What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

(SixtySicksShooter) #1137

I’m vouching for official mod support for Borderlands 3, since i remember how awesome Bl1 was with its open data. What will happen if Gbx decide to put microtransactions in the next game, forced by 2k? The always online idea will only cement this gimick, and this wil be the ultimate franchise suicide. People will hate it like 100%. Custom content only improves the lifespan of the game and I’d rather see an gibbed OPs than a “pay to win” OPs. I will pay every single cent for the game and its dlc, and not a penny for a loot box. Sorry,man, but your idea puts serious ground for the “predatory monetization schemes” and I’m strictly against that.

(The 90 minute m e m e) #1138

I mean, it doesn’t make it not just a big waste of resources lol

(Alexa, Do I need a jacket?) #1139

I want BL3 on Alexa! (Not sarcasm.)

(SixtySicksShooter) #1140

Go home,Tracer. Don’t mess with angry battleborn dudes. :grin:

(Alexa, Do I need a jacket?) #1141

That’s okay. I still like BB to a point.

(I was known as Havocbyte. But I had a mod change my username earlier this year due to changing interests.)

(SixtySicksShooter) #1142

I’m just messin’ with ya. :wink:

(Alexa, Do I need a jacket?) #1143

Oh, Gotcha.

Can we please go BOT? (Back on topic.)

(beyond6levels) #1144

the looting system would be better in co-op if the loot stays where its at until its picked up BY THE PLAYER. if your other buddy picks it up, you will see that character pick it up but the same item is still on the ground for you to pick it up, that’s when it disappears. the animation could be some light blue “particle” effect, like as seen in Borderlands 2 sometimes, when picked up.

(beyond6levels) #1145

what should be in this new game, some probably already said by other people.

  1. dialogue between the characters should be a thing. between the people playing the game and the npc in the game.
  2. being in the air should be included in the game. as fun as the other borderlands games are, i was kinda disappointed when i found out we weren’t able to fly a buzzard or something similar. that should be added into a catch-a-ride station. maybe a different looking station for buzzards only.
  3. same as before with buzzards, but instead with boats to cross water and such. try to make all these rides personalizable which some colors and 3 types of weapons to apply on the vehicle, if you can. it gives these vehicles a good purpose and variety. no more than 3 vehicles. if dlc is planned, maybe you can add another kind of vehicle to make it feel different just like how it was done in the past.
  4. a little more customization to your character. keep the “dyes” and the masks but add another category called ‘clothing’. it should be self explanatory.
  5. think of another way to play the game. it was annoying replaying the entire story and dlc 3 times in Borderlands 2. maybe bring it back down to 2 playthroughs and add an option to skip cutscenes when you’re in the second playthrough. if online with other players, skip only if 3/4 players decide to skip a cutscene. (ex. 2/2 people who clicked “skip” will skip the cutscene. 2/3 will do. and 3/4 will do.) itd be better like that because i feel like there will be that one person who wouldnt want to skip, for some reason, when everyone else does.
  6. scale the stats of a gun based on its rarity. a white pistol will have slightly less values on accuracy, RoF, capacity, etc. than a green rarity pistol. a legendary sniper will have better stats than a purple sniper.
  7. knowing how some of the guns and grenades have some special abilities of its own, add a stat category called “Damage per Second.” it would show a lot of people which gun or grenade is better when comparing other unique weapons.
  8. cutscenes should have a bit of different dialogue if there is 2 players or more in a session. (ex. if there is one player, dialogue should say, “you go check out…” and if there is 2 or more players, “you all should go check out…”)
  9. make the PvP thing a tad better. instead of melee for a battle, just stay with the button to trade to then select “duel.” make the dome of the duel way bigger. add a countdown from 3, then the battle begins when it hits 0.
  10. definitely add a third-person option PLEASE. thatd be dope.
  11. make the rare loot of a creature have a higher chance drop rate. dont make it like 1% or something like that, make it 5% for each rare loot in the loot pool of an enemy. however, you can keep ALL rare loot drops to maybe .5% or even .1% from all loot sources. same thing like in the past. make any rare loot to drop from any loot source at an extremely low chance. chances can be increased with a relic or so similar to the Vault Hunter relic we begin a game with in Borderlands 2. in the following playthrough, that same relic should in added to your inventory but the stat is increased by an extra 2% or 3%… because we deserve it.
  12. keep the SHiFT codes feature. that idea was good to give the player a new and rare weapon at an instant. the chest, however, should also be opened by your money or upcoming currency planned. it’ll be expensive but still gives the players a chance for a nice ass weapon. make it about 20K to open the chest. maybe scale it at the players level or playthrough. make the chest only give blue rarity items and above. give the chest a chance to give away a legendary item. the chances for better loot can be higher if the “Vault Hunter relic” is worn at the time of opening.
  13. more movements? like a split second animation to open your ECHO device. maybe a tap of the device really quickly and then it opens. an animation when picking up a teammate. instead of literally just holding the revive button to bring someone back up, give the person a “syringe” to pick someone up and make reviving faster. reviving someone took hella long in Borderlands 2.

thats basically all i have right now. i feel like most of these has been already said but if it is,it means it is crucial to add it to the next Borderlands game.

(Branwestisbest) #1146

I would love to see melee weapons as weapons you can equip. Which would allow characters to make more use of melee bonuses. I would like to see more dlcs like tiny Tina’s assault on dragon keep. A character I certainly would like to play as is a new siren. It think out of everything I’ve said melee weapons that you can loot from enemies and equip in your weapon slots is what I want the most because I’ve always preferred swords and the like

(Ceramical) #1147

Arguably, in BL2 weapons lower than blue rarity are useless anyway and nobody uses them. I think, white and green rarity deserves more importance.

(Alzoplayer) #1148

Some stuff i personally want as a Bl2 veteran

-ah i forgot to add pls make multiple runs like tvhm uvhm op levels more bearable like skippable cutscenes skippable missions or if you want to be creative add ways were you can alter the path of the story in uvhm or tvhm which makes the story shorter i dont want to save roland the 20th time from bloodshot stronghold maybe let me save him before he gets kidnapped as an example

-This one could be huge add a RAID RUSH or BOSS RUSH where you face multiple raid bosses, normal bosses and give huge rewards upon completion

-keep Rocket Jump or Grenade Jump this might be controversial but this adds more creativity how to engage a level or find a shortcut

-let enemies drop their weapon like they did in bl 1

-increase chest loot rate

-add hybrids from bl1

-make missions weapons droppable e.g grog nozzle or let the player redo the mission freely

-This is important pls dont remove splitscreen coop and add splitscreen coop to PC

-improve dialouge for example between characters or commenting on mission objectives like in bl tps

-also keep Luck Cannon :smiley: really fun weapon

  • like others already mentioned add Blades,Buzzaxes melee weapons to the game which can drop in all variants and also be unique

-keep bandits weapons beta style it made more sense

-add a lot more unique enemies and let more enemies level like goliaths give them unique names at max level and unique loot too

-give badass enemies higher chance of dropping random legendaries and give unique badasses unique drops

-maybe add the scrapped second dlc which was planned for bl tps

-pvp is not really needed bl2 pvp while kinda unnecassary wasnt too complex and was still enough i dont think pvp needs much work or work at all

-like others mentioned make pearls weapon not suck ass and design more like they appeared in bl1

-pls add Zer0 or 0ne i need melee dash

-make more claptrap missions or make the birthday mission into in actual one

-maybe add more equippable items like armor or smth which gives you stats or unique passives which would further increase build diversity and customization

-add way more legendary and maybe even unique class mods which can be accesible everywhere e.g missions,boss drops,chests also add more movement speed in class mods so certain characters with build in movement speed dont have the edge in farming

-add an unique/legendary AK from vladof with some russian text

-add similar skill to bloodsplosion or JUST ADD ALL THE VAULT HUNTERS FROM EACH GAME WOO sorry

Character Concept:

Melee character no name maybe 0ne:

Let him/her have a deflect as one of his skills which you need to unlock which does way more damage if perfectly deflected and refreshes your ult if sucessful

another skill could be an execution with animation if the target has low hp make it percentage bases and hard to hit or give it a reall high cd also refreshes ultimate.

(beyond6levels) #1149

what if the guns could be anything. i just thought about how all the unique weapons have a red text in the text box. what if, for example, you are farming for a rare gun. you get a red text weapon but the color of the weapon is randomized too. the more “advanced” the colors are, the better the prefixes. i hope it makes sense.

(Kryptik_menace) #1150

Final boss borderlands 3 The Archon a spirit /deity that is the keeper of the eridian afterlife I have more info on what this boss is on my profile


Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this, but Badass ranks could use some work. Just booted up BL2 for the first time in a while and was going to start a new character. I have a LOT of Badass ranks so all my additional perks and bonuses are pretty high (most over 80%). It was just so weird playing so that my clips emptied in 1 second flat and my damage was through the roof. It’s great for end game content, but really sucks for new characters. Of course, I can just turn it off which is fine and exactly what I did, but then my reload speed skyrocketed and it was 4-6 seconds between clips (which is kinda annoying, but not altogether bad I suppose).

Personally, I think it’d be cool if we could have a similar Badass coin system, but you could modify what your bonus is with your unlocked bonus being the maximum number you can increase it. So, like, you can spend your coins as you did in BL2 and BLPS, but you’re just increasing the MAXIMUM bonus and then you can set what the bonus is and which bonuses are active. I realize that system would probably take a decent amount of work and it wouldn’t matter for a while (until Endgame content and Badass Rank grinding was necessary), but it would be a pretty great quality of life thing to add to the game for people who want some middle ground between challenging and easy.

This could also be a sort of way to add difficulty settings to the game. Instead of “Super Easy Mode” and “Just Kill Me and End My Suffering Mode”, we could kinda custom make our game difficulty based on our bonuses.

(Lordjavathe3rd) #1152

I didn’t see anything disagreeable in this list.
I really like the idea of dlc character roster increments.
Also, I would love some more character customization.

(Idiosyncratic Wannabe.) #1153

This got me thinking on post release character releases.

I fully support dlc characters, they’re probably one of the biggest life time extenders that content can have. My issue is when they come out almost immediately after release or as an incentive for those that pre order. I say this not because of any opinion on the monetization scheme but because any character released in that window would have either eaten into the base games character creation cycle or possibly had their own cycle cut short. I’d rather have the original set of vault hunters fully fleshed out and properly tested with the cohesive polish that a completed development cycle brings. Then the team can move over to fully realizing their next character.

Jack and Gaige to an extent demonstrate what I mean. Gaige was pushed as bonus content from before Borderlands 2 even hit shelves. Thus even though she released about 3 weeks later the development team was under pressure to get her to a release state. And unfortunately she suffers for it, her skill trees lack balance. And no amount of tweaking post release is going to fix this. A longer development cycle would have allowed the developers free rein to over haul parts of her trees to bring balance to skill trees.

Jack on the other hand was not marketed heavily pre release and thus the release date could be decided by progress in the development cycle And as a result when he came out his skill tree’s show show both the cohesion and balance that comes with a product released when finished rather than by release demands.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1154

Gaige seems perfectly fine to me.

(Idiosyncratic Wannabe.) #1155

She is perfectly viable. She outputs crazy damage and has a viable way to tank damage. So yes fine is probably a good description. I enjoy the play style she encourages, Zero and Maya are the only two Vault hunters I’ve spent more time with. So I’m not criticizing her because I dislike her or think she’s weak.

Now bear with me I am using the following examples hypothetically to demonstrate what I mean when I say her skill tree’s aren’t well balanced.

Gaige’s power isn’t evenly distributed. If I wanted to play Gaige without using anarchy (lets pretend for a moment I can access the rest of the Ordered Chaos tree) or blood soaked shields I would be crippling her to a massive degree. There isn’t another character in BL2 that can be crippled so drastically by removing 2 skills. Sal deprived of Money shot and NKLO still has access to all his hoarder builds. Even say removing Get Some instead of NKLO leaves a character with huge potential. I’ve used Sal as my example as I believe he is also a highly flawed character however his flaws lie in the numbers behind skills not in the design of the skill tree’s.

Gaige is reliant on blood soaked shields to keep her alive and Anarchy for the majority of her gun damage. Reliance on only two skills is bad design, it cripples build and play style diversity.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1156

A strict balancing is important in pvp games,man. In pve is a whole new thing. I don’t pay much attention of how op are the playable characters, fun is more important, but according to the right balance, I don’t think nerfing skills will do any favor to the game. Characters will become boring. So a salution is to slightly buff the enemies with the right amount of resistance to those op attacks. For example an ability for enemies to raise their level, when they manage to kill a vault hunter will probably fix some issues, but remember the ultimate goal in all Borderlands games is to become an OP. Have fun, man.