’s return and some new things as well. Here’s a list of some of the things that I’d like to see, have happen, or simply have in general:

  • I’d like to see a greater diversity of weapons in Borderlands 3, one that was more like the first game. In this regard I’d like to see the masher revolvers make a comeback, as well as Maliwan making shotguns, Torgue making SMG’s and sniper rifles, in general manufactures making more than they did in Borderlands2 and The Pre-Sequel.

  • The return of fan favorite legendries like the Bee and whatnot, even ones from the first game. The return of the eredian artifacts, or something similar to them in the new game.

  • One aspect that would be absolutely amazing, and would keep with the RPG nature of the game would be a crafting system for weapons and items, similar to the gunsmith system that was in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier.

  • Do NOT give enemies health regen in UVHM. It killed the replay value for players who preferred to play by themselves, and made it a complete turnoff to play it.

  • Give more info on the eredians as a race instead of what has already been given, which isn’t much.


[quote=“Master_Beef, post:80, topic:1357501, full:true”]Double jump is a must. TPS has spoiled me and I struggle with single jump now.[/quote]“Borderlands 3” Concept: Enhanced Movement system

@KILLER5591: You ain’t alone for the variety…: Desires For Borderlands 3
…especially for some like the Anarchy SMG in B1. However, I still can’t see Gunsmithing in regular play, although it might be workable for PvP (if it is realized): CONCEPT: Online Player-vs-Player/Environment Arena for Borderlands

The Double Anarchy was a beast. I would love to see it return in BL3 as a Pearl.


[quote=“AMG_75, post:88, topic:1357501”]
The Double Anarchy was a beast
[/quote]With ammo regen, Hell yes! Also, who needs a scope at the ranges you should be using that thing at? If the Dahl Lascaux was B2’s version of a Vladof shotgun, then the Double Anarchy was B1’s.

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I’ve always thought of that gun as a “diet Double Anarchy” and used it as such with it’s hip fire spray. But I want the real thing back, and badly.

  • less loading screens
  • instanced loot
  • The Cortex arena in TPS was hella cool. More like that, or better yet, apply that to the entire New game+ (mutators, difficulty slider, loot runs in every area)
  • No more three-playthroughs-per-character for endgame please
  • No cheesy difficulty (“enemies have 3x health, and do 10x damage! They also regen, faster than most DoTs!”)
  • Loot and weapon system a mix of BL2 and BL1. Every type and part for every brand, brand gimmicks that aren’t crap (Yep, I’m looking at Bandit).
  • Story that is actually about the characters you play
  • Deliver on the four games’ worth of teaser endings
  • Leave Pandora, multiple planets
  • Keep the cool movement from PreSequel, or something similar
  • Gun customisation, or even gun crafting
  • Less slow drip-feeding of basic mechanics: start with action skill, good drops, all weapon slots, etc.
  • More than one action skill

My color-coding of your post speaks for itself with reds/greens; greys, tho, mean that I have no knowledge or definitive opinion on the subject…:

[quote=“Feculator, post:91, topic:1357501, full:true”]

  • less loading screens</font color>
  • instanced loot</font color>
  • The Cortex arena in TPS was hella cool. More like that, or better yet, apply that to the entire New game+ (mutators, difficulty slider, loot runs in every area)
  • No more three-playthroughs-per-character for endgame please
  • No cheesy difficulty (“enemies have 3x health, and do 10x damage! They also regen, faster than most DoTs!”)</font color>
  • Loot and weapon system a mix of BL2 and BL1. Every type and part for every brand, brand gimmicks that aren’t crap (Yep, I’m looking at Bandit).</font color>
  • Story that is actually about the characters you play</font color>
  • Deliver on the four games’ worth of teaser endings</font color>
  • Leave Pandora, multiple planets</font color>
  • Keep the cool movement from PreSequel, or something similar</font color>
  • Gun customisation, or even gun crafting</font color>
  • Less slow drip-feeding of basic mechanics: start with action skill, good drops, all weapon slots, etc.</font color>
  • More than one action skill</font color>
    [/quote]…but refresh me on instanced loot again. As for multiple playthroughs and movement systems, I still stand; for customization, tho, I think I can bend my opinion for buying sights/scopes.

Add a sandbox arena
More new and unique environments
Make everyone relatively balanced at endgame, so there are no one or two “best” and "worst"
Have more new legendaries and uniques than old ones
Bring back atlas and s&s
More character customization options
Maybe have old vault hunters Available to play with in addition to new ones (maybe 4 of each for the vanilla game)

[quote=“kollega_33, post:74, topic:1357501”]
I don’t mean just selective fire, though it would likely be the main use of the button. It may also do things like switch to a different set of optics on the side of the gun or above the main sight (Dahl sniper sight in BL2 has a smaller reflex sight on top, which sadly went unused), or screw and unscrew the silencer, or turn a flashlight/laser sight on and off, or switch elements on a unique/legendary weapon, or use an underbarrel grenade launcher to launch your modded grenades, or fold/unfold the stock, or, I don’t know, switch the gun’s ability to play an airhorn sound when you land a critical hit on and off.

I’m not at all good at thinking game design through, but what I basically mean is that the player should be more involved with the guns in Borderlands 3, in the vein of modern military shooters that usually allow you to mess around with enabling/disabling various attachments, switch fire modes, use different sights when there’s more than one, and basically explore the various aspects of any one gun as a complex and modular mechanical device, however superficially. I want BL3 to be not simply “a game with lots of guns”, but rather “a game about lots of guns”.
[/quote]As I don’t have any expertise in the field, I double that on not being all that good at thinking through game design, although I might be better at conceptualizing than I give myself credit for. When I draw something up on paper, the first two things to consider are:

  • can it double up on the base control scheme? Will it rearrange anything?
  • is it balanced? If the initial concept is OP/UP, what can be done to bring it into balance?

As for some of the things you suggest, these are just my opinions:

  • toggle-(de)activation of items seems difficult to implement. The only way I can see it is the way “MGS5: The Phantom Pain” implemented it – pressing triangle while holding the Aim button; however, I already have an idea in mind for that exact function – selection of a weapon’s fire mode (auto/burst/semi).
  • maybe add a variable-zoom optic, and swap zoom levels by pressing the right stick or double-tapping the zoom button</font color>
  • suppressor was brought up somewhere (I don’t recall where), and the functionality (IIRC) was that it would increase critical damage and only alert the enemy hit (if you didn’t miss).
  • laser seems pointless as you already get it as an accessory, and a toggle-(de)activated flashlight seems kinda out of place; however, if they include darkened areas where you must have light, having an auto-(de)activated flashlight upon entering/exiting darkened areas (like caves) makes sense. For this idea, I give you the credit.
  • element-swapping on a red-text weapon kinda seems to conflict with the weapon generation system.
  • an underbarrel grenade launcher might render the hand-thrown grenade’s delivery mechanism pointless; however, I’m not considering the type dead: Desires For Borderlands 3
  • for stocks, I see almost no point to toggling it between folded/extended as it only has positive benefit when extended, which is how it spawns with your weapon.
  • the way I see it, airhorns as a regular critical effect are just gonna annoy the Hell out of players, even if it may be rare; as a red-text effect, it’s more likely to be tolerated.

Four person local co-op, please?
Also, it would also be nice if the specific PC’s you play had more of a part, the game earlier games were indifferent to who you were and how many of you there was, just that you were a vault hunter. It would be cool to be recognized as the character you’re playing.


What I actually thought of after looking up the Borderlands gamepad controls is that the triangle could be the all-round “toggle” button, because I don’t think there’s a point in “switch between current and previous weapon” function when there are only four weapon slots. It could toggle fire modes in the hip-fire stance, and switch to different optics or zoom levels in aiming stance. Admittedly, this opinion may just be keyboard chauvinism, since on a keyboard, the 1-2-3-4 weapon selection keys are right above the WASD key set.

That sounds good to me; I mainly want the suppressor for assault rifles and sniper rifles, to make picking off unaware enemies more fun/eminently possible.

Wasn’t there a unique weapon or skill in The Pre-Sequel that circled through different elemental effects? I remember seeing it in the gameplay of one “Wishlist for Borderlands 3” video.

Faster weapon switching and aiming when the stock is folded :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, this is what I meant - airhorns on crits would be a red text feature on some gun. I honestly want to see that in the game, with or without the ability to turn it on/off :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to see loot more simplified actually. We’ve all had that moment of farming an enemy for a specific level/variant of a certain legendary item just to keep getting the wrong one every 20 tries.

My proposal: For Legendary and Unique gear, give it a specific set of stats per level and have not variance in parts for it. Example: instead of getting a Flame of The Firehawk shield with immunity to fire, have them all normal and not have that part (or at least drastically narrow down the variance to maybe 1 - 3 different variances that don’t really change numbered stats and rather just change resistances or have a melee add on).

Also it’d be nice to have the loot only drop for your current level. Nothing like grinding over and over just to keep getting the same underleveled item.

Hopefully a system like this would take away some of the grind and make it more bearable.


Is it ok if I want Orendi in a DLC pack, after all who knows were some of those varelsi portals may lead !

The game is about loot and you want it simplified?

I guess there’s still other game to play anyway.

I agree on the underleveled things, however. Particularly on the higher difficulties.