What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

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Just worried us diehard fans arnt going to be worth enough $$ to keep dlc and overall support rolling.

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For better or worse, the market will decide. A scorned consumer, rarely buys again.

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Wildcard Suggestion:

Third Person View mode & full Tekken Style controls for melee characters so you can truly stomp a mud hole in somebody and walk it dry. :smile:

All jokes aside, Unreal engine is used for Tekken 7 & Borderlands so there’s no reason why you couldn’t build those type of controls into the game for a melee character. Heck, it would be pretty cool to have unarmed moved sets for all characters. Roland’s loader take-down in Bloodshot Stronghold would be a typical throw/grapple in Tekken move sets. Being able to do that in Borderlands when you run out of ammo and take the enemy’s weapon would be pretty wicked.

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Compiled list of all things I want for Borderlands 3: I realize many if not most of these won’t ever even see the drawing room floor, but as the title of the thread suggests, this is MY wish list.


  • Graphics that match the capability of the new unreal engine.
  1. More vivid environmental texture (i.e. gravel, grass, sand etc)

  2. Stronger facial definition and motions (maybe some actual motion capture)

  3. Improved weapon textures and modeling.


  • Add option to trash or favorite items on the ground.

  • Keep the current drop rates in BL2 and TPS but make world drops more viable.

  • Increase drop rates of legendaries and pearlescent slightly increased for badasses, super badasses, ultimate badasses, etc.

  • Make Legendary Loot Midgets drop legendaries, using current drop rates in UVHM, in all difficulty modes.

  • Enemies drop the gear they use against you.

  • Raid Bosses always either drop their specific legendary item or a broken part that you can then turn in X amount of parts to construct the item.



  • Add a vendor that allows you to re-roll the stats of an item, increase the level of an item, or digistruct a Legendary or Pearlescent item you’ve already found on any character. Obviously an appropriate eridium, gold, cost, would go along with this.

  • Vendors need to have a more significant chance to sell Legendary items (I never saw a Legendary item in a vending machine in over 1,000 hours of gameplay in Borderlands 2).


  • Revise manufacturer gimmicks to ensure proper balancing.
  1. Jakobs can still be all semi-automatic non-elemental, and old timey weapons but make them powerful enough to compensate for the lack of elemental modifiers, even if they’re not legendary or pearlescent.

  2. Hyperion (Good to go IMO)

  3. Maliwan (Good to go IMO)

  4. Bandit needs to be more powerful with exception to the few legendaries that are useful (slagga, Badaboom, etc.)

  5. Vladof (Good to go IMO)

  6. Dahl needs a slight increase to power generally. Add better recoil reduction for ADS with snipers.

  7. Torgue (Good to go IMO)

  • Melee weapons should be separate items (no longer attached to guns) with their own equipment slot

  • Pistols are overpowered and need balancing

  • Assault Rifles are underpowered and need balancing

  • No more legendaries/pearlescents that aren’t worth their rarity

  1. Drop the gimmicky “I’m legendary because I shoot bullets in the pattern of a smiley face” guns. Mainly, just make sure the item is actually useful in some way, (talking to you Whisky Tango Foxtrot and GUNERANG)


  • Add more enemies like the Goliath or Varkids that can level up and drop better gear.

  • Add more enemies that add fun teamwork oriented mechanics such as Shielded Nomads, Crystalisks, Goliaths, etc.

  • Fine tune AI so enemies don’t get stuck on walls, run past you without noticing you, or can’t be struck by bullets while in mid jump, etc.


Weapon Cards

  • Add recoil rating
  • Add DPS rating

Grenade Mods

  • No more “Rubberized” modifications


  • Add melee and bullet damage mitigation to shields


  • Remove slag as an element unless it’s always as easy to use as it is in UVHM.

  • Define elements better (still not clear about explosion)

  • Give elements other properties that make sense

  1. Make fire the only DOT
  2. Corrosion weakens hard surfaces, causing increased damage to enemies or complete destruction to shields, barriers, etc.
  3. Electricity stuns and disables enemies (Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation is an actual thing)
  4. Explosion staggers or knocks targets back
  5. Slag slows and blinds targets, and causes increased damage to targets that are on fire.


  • Plan for increases to skill point allotment prior to release, and build the trees accordingly.

  • Balance skills as the game develops and new content is added.

  • More clarity about skill level based skills (helios, Krieg’s health based skills, etc.)

  • Attempt to make stack skills more understandable (I had a hard time trying to figure out how to use some and had to consult the forums).


  • Don’t anchor steering to camera angle

  • Use a cruise control mechanic to separate weapon targeting system from steering when in a firefight.

  • Implement cooperative vehicle side missions that provide good rewards as end game content.

  • More vehicle choices with different weapon systems.

  • More customizable vehicle skins using bolder/brighter colors and decals.


  • Add a few more cut scenes during pivotal story or character development moments throughout the game. (Not a lot, just a few)

  • Add an Encyclopedia/Bestiary for lore building


  • Allow individual statistics to be turned on and off

  • Allow any of the stat options to be chosen every time (no exclusions)

  • Add more options such as strafe speed, bullet speed, ADS speed, weapon swap speed, etc.

  • Taylor stats to be improved based on the effectiveness of each stat. Shield recharge delay currently benefits less from tokens than does gun damage (I would argue 10% reduction to shield recharge delay is less beneficial than 10% improvement to gun damage)


  • Complete open world(s) setting with fast travel system. Akin to Witcher 3 or Skyrim.

  • Add 30m miniature raids with INVINCIBLES bosses at the end.

  • Once completed, give the option to skip to the end to farm the raid boss.

  • Add 30m raids with“Knoxx Armory” style chest rooms at the end. Allow these to be farmed endlessly to add end game content.

This may not be an exhaustive list. Hell, I’ll probably remember something five minutes after I submit it.

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One simple thing others may have poster that I will proclaim yet again:

At max level or when max inventory is achieved Moonstones/ Eridium that no longer has use can be used to level up weapons to match your character in amounts that match the rarity just like the black market SDU upgrades. So 200 pieces to boost the highest rarity (Legendary) to current level in vanilla game from vanilla vendors. 150 purple, 100 blue, 50 green, 20 white.

Also a bank should hold way more than a backpack does. A storage locker should hold twice as much.

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I wonder if they improve sniper gameplay in 3rd, for example by adding sort of “stealth” system, you know, nowadays entire location running straight to you if you shoot some bandit from a distance, even enemies who obviously just can’t saw you already know where you are.
I want some stealth, like you shoot in somebody -> entire camp alerts -> they begin searching for you -> then bandit see you he can run two options: try to kill you alone or call “friends”. And there are levels of searching and communication based who are those targets you shoot at. Some average bandits can just lose interest quickly, cause “HEH HE WAS ACCIDENTALY SHOOT HIMSELF”, psychos or tough bandit clans will keep searching for you more diligently until they find you, some sodiers will act like hm… soldiers and will find you as quick as pissible with great communications within their camp, some aliens, or robots will search you using sensors and so on.
And sniper rifles i think needs to be reworked. I would like to see if sniper rifles can do massive damage, maybe one shot but with a long preparations to it, maybe hold the button to charge shot? Or something like minigame where you need tap button then you at right sector to set up the damage? Dunno.

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I’d like the idea of some kind of “Signature Weapon”, the idea came from Battleborn, a weapon that levels up with you and can be upgraded with perks and mods.
Just cause i think it’d add some more character to the characters, doesn’t have to be a gun even, like a siren that can shoot bolts similar to Alani or Orendi.

It’s not a big thing, but tbh most of the big stuff has already been talked about lol.

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I think that’s how OP8 guns should have been done, we unlock “upgrades” to our existing level 72 guns, rather than refarming them over and over throughout all the OP levels.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #1062

Extend the manufacture gimmick, here are some random ideas…

  • Jakobs: Add penetration, first shot has natural amp (plays on the slogan, (“If it took more than one shot, you weren’t using a Jakobs!”)

  • Hyperion: Critical hit returns bullet into the clip

  • Torgue: Enemy killed with Torgue projectiles blows up on kill (mini nuke with splash).


  • Reloading with a full clip will chuck a turret of that gun type, yes you can do it multiple times (turret is just a copy). Perfect for status effect weapons…

  • Reloading with 0 (auto reload) bullet left in the clip will chuck the gun as usual + spawn a copy of the current grenade equipped on your character.

  • Reloading anywhere in between will chuck the gun as usual.

  • Vladof: Increased movement speed, firerate and kill skill duration by 100% on kill (movement speed and firerate lasts 8 seconds)

  • Dahl: Multishot on ADS – yes, give them an extra unlisted pellet on ADS. 0 Recoil during ADS.

  • Bandit / Scav / Whatever this manufacturer becomes: For the first time in Borderlands, introduce critical hit chance, body shot can crit, perfect for long magazine, inaccurate guns.

  • Maliwan: All energy-based weapons, no ammo capacity, just energy that replenishes over time, 100% guarantee DOT.

  • Atlas: Every bullet does more damage, crit damage, dot chance, dot damage and splash damage than the previous bullet, reset on reload.

Allow for the creation of “Tier 2” elemental weapons by merging two “Tier 1” elements.

So, all the existing elements are T1 (Fire, Shock, Corrosive, Cryo, Explosive). By merging them we can create a new more potent element (T2) that is more geared for end game content and raids.

It would be a better system than slag and would innovate on the elemental types we have in the game. Maybe on a max level weapon we can unlock a socket to add any one of the elements, creating a dual elemental gun in the process. Here are a few examples.

  • Fire and Shock = Gamma
  • Shock and Corrosive = Radiation
  • Fire and Cryo = Thermal

Also, please have every gun manufacture make every gun type….and if you do have to choose, let’s not have them all make pistols (using up 1 out of the 5 type), massive waste of potential.

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I like your ideas for manufacturer perks. Pretty solid bro.

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I just notice the 1000+ post on this thread. I don’t envy the Gearbox employee who has to sort through it all (if at all). You guys should do what the Riddler did.

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They’ve had several years now and half of it is irrelevant, a tenth of it is unintelligible, and a quarter of it are terrible ideas. :rofl:

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I am sure there are a lot of repeats and overlaps too. If I wasn’t lazy I would run a bot crawler to the thread to see what were some common keyboards and strings.

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Do it

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I’m a long-time borderlands fan and I’ve never really thought about what could improve the formula, that is, until I found something that already had.

Some of you here may have heard of a MMO called Firefall, it had a loot system like borderlands, with weapons frequently dropping as loot and having a similar rarity system ranging from white to purple and with weapons having a random prefix which affected their stats, it also had a crafting system.

The system itself was simple, though there was a certain elegance in its simplicity, while there were multiple resources they were generally divided into three categories, metals, bio-materials and salvage. Metals were obtained from mining, bio-materials from killing enemies and salvage by recycling old guns and broken equipment. These three materials were divided into different tiers, defined by where they came from, ores from higher level areas, bio-materials from higher level enemies and higher-level weapons all gave higher tier resources, which was in turn needed to craft higher level weapons, you couldn’t simply grind lower level areas to get what you needed.

The system also incorporated another feature which I feel perhaps wasn’t fully explored in Firefall but could come to fruition in a game like borderlands, in Firefall there wasn’t nearly as much randomisation in weapons, other than a prefix which affected certain stats, two weapons of the same rarity, level and type would always be identical, there was an interesting feature with the prefix system when it came to crafting though. If you crafted a basic weapon it would get a random prefix, however, if you invested more resources you could create a specific prefix of your own choosing and this is where I think Borderlands system could shine.

Why not have a crafting system where you can invest more resources to eliminate random elements. or less resources and simply roll the dice. You want a specific type of weapon, a specific manufacturer, a minimum rarity, a specific elemental capacitor or even specific parts, you could have that, if you’re willing to invest the resources, and the more specific you get the more the price goes up. Or you could just throw in a small amount of resources for a green weapon of any type and if you’re lucky, there’s a 10% chance it could come out blue, a 2% chance it could come out purple and a 0.02% chance you get a legendary. (Note, these aren’t proposed drop rates, just an example.)

I can also see this adding an interesting angle to the unique weapons you get from quests as well, perhaps instead of or as well as the unique weapon you get, you also get a schematic for a special module, which when used in the crafting process when building a gun will imbue that gun with the unique weapons specific effect or quirk. This might require extra consideration since it’d probably take some effort to balance and test and make sure it didn’t break in some way, as well as perhaps special rules where the unique modules only work with their specific type of gun, but if it works I think it could be quite interesting.

A lot of these ideas are only theoretical and half formed and would need a lot of polish before being put into practice, but I think they’re a decent basis for a potential system and at least worth consideration, if anyone else has any questions, anything to add or any potential counter proposals feel free to leave them below, I’ll try and stick around to expand on anything if necessary, though I can’t make any promises, after all, ain’t no rest for the wicked.

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      **1. Let's have a respawn mechanic that doesn't require exiting your game and re-entering.**

This isn’t the biggest deal when playing on your own, but it can be a little bit of a mess when farming bosses with friends. Surely we could use a currency or item to respawn or refresh the map without having to disband a squad.

      **2. Improved mobility**

Maybe I’ve been playing Destiny and Warframe for too long, but coming back to Borderlands… movement is sluggish at best. Jump height needs to be improved, wall latching could be nice, or at least ledge grabbing. There’s a reason people use grenades and launchers to jump… we want more air time (something more refined than our Jump pads and Oz Kits in TPS though)

      **3. Dodge rolling or evasive abilities**

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone to dodge roll away from a Bullymong’s Leap, or a Goliath’s charge, only to do this derpy little hop that gets me taking full damage anyway (if you jump forward you can actually evade a mong, but that is very unintuitive). The siren could do a small teleport, the tankier character block the attack, the sleeker character dodge or leap away from it… Not a very original concept but something that could be implemented to increase situational awareness instead of face tanking everything with a Moxi Weapon!! This could also bring some skill and fairness into raid bosses… * oh the boss is doing that attack that I have to dodge or I’m gonna get one shot*.

      **4. Remove the Moxi Meta**

I’ve lost count of all the builds that require a grog nozzle on youtube. I don’t think the solution is to remove the Grog Nozzle alone, but rather better balance skills and gameplay to ensure that it isn’t a must… again… it we can evade damage through evasive skills and well timed dodges, Moxi guns wouldn’t be so necessary/used.

        **5. Make strafing matter.**

I’ve never played a game where the enemies have such incredible accuracy when I’m strafing, it’s pin point. I truly feel like just standing still gets me shot less than if I’m moving around… again, all comes back to movement as well. If enemy accuracy drops say 20% when in the air and strafing, that would be a nice combat change.

         **6. Don't be afraid to recycle old playable Characters in BL3 DLC's.**

This is purely subjective, but I think that if BL3 is going to be a big as everyone else says, we’re going to get nostalgic I want to experience it will our old favourites!

            **7. Greatly increase bank space between characters.**

There should be enough room to take all your favourite legendaries between normal mode, then your favs for TVHM, then UVHM… No need to be stingy, I’m sure there is a way to balance it that people won’t take advantage of.

        **8. ALL available guns are farmable**

Let’s also make sure that ALL weapons are farmable in some way and not limited to one per one playthrough. If we want to put in the time to grind… it’ll only add longevity to the game! If we have to go through it all over again just for one gun, we’re gonna get bitter and burnt out!


This is the biggest and most important on the list… Look at the changes. PLEASE. This patch added so much to my experience, from balancing, to better drops, and everything in between. I could not play BL2 without it!

Well that’s it for me. I’ve covered my biggest hopes for changes in BL3. Surely people will agree and disagree, we’re all going to buy it either way. Would be nice to hear others’ opinions regardless!


Couldn’t agree more! O had never thought of a dodge mechanic until now but maybe that could change things!

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1072

Another idea…

During missions while playing with at least one other, there should be stat trackers for damage done healing given devices given and at the end of the mission each stat leader would get a stack of eridium or whatever currency they want to issue.

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Borderlands is a game I can keep coming back to. Borderlands, I don’t know where to start. It was a really good game. Now I loved Borderlands 2 WAY more. I could talk for hours about it. In my opinion it was amazing. The Pre-Sequal, that was were I was at the point to say "They copied BL2, but took a year to change guns, story, and other stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I thought TPS was a decent game. I could have been way better. That’s why I want to make sure BL3 doesn’t go down the wrong path. This is my list on stuff I could see or want to see come to BL3. I will edit this as soon as I get new ideas.

  • Weapon Proficency-I could see badass rank and weapon proficency running together obviously their might have to be some changes
  • Badass Rank-It’s a must. I love the little extra “reward” in getting tiny boosts to help the grinding
  • Weapons-Its Gearbox, if they don’t have a variety of weapons I will be disappointed
  • Weapon Customization-Attachments, camos, and a lot of other fun stuff to spice the game play even more

(Sentos Karum) #1074

What I, personally, want from Borderlands 3 (but probably won’t get):

I. Getting to max level on any difficulty - higher difficulty would feature better loot, more enemies and varieties, different unlocks etc. - because the enemies always scale with you.

II. Higher difficulties drop the HP multiplier. The enemies should be thougher because there are more of them, or the gear they spawn with can be better not because they get their HP, damage and/or resists multiplied.

III. Same goes for multiplayer: More enemies yes, just increasing their stats no.

II. + III. Addendum: Every played Serious Sam? Whats happening on that games higher difficulties is what I’m talking about when I say more enemies.

IV. Enraged Goliaths. On normal very cool, on TVHM kinda meh and on UHVM die like chumps while being unable to kill anything. Please make them threats to their fellow enemies on every difficulty.

V. DLC’s (Because getting what follows in the basegame would awesome as hell but even more unlikely than the rest of this list combined). I’m mainly putting this a separate point because I’m an unhappy owner ME: Andromeda. Please feed us content - look to Paradox and how keep Crusader Kings II alive with content. Be them and not EA.

VI. Old Friends One, Two and Three. Ever wanted to play as Lilith in Borderlands 2? Brick in TPS? Or maybe Aurelia in Borderlands 1? The Old Friends DLC would enable choosing Vault Hunters from the respective earlier games in Borderlands 3. Obviously, some choices are more canon compliant than others.

VII. But you know what would be even better? EXPLOSIONS!!! Give us the ability unlock secret Vault Hunters - like Mr. Torgue - which again are not necessarily canon compliant but cool.

VIII. But you know what would be even better? Storytime with Marcus Kincaid where it is imagined how for example Borderlands 2 story had played out if the Vault Hunter had been, say, Aurelia.

“Hello Brother dearest”
Sir Hammerlock 5 minutes of uninterrupted swearing

I think I have worked out to explain why all of TPS 's Vault Hunter could be at the start of Borderlands 2, Borderlands 1 is bit more problematic (Gaige - too young, Fragtrap - not made yet) and these would just be imagination of how the story would have gone if X had been the Vault Hunter of Borderlands X.

I just want to see the snark.

IX. Dialogue. Choice. I’d rather save Felicity or rescue Angel (Point VII, hint, hint) even it means a more difficult game (perhaps some choice are those only an UHVM could make) or conspire with Moxxi to backstab Jack than follow the canon path.

X. Guncrafting. Not outright crafting them from nothing but assemlbling the perfect gun out of several dissambled ones.

XI. No microtransactions in the game. Paying $2 (or €) on the steam store for bunch of heads is fine but I do not want loot chests I can only open with real money (or currency purchased with real money) and it is sad this is something one has to hope for these days.

XII. Return Atlas and SKS as weapons manufacturers.

XIII. Actual stealth mechanics and more pre-existing enemies. As sniper player it is highly annoying that no matter how away from the enemies I am they know exactly where I am after the first shot. It is also annoying that in some places the enemies only start to spawn when you are right on top of them.