What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

(Ded Orbit Gum ) #1116

This is a beutiful idea.

(siimpetser) #1117

This one is important… for me at least.

Continue to allow using gamepad+kb+mouse the same time in bl3. It works in bl2 just fine although the gamepad buttons should be freely customisable in the game. I don’t like this “switching” system it has now.

Anyway, gamepad+mouse is such a chill way to play any fps/rpg that it boggles why so many games do not support that (its either kb+mouse or gamepad alone very often - so sad). Just in case, heads up.

(Isthiswill) #1118

Over the last few days one big change I would like to see struck me:

Reduce the game to two play throughs like Borderlands. Set the scaling to match that. Instead of adding a third play through and over power levels to extend the life of the game and add replay value, add more playable characters.

When I first played Borderlands 1 & 2 I worked my way through the first play through and thought I was done. A friend then said, “You’re not even really playing the game until Play through 2”. I didn’t get where he was coming from based on my past experience playing linear games. I went back in and did that and got a sense of what he meant. Then I started experimenting with other characters. My attitude was based on the old school idea that character choice didn’t dramatically change the experience of playing the game in a linear story-based game with a fixed plot. I just assumed people had preferences based on what they liked and the reward for playing as different characters was negligible. I now know that the majority of the replay value in the game is a factor of leveling up different characters to see what they can do. It taking three play throughs to do that sucks the life out of the experience after a while.

So yeah, it’s probably too late in the development cycle for them to implement any changes (though Battlborne embraced the idea I am talking about in a major way), more characters, less grinding!

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1119

An Idea came to me the other night that is so obvious I am surprised I have yet to see it on this thread. Although I admit I haven’t read every post…

There needs to be a way to re-roll quest rewards for unique gear. This can be done endlessly at a cost of money or no cost at all.

It just dawned on me that the manipulation of closing out the game and restarting it to get the perfect version of a specific quest reward is ludicrous. Why an option to mulligan hasn’t already been integrated seems like a huge oversight.

(Salvadorable) #1120

My favorite weapon in DOOM 2016 is the Chaingun with it’s leveling-up system to a Mobile Turret. And one of my favorite Battelborn characters is Montana. Would love to have a Chaingun based Vault Hunter. :slight_smile:

(Hitman01232) #1121

Since “Borderlands 3”, or “Borderworlds” is supposedly going to be open world (I think) it got me thinking how playing co-op would work. Players can on their own free will go so far away from everybody and do their own thing that it could turn chaotic.

After playing Far Cry 5 on co-op for the first time I quickly figured out what systems were in place to prevent the non-host player from doing things that the host didn’t like. Some of you might know what these are but for those who don’t I’ll summarize.

  • Player 2 can’t grab missions.
  • Player 2 can only be a certain distance from the host before they are teleported back to the host Player.
  • Player 2’s own game progression isn’t affected.
  • Player 2 can’t activate mission objectives.

So with that in mind I think Gearbox should implement a similar system to Borderlands 3. That way for people who want to play online they don’t have to worry about players “messing” with their game progression.

Do you think Borderlands 3 should have a similar co-op system as Far Cry 5?

(Break Free Salami Brethren) #1122

I think that this is an OK idea for the people that want to play online with people they don’t know, however if playing with someone on your friends list I think they should be able to do whatever the host does. I also thing that when playing split-screen on a console the two (Hopefully they add three way split) players should be able to do everything you can do in the game. That was always one of the best things about Borderlands, is that you were your own character and was never tossed aside as a sort of guest where you can’t accept missions, explore, or progress yourself, but you were just as important as the “host”.

I personally think that this is a bad idea, and should only be added if you have the option to turn it off in the game

(SixtySicksShooter) #1123

Binding all players to the host isn’t open world at all. I see where you coming from,but… Borderlands isn’t that open worldly compared to Zelda, Far Cry, Mirors’s Edge etc. because its divided by areas.One of the most irritating things when playing with strangers is when they try to move to other area when you have things to do in the current one, but Gearbox prudently put the cancel travel option.
Compared to Bl1, Borderlans 2 have relatively small maps and no one can go that much away from you without leaving the area map.
The idea of Borderlands co-op is to play the game with your friends from begining to the end, progressing along with your friends, so if you want to go on your own you can play solo with a different character. You can easily transfer loot from coop to solo characters with the bank. I have really ■■■■■■ experience playing with people who I don’t know. If you don’t want others to mess with your game just don’t go online with unknown players. Borderlands shouldn’t become a PUBG clone.

(Ponderer of Ideas and Musings) #1124

Agreed, but coop needs significant mechanic upgrades such as hosting parameters, host control features, exclusive loot drops, sandbox balances (not just a lazy HP dump), improved world drop rates on tougher enemies proportionate to the difficulty, more user friendly fast traveling system, mission progress/acceptance controls, etc.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1125

Agreed that a better matchmaking service will do a great job in avoiding OPs and cheaters, but in general I am pretty happy with the current coop mechanics. One thing though, if they combine trading system with duels, i think both system will benefit from that.You gamble weapons before entering duel mode, if you get killed you loose the weapon you have bet. (No action skills during duels, guns only.)

(Break Free Salami Brethren) #1126

Speaking of duels I hope that in Borderlands 3 they remove the area limit of a duel to the entire map that you are in, I think that this would be very interesting. Plus they should increase the party limit to six players so that you can play as every vault hunter, also including the limit increase they should add 2v2 duels and 3v3 duels. Also I would love to see three way split screen added so that me, my brother, and my dad could play Borderlands 3 together. I know it isn’t the best of ideas but thats all thats in my head for now, do you agree or disagree?

(SixtySicksShooter) #1127

I was hoping for some kind of rarity tiered arenas,similar to those in B1 using the same mechanics. There you can bash with all of your frends at once in a old school CS type of battles (with no action skill alowed in the arenas). The last man standing takes all the guns in the betting slots. I think that system is the only way for people to get a proper pvp mode in a Borderlands game.

(Break Free Salami Brethren) #1128

I like your idea @Britten but i personally dont want Borderlands to dabble to much in the PvP side of games, but rather have normal Borderlands PvE. However if they were to add an entire multiplayer area I would like to see different game modes of some sort.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1129

Thanks,man. Its just an idea,you know. There is only 3 pvp arenas in B1, but there is no actual benefit of playing them -The Fyrestone Coliseum, The Cesspool and Devil’s Footstool. The idea came from there and poker of course. I think of these arenas more of an aftergame material than a main game attraction. If you want to spent the weekly poker night with your friends there, ripping guns out off their hands. :slight_smile:

(Isthiswill) #1130

This would be a good way to rethink the Moonstone / D20 chests. If they appeared at the end of a story mission, and gave you a change to get any of the quest rewards between that mission and the previous, it would allow for farming using the excess currency we end up with after using all the SDUs and also allow people to try and get the variants they want of unique weapons. While the Golden Chest can deliver purples, the Moonstone/ D20 chests could deliver blues exclusively.

(Crazycrypt) #1132

I thought of an idea that combines my recent concepts for Borderlands 3. I know character data is localized and easy to manipulate, this can be a huge plus for some… but others end up feeling like there progress is less meaningful. I had this problem a bit, but my old suggestions were trash. Different save types was one of them. Basically you would have a local save load or online save load option per each server… this was an issue because it required databases n’ such. Then you had my older concept of forcing saves to all be online based… also a database issue. I think now I got the right idea… i’m not sure if someone could mod a server to do this either, but I think base game support would be nice.

My concept is to allow a server to save everyone’s character in a local database on the host’s dedicated server. Meaning people could decide to hosts dedicated servers that would save other players character to that. There would be security protocols.etc so people thus couldn’t manipulate data. And it’d give an option to host maybe custom servers? Perhaps even theses servers could be a bit more customizable as a plus, granted the server list would need to have more diversity. Maybe a counteraction would be to let these same servers be under a “Custom” game type. Perhaps certain aspects like enemy difficulty, bosses.etc could be easily adjusted and maybe loot drop chances.etc THEN you have the base game servers obviously loaded from each client to the host client’s server like usual.

What this could in turn provide as well, is more communities of players playing together and such because a particular server hosts brings them together via data. One issue is trying to keep everyone within’ eachother’s level scheme n such. One possible fix is that players could be in different places in the given world at once (with a particular playthrough enabled) this would create RAM problems most likely i’m sure.

I had forgot to mention one issue that perhaps you couldn’t theoretically host multiple servers on one computer thus only 1 server (max of 4 players mind you) is available. Not sure if a computer could host multiple servers or what not. Perhaps some API that can read off a particular database that the users could make would be another fix for that. ALTHOUGH this seems far fetched, I do believe players could host more than 1 server.

Please give me some constructive feedback on this matter. Thank you!

Borderlands 3 Custom/Dedicated Servers
Borderlands 3 Dedicated/Custom Servers
(SixtySicksShooter) #1133

If understand this right,this can be done with a dedicated cloud storage and a server that will pick individual character,level or difficulty data from the storage for every account logged in the server. This will make the game an always online experiece. A question : How can i play the game solo when either the server or the storage are under maintenance ? Also there will be a countless problems due to heavy traffic,lack of computing power on the local machines,problems with internet connectivity or even hacked accounts. People already hate numerous games,because problems with connectivity , so this will not do any favor to the game. Initially Borderlands allowed user generated content and people created even new custom levels for the game, that increased the lifespan of the game even more. If you’re vouching for a hack free games simply do not go online with people you don’t know. Borderlands is not is not a pvp game, so you don’t need dedicated service different from Steam in order to avoid OPs and cheaters. A simple improved matchmaking service can do the job.

(The 90 minute m e m e) #1134

So because people gib, you want a worse game by having saves locked online? wot?

(Crazycrypt) #1135

No. It would be a custom server option? Did you not read all of it. I literally said on multiple occasions it’d be a server option. It wouldn’t be “locked online” but rather on a dedicated server a user is hosting. OR local if you want to go the vanilla game route. Lol

(Crazycrypt) #1136

Good point on some parts. Let me break this up into two responses firstly, the game could easily be played offline and solo. You’d simply play offline/solo. Or join a server that uses data from the clients joining like I stated very clearly.

As for the connectivity/security of using data hosted by an individual user. It would be like any other multiplayer/solo games online. You simply rely on the server’s database that a player is hosting. Yeah it’s not the most secure, but at least someone doesn’t take 5 minutes to download willowtree then exploit the data.

I don’t think the game would really need a beating like a split server system, but at the same time if it was split by the ideal of having customized settings. So you could just have a standard server with client-local loading rather than client-host loading lets call it. Then you could, but oh look a particular server decides to host a database so you can’t touch that particular character’s data unless you play that server. Doesn’t seem complicated to me tbh.