What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist


Yeah, that’s why I was confused. I don’t recall any such thing in BL1, and certainly not related to character level.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #995

I like a lot of your ideas although I don’t think TPS was a big let down the way you seem to. I think they experimented with some new elements and some of it came through well.

For instance, I really enjoyed the fact that the character you played with changed some of the dialogue to fit their personality. I also liked that the second play through had some alternate dialogues throughout. I did enjoy the gunmaking machine as well. The rest of it felt a lot like BL2 with more unfunny Australian accents and dialogue. Then there’s the antigravity mechanics and contrived laser guns.

  • I want to see them take what worked in the three predecessors and apply it to the third.

  • Please apply drop mechanics that are consistent with difficulty of the enemy and rarity of the weapon.

For example:

Trash Mobs:

Pearlescent: .01%
Legendary: .10%
Purple: 1%
Rare: 8%
Uncommon: 20%
Common: 40%


Pearlescent: .10%
Legend: .50%
Purple: 5%
Rare: 10%
Uncommon: 30%
Common: 55%

Ultimate Badass:

Pearlescent: .50%
Legendary: 2%
Purple: 10%
Rare: 25%
Uncommon: 60%
Common: 80%

Boss Fight/Invincibles:

Pearlescent: 5%
Legendary: 15%
Purple: 30%
Rare: 50%
Uncommon: 80%
Common: 90%

  • Also some more class options…perhaps 8 in total.

  • Completely open world(s)

  • Party options for online co op

  • Legendary loot that isn’t legendary because of the happy face or etc, bullet pattern.

  • Pearlescent and Legendary collectibles that are saved to your account so you don’t have to re farm every legendary and pearlescent with each character at max level. (Think destiny’s collectible system)

  • Melee weapons as a completely separate item slot, with additional perks.

  • Balance damage received mechanics so health gate is no longer necessary.

  • Shared vault between characters

  • Brief raids (45m-60m) that end with a raid boss.

  • Loot levels that can be increased by spending eridium, or re-rolled at max level for eridium.

  • Fine tune Badass ranks so that they are more customizable and viable. I.e. better stat bonuses and more options that affect combat.

That’s all I got off the top of my head.

(First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad) #996

Long press on locked skins and heads unlock them (rather than having to have space in your backpack to pick it up, use it then pickup anything you threw away).

No enemies that can be beaten in FFYL (I hate the Immortal Skeletaurs for that in TTAODK. Doing the Necromancer quest at the moment and just been downed by 3 of them, no way to second wind cause you can’t pull the sword from their back).

No enemies that slow you to a crawl in combat - Witch Doctors, Murderlin’s Spikes etc. It’s not a fun combat mechanic, and if you’re just trying to run through an area it’s more annoying that difficult.

(Stay frosty.....) #997

A companion app to switch loot from character to bank or stash , and then to other characters.
That way I can organize my Borderlands gear when im not at my console.


That would be fantastic haha


Haven’t played the pre-sequel so no idea if they implemented it better there but FFYL is horrible. By itself it’s a good system but when you combine it with extremely bad AI it becomes an issue, you all know what I’m talking about.
Oh I went down? No problem I’ll just shoot this marauder in front of me. Wait what?? He hiked to the top of Everest and hid behind a rock??? Well RIP me I guess

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1000

Seemed intentional to me. Not poor coding.


I doubt they are that stupid

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1002

I don’t think it was done to be stupid, I think it was done to make it difficult to always get a quick revive in FFYL.


Difficulty is fine but impossibility is not

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1004

Impossible? You’ve never gotten a second wind before?


Did I say every time? No. When an enemy runs behind a solid wall and completely hides, which is a lot btw then how do you get second wind?? Must shamfleet a lot

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1006

It doesn’t happen every time. And I usually use Nukem actually. No need to get defensive. Just saying, it’s not impossible and it doesn’t happen often enough to make it something ruining the game in my opinion.


If you go anywhere with a lot of cover then it does happen enough to be a problem

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1008

Alright then…I’ll stop with this line of debate. I can see you’re intent on not being swayed.


Nah I’m not swayed when I’m right

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1010

Mazel tov.

(Chaoslordofchoas) #1011

I have a character idea witch their melee weapon is a scythe and that it and their action skill is like Zer0’s and Kriegs action skill combined but different

Skill tree 1: have no idea what to name it yet This skill tree is all about you being on low hp the lower your hp is the more damaged you to the people your fighting. Also the more Hp you have the less damaged you do.

Skill tree 2: most about deal more damaged with your melee and have chance of putting bleed on their target and it can make you hit more people with their melee attack.

Skill tree 3: Their final skill is all about the their action skill of course the more people you kill the longer it last and that all I ready have.
(also sorry for spell errors)

(Beehawkin' in Weehawken) #1012

GBX: Hire this person immediately.

(siimpetser) #1013

Big big please. When close range melee - please make the targets skin to flex at least. Even if that looks funny (it does look funny in rl, so no shame there). If possible, make the 3d model to to distort at the point of impact.