What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

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You’re misunderstanding what I’m saying. I have no quarrels with a character being stronger or weaker than the others, as you say Borderlands is PVE.

My quarrel lies in how Gaige’s strength isn’t spread throughout her skill trees. But is instead dependent on BSS and Anarchy.

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Sorry for the 8 month necro, but good job dude! While overwhelmingly negative and critical. This is a very well thought out and comprehensive list of things that need improved for BL3. There is not one thing on this list that I object to and it’s hard to think of anything else. Bravo good sir.

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Oh, I didn’t really want it to come across as negative (and there was a specific section with positive things). I wanted it to show how much I actually love the series and wish the next game to become the possible best. To quote one Jim Sterling, love is not about accepting everything about a subject, but about investing one’s time into it and wanting to make it better. I just hope the devs actually read this stuff…

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Constructive critics are not negative. As Borderlands fan since 2009 I do agree with most of your opinions, but i think the key to the success of a future bl game lies in the right amount of diffrentness without removing core mechanics.TPS started with no farmable boses, and people immediately reacted to this. It’s still a succesfull game, it looks even better than B2, but the lack of a core mechanic frustrated a lot of fans. B2 also came out without some aspects of the first game, while improved others. Now people are vouching for crafting without even realising that this will be the end the RNG they love so far. We don’t want another Dead Space 3, right? (I still love that game though.)

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Maybe it’s my years of corporate brainwashing thinking it was negative. I was trying to look at his critiques from the perspective of the devs, whom I assume were under untold insane pressures and still managed to produce the best game in existence.

Also I agree with your points as well. If it weren’t for the grinder I’d have put TPS down for good. Farming is essential to Borderlands games.

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  • no aim bot or omniscience for AI…

  • no slag or kind of (de)buff element

  • not dedicated loot pool for bosses, i don’t like to farm the same boss for hours to drop the legendary i’m looking for, i really prefer to farm random area or areas i like

  • be able to TP from anywhere (like Diablo 3)

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in regards to the character roster, Pre sequel(that is needlesly hated so much for being a BL2.5 which is actually a good thing, sinc ethat means that Borderlands 2 is not a thing you can copy easily) teased a Vault Hunter roster because “you need all the Vault Hunters you can get” as a reason.

meaning core unlocked Vault hunters and unlockable ones from Recruitment missions. That also means that something like Cyborg resurrection of Roland can happen.

for the loot gain, an Arena where you get loot including special loot would be good. Grinder returning for “leveling up” your gear’s rarity would be good as well as a weapons work bench that increases the level of a weapon by changing the low level parts with the higher level parts.

Plus a Borderlands 1 style loot system would be better. And the weapon proficiency feature could return.

for the Arena, a reward could be Gearbox Manufacturing weapons that include Borderlands 1 aesthetic weapons and cross promotion weapons and items as well as rewarding you will skill points like in Moxxi’s Underdome.

in regards to the microtransactions and lootboxes, it would probably be minimal like in Battleborn and even include golden Keys as drops from doing some challenges like how you can EARN THE PREMIUM CURRENCY from DAILY QUESTS in Battleborn.

Presequel was not a disappointment if you thought of it as a side game, meaning as a game that ties events together, Presequel serves it’s purpose.

as for Battleborn, it needs more players on PC, which can be done with Community events like Weekend Warriors and coaching and Story mode party ups.

Good gearbox games need to be supported and Borderladnds as well as underrated Battleborn are those good games.

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Crafting will not mess up the looter aspect. You can use the “trash” loot as ingredients for better loot. I suggested a weapons work bench that exists to modify your gear into a better version of it aka level it up, while the Grinder would be about increasing a rarity.

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Sorry to burst your bubble VH bro

Not sure crafting weapons would definitely destroy RNG, as you would still need these weapon drops to get your prime material (aka weapon parts) before crafting them. That is if you take crafting as modifying weapons you looted on corpses.

Good luck to all, Hunt Vaulters!

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Whatever the cover shot story may be @SpicyHiro, fyi, Webhallen is the # 1 retailer in the country.


Plus, distributor according to above retail link is Koch, # 1 in Europe.


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I’m sorry for my english I’m using the google translator.

One of the ideas that came to mind is the ability to perform dialogues with commands.
for example: the ability to open a screen of dialogues or gestures for the dance while you are playing. Basic dialogues such as “hello”, “understood”, “thank you”, “insult”, or any other form of interaction.
The default basic dialogues: (“hello”, “understood”, “thank you”, “insult”) could be obtained from the base of the game predetermined dialogues.
A very useful way to get new languages and gestures would be as a reward for the challenges. There could be legendary and extraordinary gestures and dialogues that can become a challenge of a more difficult level. With this new option to make “dialogues” or “movements” to ensure a greater communication and generates fun situations.
This idea came to me when I played another game with these options I realized that they add a lot of variety in the game… I recently played again in Borderlands 2 and I realized that these functions are very necessary since the fun and variety to the game I hope this comment reaches the developers because a small change can do great things.
If my text is wrong and you understand the idea that I propose please help me to correct it. Thank you very much <3 <3

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Borderlands weapon assemblyng system relies on parts to create different weapons. Incorporating crafting will bring us less diverse weaponry, because after 2-3 playthroughs you will know that the perfect gun is a combination of these and these parts, and you’ll farm only for them parts. Honestly I wouldn’t farm for days to get the perfect scope. The whole crafting idea is completely voided to Borderlands. It worked perfectly in Dead Space 3 and Fallout, but not for Borderlands. It also opens the door for microtransactions and I don’t want this. Have a good day. :>


Hello @Britten I understand most people think of perfect parts even through farming, but i am just like you in that i don’t worry about parts that much. To me crafting could simply be a way to understand how parts work, upgrading weapons which end up underleveled, and maybe twist elements. Heck in any game you get tryharders and i know that right now i won’t farm for days to get perfect parts when it’s already such a hassle to simply farm for an item at all.
When considering variety we all know that no matter what RNG gives you, you will sell most weapons away, and at higher levels most top gear is extremely limited. Most of all weapons of use are often either weapons of higher efficiency or weapons of choice so it bypasses variety as well.
Enjoy your day :ok_hand:

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Hey,man, don’t get me wrong, crafting is an amazing mechanic that brought me a lot of fun in other games. I love my Contact Beam with a Ground defractor in Dead Space 3.:> But crafting can be done with a limited types of weapons, Borderlands RNG is too chaotic to deal with a proper crafting system. According to the usability of the guns that are limited to level restriction. I came up with this system of ranking up guns. If you’re interested have a look.

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Interesting ideas I’ll give you that. I too had the idea of “mythic” level rarity. I just couldn’t figure out what color to use haha. (I was thinking sort of a pulsing rainbow).

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Thanks. A lot of people was asking for a way to extend the guns usability since the first game. In B2 you can farm legendaries for days and when you finally get what you need the thing become obsolete after 5-6 levels. This system provides a possible solution to this. If you read the comments in the subreddit you’ll see people saying that this system can be easily exploited , but i can assure you that this won’t happen if its done the right way. The system auto-nerf itself, because if you farm low level enemies for kills, without leveling up your character, the guns will not change their stats drastically as they ranking up.

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Don’t get me started about bl2. Lol. I’ve never wanted to love a game so much and then just not. Even with its glitches and bugs and Roland saying ■■■■ like “foo” I’ll take Bl1 any day of the week. I hope bl3 is more like 1. (Sorta like super mario bros 1 and 3 lol). Although I like super Mario 2 and would much rather play that than bl2

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I love all Borderlands games,man, but B1 is Home. Pandora is an awefull place, but Gearbox made me want to live there. The game have the most beautiful dreamy wasteland I’ve ever seen in a video game .
The gun system is free of charge if Gbx decide to incorporate it into the next game. I hope we get B3 soon. Take care,man.