What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

(LootHunter_twitch) #1075

I had a couple ideas for the next big bang, and nobody at GBX will ever know so might as well put em in here. Took a few days to write the Headhunter, i think it would be cool.
WARNING: Big Post :smile:

Added to game with DLC 1

Professor Nakayama’s Skills Workshop.

When you walked past Nakayama at the end of Hammerlocks, he was mearly knocked out. He awakens humbled, admits defeat and states he will impress the Vault Hunters with ideas he had worked on for Handsome Jack. You see him kneeling before Lilith groveling pleading his case, stating his work can’t be wasted, and should be used for the greater good.

Nakayama would have a small lab added to some where in game.

Skill Augment Devices:

These are items that are equiped into the Grenade slot, so you no longer have a Grenade equiped but have access to a new skill augment with devasting power.

For example: Once Maya has used Phaselock, she then uses the grenade button (R1 on PS4) which uses that new skill.

Example: Phase Walk. She phaselocks an enemy, presses R1, runs to the enemy and will either let off a large nova or has a powerful melee with smaller nova. Phase Walk would add 50% movement speed.
Example: Blight Pheonix. She phaselocks enemy, then presses R1 to activate BP giving her a devastating fire melee attack with a fire aura that adds damage over time to near by enemy.
Maya: Phase Walk - Blight Pheonix (adds 500% fire damage melee and fire aura)
Axton: Longbow Gravity Turrets (Pulsing singularity pulls enemy in like Pre Sequel) - B52 (Homing Cluster Bombs every 5secs, similar to Nasty Surprise)
Gaige: Deathrap Love (Leech spores every 10secs) - Guide Thy Way (target an enemy that DT will run up to and Clap attack 10sec cooldown)
Krieg: You Slag (Adds Slag Aura)
Zero: Phase Shift (Extends distance to execute)
Salvador: Bribe (target an enemy to fight for you, costs as much as RL ammo would) Showdown (press R1 to target enemy ‘aimbot’ during Gunzerk - no criticals though)

Depending on what elements are being used in the next game??? is to what extent these could be altered. Each new DLC could add new Skill Augments Devices.

NOTE: It’s just an idea in the process with examples, but if done right could add such great diversity to all Vault Hunters. Skill Augment Devices could also be earned from RAID bosses. Would add another dimension to the gameplay, and as your not altering the skill trees probably easy to add these customisation’s without breaking stuff.


Borderlands 3 Head Hunter Idea

  • The Caustic Caverns Crystal Caper

Story: Relive the mining operations that were in place during Dahl’s presence. This is to follow in the footsteps of Security Officer Elyse Booth and her team.

Start: You are in Sanctuary office above the operations, and are told to meet up with Elyse Booth. You take a lift down with amazing views of the mining area, and in the distance you see an Ultimate Varkid walking away. Voice in my head “What was that thing?”.

You meet Elyse who is feeding Blue (mission turn in). She introduces you to Blue and says she likes feeding him during her lunch break, and say they like eating this plant but she needs to get more (waypoint).

Harchek then hails Booth stating Crystalisks are now to be harvested, and to meet her in her office.

Whilst you go to get food Harchek and Booth have argument about Crystalisks being harvested for their crystals - there is also an echo to pick up with an archiologists (Dr Jones) explanation of the crystalisks at the food source - mentions something big here nearly wiped them out - was it something to do with Varkids? When you feed Blue mission is completed (mission reward - Dahl pistol with high melee 150% any element)
Harchek orders loudly Booth to start harvesting the crystals from the crystalisks in area A (near spawn in B2).

Elyse asks you to meet her in the area to stop the other Dahl staff from doing so. The Crystalisks become aggressive and you have to kill them - all Dahl staff die in the fight. Security appears and you have to kill them.
Harchek says she needs more crystals and she will get them off Blue. You then have to go to Waypoint to save Blue from Harchek. When you get there Harchek and Booth have arguement and she kills Booth (you refer to her as a ‘total Bitch’) - boss fight with Harchek (drop chance of ‘The Bitch’). When Harchek goes down into FFYL, Blue comes up and squishes her with big stomp. Ultimate Varkid appears and sends Blue underground.

(Dr Jones introduces himself live and is now helping you with story) The varkids are coming from Waypoint C and you have to investugate and clear area - which is the Warehouse on the shore. You proceed to the Warehouse which has become infested with small varkids. You kill varkids then get new waypoint (Nether Hive) to invesigate, but encounter Spiderants whom have appeared and built nested area. You have to kill 15 of them. Random spawn of Chubby can drop Avenger in any game mode.

When you have killed 15 an Ulimate Badass Varkid appears, it screams at you but then flys off when you shoot it. (Archeologist says this might be what killed off the Crystalisks) You follow it back to the Warehouse (Dr Jones says kill it) and when you attack it it becomes enraged screaming at you and it goes into Supreme pod, and becomes Vermiverous. Once killed you meet Archeolgist in Sanctuary office to end dlc.

** Archeologist - Could be Indiana Jones. So you refer to the person as Dr Jones until the end when you meet them. He was there looking for the Chalice which was in the Warehouse. You are given the Chalice as the dlc reward, and it is a class mod giving good all round passives (Cool Down 40%, 30% Health, 5% Max Health Healing, +5 Grenades). Adds angel light ring above head.

Side Mission (npc Dr Jones): ‘Vermiverous the Invincible’. Drops Norfleet, Head, Skin

Side Mission (npc Dr Jones): ‘The Blues’. Blue has now become enraged and is smashing up all the mining gear, must be stopped. (drops ‘Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch’ Monty Python easter egg - Fire Grenade with huge AoE and High Damage, regenerates over time)

Easter Egg: The Minecart area is now a hide away for Institute run aways (Fallout 4). You go in and fight them, with ‘Father’ appearing last and has chance to drop ‘Institute Rifle’ (similar to Laser gun in TPS - Fire Damage, Tediore, big magazine). Skin would be similar to the lab coat he wears - head would be ‘Synth’ style.

Adds Rare Spawns: Badass Crystalisk (Rouge from Hammerlocks - drops ‘Bekah’) - Tubby Spider Ant (drops ‘Avenger’) - Ultimate Badass Slag Thresher various locations (drops ‘Slagga’)

(Chibigod) #1076

OP 8 kinda ruined the game for me.
When it came out and I was on my PS3 I did it with 4 of my characters and didn’t bother with the others.
Now though on pc i don’t even bother.
I think 72 was optimal scaling, anything op8 Salvador just got more and more the only reasonable option.

Lots of builds just fell by the wayside, I hope they do well with scaling in BL3, the presequel did great with scaling (even tho it lacked in most other areas lol)

Best part about borderlands is how off the wall you can make builds.
Off the wall builds using guns that don’t know the meaning of the word wall.

I have a much bigger appreciation for borderlands after uninstalling destiny 2.
(Literally my most regretted purchase, and I’ve bought unplayable games)

(Is this thing on?) #1077

As long as OP8 remains purely optional and there’s no XP gain beyond max level in UVHM, I’m fine with it existing. It would be nice if you could toggle UVHM on or off, though - quite a lot of players would have been happy sitting at 50 with no further XP gain, but not installing the UVHM level increases was not an option with Handsome Collection (as an example). I have a few characters I’d be quite happy to leave at level 50 but, if I do anything with them at all, they start creeping up anyway.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #1078

I hope they detach the enemy level with difficulty. The original borderlands progression was so ill designed with this, it just needs to go by the way side. The fact that I need to beat main story twice just to unlock UVHM is insulting.

(Sentos Karum) #1079

UVHM (and the OP levels) should be more about more enemies, especially badasses and bosses, and less about buffing the HP and resists of the enemies.

Rabid skags with 4 times the HP aren’t a good challenge - either your character can melt one, in which case it takes slightly longer, or your character couldn’t melt it even if the HP was TVHM scaled. That means it can close to melee. On TVHM that isn’t insta-death but on UVHM it is.
The main difference between UVHM and TVHM is that a lot of builds and gear get deleted for the majority of players from being viable (=enjoy and doable) to play. And seeing as most OP8 builts rely on the Grog Nozzle and the Lady Fist I do not think that UVHM and the OP levels are being played like the designers envisioned.

Because if they had it is questionable why two of the main implements of viable builds are respectivly a DLC questweapon and a quest reward from almost the end of the campaign.

So if that gets fixed, if UVHM is about how there are more enemies instead of just dumbly thougher (Increasing the number of for. ex. Shock Nomads and such wouldn’t be dumbly thougher) ones, I’d be very happy.

(Chibigod) #1080

Honestly they did a lot of great stuff with scaling in that way, just not with OP8.
Armored Psychos were a super cool edition, Bullyrots, And so many other great enemies added to harder difficulties.
With OP8 it just felt lazy, like oh here’s some new slag mechanics and everything regenerates and will melt you if you don’t melt it and cheese with the grog nozzle (don’t get me wrong I love cheese especially in borderlands but I hate it being my only option)

AI in borderlands is legitimately one of the most entertaining for combat, and the enemies they make are the most creative, was just annoying when eventually it got to the point where you didn’t wanna play with the enemies as much cause you were too focused on cheese
Tvhm it was always great to go into whatever banditville and make a Goliath kill everything for fun, in OP it’s not impossible but just annoying unless you build for it.

I’d like some increase in enemy health but not what we got, preferable just a high spawn rate of tougher enemies like badass bandits, or new enemies that throw you off like a sheilded nomad riding a badass spider ant with armor plating making it an armored enemy.

Just some stuff to keep you on your feet instead of just “same nomad as last time but with stat boosts that make him significantly more annoying”

I understand the need for the stat boosts but they went way overboard when it’s less about fun strategy and more about cheesing the game.

Not even mentioning the failure of most etech guns in op8, they don’t even matter lol.

My hope is that they have a better vision for scaling.
Cause I think it’s obvious to everyone that they didn’t plan OP8 from the beginning and didn’t understand how it would make about 80% of builds and guns irrelevant to most players.

If I remember right, there was an attitude of “OP8 is only for the hardcore players” but that’s not how it was viewed by most it was just the next lvl cap for the community, and I feel like that’s were most problems arose.

If gearbox wants a status symbol for hardcore players I’d recommend some challenges like OP8’s but the reward being skins/head, is like to see some “Prestige” legendary weapons, that are basically existing legendaries but reskined to be cooler.
Some neat stuff like that for the hardcore instead of OP8 setting a new bar and isolating segments of the community.

(Jakobs Public Relation) #1081

I agree with the more mob density, however I think a minor buff to health is needed, even if its only on coop. What I like in TPS is they buffed the shields, which is a good way to handle it.

Also, higher difficulty should also means the enemy have better weapons, fighting someone with a Bee, Conference Call, Blackhead, etc any red text is far more interesting than a simple HP increase.

(Is this thing on?) #1082

That’s the sort of stuff I think should actually be in a completely voluntary, no extra XP, mode like the OP levels. I remember getting creamed in BL1 by some chump wielding an insanely powerful legendary, and it was not fun. At least they fixed that with the BL2 loot system (although that came with it’s own pros and cons).

And I do like the way scaling between modes is handled in TPS more than the BL2 version.

(LootHunter_twitch) #1083

Nearly everyone on my friends list was playing it, 3 weeks later nobody was. Now only about 2 poeple play it now and then. It was just SOOOOOOOOO boring. Too little changed from D1. So in some ways, will Borderlands 3 hold enough value to keep us going like 2 did?

(Duncanmacleod08) #1084

Would like to see

Everyone having there own loot spawn on kills
The weapon profeciency levelin system from boderlands 1 because let say i favor smgs snipers ect i like the reward of increase accuracy dmg ect for the weapon type i use the most… and badassrank from 2 with more options in it like rare loot drop chance, movement speed, loot radius increase radius ammo and money pick up.

Weapons fully customizable ie if you dont want a certain scope lets you remove it change barrels gun stocks, ammo types.

New melee weapon mods lets you change look and function of your melee weapon example nishas whip could have Thorns added that has a chance to inflict bleed dmg dot or have longer reach ect

New weapons like bows, crossbows, swords, axes, club…

New psycho request can we get a playable midget with shotgun based skills.

Would like to see all element types used in 2 and presequel

Would like to see a class such as a priest inspired by john carpenters vampires and spanish inquisition - a healer - buffer and debuffs enemies…dmg line based around torture specality weapon crossbows

Let us kill npcs and revive them as well like in farcry 5 been wanting to blow claptrap and scooter to hell for ages.

Never ending leveling like in fallout 4 and buildable outposts that you can hire npcs for ect merchant npcs bank guards production workers if nearby certain resources like eridium to mine, stone, wood ect…

Chance to have a mob spawn like diablo 3 if it kills you or your friends that gets stronger each time it kills someone… mailbox to use to send items and money to people if there offline and not currently in game. Also if you kill the mob and mailboxes are in add a gift drop like diablo 3 random rarity tho.

More vehicle types then just runners and bandit technicals add some motorcycles flying things like buzzards to use.

Bigger Maps.

Dlc that adds old chars as playable chars if still living from where boderlands 2 ended…

Make tiny tina a older version then in 2 playable…
Also in tales from boderlands you see athena training the girl char to be a vault hunter would like to see her as playable sometime ethier as dlc or from get go.

(Chibigod) #1085

I think it will for one big reason that i think we can all agree Gearbox is 100% guaranteed to get right.
Destiny 2 is bland trash in my opinion, 90$ i’ll never get back.
But, Battleborn, Borderlands 2, Borderlands in general honestly, all have Personality, i can name a million great character moments from any gearbox game i’ve played, hell to this day i still quote to myself the milkshake call with Handsome jack and laugh to myself.
Meanwhile what does destiny 2 have…Cade-6 is kinda funny to some people? (he was funny in the trailer, didnt get a laugh in the main game to me, but thats just me)
Honestly the most remembered character of mine in Destiny 2 is this SUPER annoying ship thing, its voiced by some girl and its the cringiest thing you’ve ever heard i HATED dealing with that thing not joke it made me wanna quit the game, but i powered through. (only to be more disappointed later lol)

Personality is a big driving factor, your game can have the best gameplay in the world but if i cant find a way to anchor myself to the world who cares?
Not to mention destiny 2’s ‘open world’ is the most restrictive thing ever, some people complain about Borderland’s not being a true open world, but my god it feels so detaching in destiny 2, i dont even Know the locations i just go somewhere and things happen.

seriously, just the personality of the playable characters are more than anything you get in D2 lol.

Not to mention my favorite, Gun personality.
thats the saddest thing D2 did in my opinion, lack of gun personality.
what does D2 have?
Does D2 have a DPUH, a bee sheild, a CC, an Interface, Anything?
Borderlands allows creativity with their guns, and thats why im not too worried about it being bland and lifeless like destiny 2 did, if nothing else, it’ll have personality.

im concerned about some things like the alleged fix to duping being them making an always online mechanic?
idk i’ve heard that, dont know if its true but that has me concerned in some ways.

God, this was a long post.
Sorry, i have a lot of ranting within me about the hatred i have for D2 ;w;
Been wanting to write a giant indepth post about D2, but idk where i’d put it lol.

We wont know till we have it, its impossible to tell the livability of a game until we’re experiencing it.

(Rumplebunny) #1086

May as well throw in my wishlist…

Absolutely keep the same white/green/blue/purple/orange baseline rarity levels, plus whatever other rarities the devs see fit to add (pink, pearl, etc.) Though I don’t think this is in danger of going away, heh.

No gun crafting! The name of Borderlands is RNG in all its sometimes/often frustrating but ultimately fulfilling glory. When that perfect weapon finally drops? So sweeeeeet! The grinder and its recipes are the closest I can stand to crafting: you can roll for a specific piece of gear, but the RNG factor is still in play.

Similarly, no character crafting. I like the VHs and their individual personalities. I don’t want to hear generic callouts and voiceovers.

As far as playthroughs, I’d like to see something like BL1’s but with the ability to reset once 2.5 is reached.

Bring back BL1’s mechanic of your foes dropping what they are using against you. I know this led to some weird unbalanced fights at times in BL1 (like that time some random bandit chump had an awesome blue shotty that was hitting me hard and that Lance guy who was using a Defiler which was harrowing), but perhaps better XP can be awarded if the enemy is toting better-than-average gear (no XP multiplier for white gear, a very small multiplier added for each bit of green gear, more for blue, etc.)

Make sure endgame does not suffer. :slight_smile: BL2 has a pretty diverse endgame to experience (several repeatable raids, tubby hunting, LLM hunting, etc.) that adds a lot to replay value and “things to do” once the story and side missions are all done. BL1 and TPS are a bit more bland in this department.

I’ve been kinda torn on Badass Rank vs weapon proficiencies, but I think the best compromise would just be a BAR tied to individual characters, with each having their own point tally. This will open up more customization for one character without possible detrimental or undesirable effects on other characters (health stacking vs health gating for example.)

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1087

This is why everyone should like and Pickett around gearbox for my idea of being able to turn off and on individual badass rank stats. It’s the best of both worlds but it also just makes sense. I really hope they don’t take away the badass rank system as it was one of my most favorite distinctions in Borderlands 2 from the first. There is a semi orgasmic experience when you finally prestige and reset and then it’s just a badass token free-for-all for the next 3 hours.

(Hitman01232) #1088

Not sure if this has been mentioned or not but I would like to see the ability of 3rd person. If I can customize the character I would like the ability to see them in their outfits instead of their hands. But do give us the power to swap between 3rd and 1st person whenever we feel like it.

Also would you kindly please add in a view model fov slider and fov slider for Borderlands 3. Playing splitscreen on Handsome Collection TPS is still bothering me will the viewmodel.

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #1089

My request is simple. I want a mission called “Git Gud” where you have to go retrieve a gun call “gud” :joy:

(Ceramical) #1090

I have an idea for new customer or Tediore gimmick. Instead of guns enemies can drop TEDIORE (or new name customer) BRAND LOOTBOX! And after we open it gun will randomly get parts with
average animation of opening lootboxes in other games. And instead of buying “tediore” or “new customer” guns in the shops we can reroll gun parts just for 9.99$! (ingame money). Why i call this “gimmick”? Cause parts will be completely random and you can actually get gun with legendary parts in those lootboxes.

(siimpetser) #1091

A game mode for testing out the gear and builds.
Arcade matches for groups of 1-… players vs. bots. Global time based high scores. With replays.

There are so damn many ways to do it and vary it, so when the game launches, have one of them ready and add more later. This would be much fun even solo. But also would give more reasons to keep playing.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1092

PvP arenas like those in B1. This time players will have to put guns in a betting slots before entering. No actions skills allowed in the arenas, guns only. Last man standing takes all the guns in the betting slots. Also a combination of the trading system and duels. It will make duels way more interesting.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1093


That’s a sure fire way to make PVP nothing but gibbed weapons and no variation in characters and builds. Not to mention what’s to stop people from dropping common guns in the slot instead of good weapons?

(SixtySicksShooter) #1094

Different arenas may have different rarity requirements.In a legendary tier arena you have to bet one of your legendaries in order to get some new ones from your friends.Action skills must not be allowed because they will need a re-balance for pvp. For example Salvador may kill everyone in a single gunzerking, so no skills there. Just a good old CS type battles. :slight_smile: No one can assure that B3 will be a cheat free game, so you better do the arenas with your pals. I have a very ■■■■■■ experience playing coop with people who i don’t know personally.