What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1014

Never thought about that but it’s true. Very little impact animation. Just a general stagger with a lame sound effect.

(siimpetser) #1015

Show the % of all weapons magazine load in hud. Red to indicate empty. So many deaths here because the launcher was empty… too many.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Don’t be lazy with texturing like bl2. Poor texturing is one of the few things that actually kills me.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1017

:point_up:️ This guy right here… FFYL and poor texturing better be priority number one GB! UNDERSTAND!?

(Stay frosty.....) #1018

I hope they do a special-edition again with real world loot goodies.

Like a life-size replica of the Blockhead :star_struck:

And maybe a Krieg mask. And a desktop Skag-poop to gift to friends.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1019

I like it.

(Mronyc) #1020

I would like to dual wield single handed weapons with all classes , also make two handed weapons stronger and overall weapon balancing. Open world would be nice too.

(Bikergofast) #1021

In case it hasn’t been said yet but I’m sure it has, please let us remove the black outlines on things in the game like we could in BL2. I know I know this is a signature look of the series, so hold your nasty comments. If you don’t know what I mean, look at the tech demo again and see how beautiful the scene is before they added the black outlines.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1022

They’re rebuilding the whole game and so many people are focused on the most minute details…i don’t understand that.

(Mronyc) #1023

More random stuff, the random the better. Make the guns look cool like bl1, i dont want to shoot with waterguns.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1024

I hate the way the repeaters look in BL1. The ones without front or rear sights specifically. Sound like crap too. Didn’t notice any terrible looking guns in either game otherwise. Which ones do you mean?

(Mronyc) #1025

Just those nerf gun looking atrocities.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1026

Now I know which ones you mean @Mronyc

(Jakobs Public Relation) #1027

Been thinking about posting a few suggestions, guess today is the day.

  • Arenas shouldn’t be repeatable, this will ensure their uniqueness and make it special when we do play it once per each playthrough.

  • Add a “Recruit Vault Hunter Mode” where the drops are only white and green, once we beat the story, we can unlock “NVHM” with blue being the max rarity. Purple max rarity for UVHM, Pink for OP1, Light Ping for OP2, Yellow for OP3, Dark Yellow for OP4, Light Orange for OP5, Orange for OP6, Sunset Brown for OP7, and Black for OP8.

  • You can repeat side missions, but it will require a save game sacrifice, it will delete a character from your profile.

  • Weapon balancing must be perfected, all DPS for all weapon needs to be identical to the second decimal point.

  • Remove grenade capacity, let us carry infinite grenades, but add a 1-minute cooldown instead.

  • Add TOBI eye tracker for vehicle steering, why use a mouse when I can use my neck to turn my car left.

  • Add boosters we can buy from Marcus that gives you things like Double XP, Double Drop Rate, etc for 3 hours.

  • Release Borderlands 3 on Switch, because that’s important…

  • Let us play as any of the npcs from the previous games because they should have combat training by now, in return all npcs are replaced by a random colored claptrap unit. That story would just flow better this way.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1028

I don’t really know how to approach this. But I disagree with most of these so highly that I’ll go ahead and ask if you’re trolling?

(Jakobs Public Relation) #1029

Check your calendar. What day is today?

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1030

Well played, sir. Well played. @Abvex

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1031

Fooling aside, I was thinking of interface changes to improve the game.

-Timers on procs for kill bonuses or action skill cooldowns.

-DPS displays on weapons cards

-Recoil and reticle bloom ratings on weapon cards

-Shields that provide additional bullet, melee, and elemental damage mitigation and display ratings on shield card.

I’ll add more as I think of them.

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #1032

I think it was a couple hours too early for where I live, but yeah April fools day has totally slipped my mind this year.

(The RAbbi) #1033

Long time ago, I had this idea for what I thought a good BL3 would be like. (YES, this will be very on-topic.) Being that it’s looking unlikely anyhow, I had started thinking about how it would make a good game on its own, without the BL brand or characters, and with a slightly more serious tone, as a not-that-far future SciFi open-worlds massive-ish online shooter thingamajiggerer. And then I got to thinking about multiplayer PvP…

Look, sooner or later it’s gonna happen. PvP is a thing that games can hardly do without nowadays. So it’s worth considering. And of course, someone was talking about the idea of a Battle Royale mode for BL3, and it reminded me that I was thinking of this just today…

So what if there was a more significant PvP presence in BL3, even if still just an alternative to the normal loot grind we all know and love? There are problems here to be considered, in terms of balance. And I think it would have to require a ban on all red-text gear.

Yup. Think about it. Playing PvP is one thing, with all the different skill and gear build combos that can be made with a vault hunter. Even at a level cap of, say, 50, and without any red-text gear, that’s a monumental balancing task. Now consider in PvP, coming up against a Salvador wielding Grog/Harold. (Say “Rubi” all you like, but Moxxxi weapons are all red-text homie.) Not fun at all. What about Maya tossin’ that Phaselock on you? Even if it doesn’t pick you up and hold you mid-air (plus Helios plus Ruin?!), just getting that big damage for free, no-skill? Weak. And so on.

But that can be managed to a reasonable extent, I think. Look at Destiny (and not at Destiny 2) Crucible. Everybody’s got unlimited grenades, melee overrides, and action skills; they’re just time-gated. Same as here, more or less. And yeah, they’ve got some wacky exotic weapons that break game in weird ways. But do they have a Sandhawk? Let alone, a BeeHawk? Look at the damage output on just a single burst of meh-specs BeeHawk at any level. It’s insanity, and it’s one-hit kill. Pimpernel? Even without a Bee, a decent hit is gonna one-shot any vault hunter. (Well, put 'em in FFYL anyhow, but seriously, if you let the guy you just downed into FFYL get a second wind off of you, then you kinda deserve to be denied that kill.) Four words: DOUBLE. PENETRATING. UNKEMPT. HAROLD. The ‘Bush Bulldozer’ of Pandora (unlike that awful shotgun). Twister in PvP? Oh wait, FLAKKER?! And that’s not all…

What about shields? Oh yeah, you can nail headshots all week long with that Fremington’s Edge, and from the other side of three maps over, but bloody lot of good that’ll do ya when the target’s got on a 93% Sham. Take 12 shots, and generalizing, you’ve got a reasonable chance that ONE of them will actually do damage. Also, your target thanks you for the kind donation of sniper rifle ammo (it is one of the smallest ammo pools, after all, behind just grenades and rockets IIRC).

And at the same time, that’s all the reason in the world to being back mashers, and not just as a gimmick red-text, but as a legit optional outcome for revolver pistols (even if only from a certain manufacturer, or something like that).

See, this game has the makings of a great high-skill PvP shooter. But there is a problem with some absurdly powerful loot out there. While most of the truly powerful stuff makes serious compromises for that power, some of it is just too one-shot powerful in its ‘zone’. You can imagine weapons like shotguns and mashers are already well balanced around higher damage and shorter effective range, and weapons like sniper rifles are balanced by a (usually) slower fire rate and weak performance at short range and hip-firing. And then things like repeater pistols, SMGs, and ARs, all lose the big punch for the high fire rate, they can’t keep up with snipers at long range, and they don’t have the single-shot burst damage up-close of shotties; they’re DPS weapons more than burst or PPFLD.

So yeah, to bring it on-topic:

I’d be open to, and possibly even interested in, a regular normalized PvP experience in Borderlands 3 (which had better be announced before the year’s over!) (j/k) (but really), but I sincerely hope it comes with a reasonable restriction on the gear that can be brought into PvP, at least outside of 1v1 spontaneous duels (which are cool and should be kept, and even maybe expanded upon, in BL3).

Slightly O/T: The game concept behind it all, has that a modular weapon system (including a primary firearm, a sidearm, some manner of special weapon, body armor, and so on) would have interchangeable parts that would be earned/found as loot. A force-on-force exercise deal for PvP would exclude some types of loot that would be balance-breaking in PvP, but might be appropriate for endgame PvE. I was thinking there’d have to be a separate class/category of loot for just that role, and that it would be categorically excluded by rule (can’t bring unauthorized weapon accessories into a force-on-force training exercise!). The talk of a BR mode for BL3 kinda brought that back to mind.

Also, insomnia. And stuff. And stuff…