What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

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Hahaha I know what you mean. I’ll see a shack like that storage box the midget jumps out of by new Haven and be like …meh…I could live there lol

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A lot of people want pvp in addition to the main game. To do this right they would have to make a lot of changes. Unique gear, action skills and any analogue to badass rank needs to be unavailable. Players would need a separate, simplified skill tree as well. Players wouldn’t be able to bring in their own weapons to matches, and instead start with random white gear, and loot boxes would be scattered through the map, with gear ranging from white to purple.

If this doesn’t sound fun to you… That’s the problem pvp has. Balance and fairness matter more then entertainment. Because if it isn’t balanced and fair, your not going to have fun fighting against a real player with overpowered weapons. Even if you’ve got a similar powered gear, whoever fires first will win. No counterplay.

My suggestion instead is to make it to where Co op can be competitive. Players earn rewards when missions are turned in based on accuracy, enemies killed, critical hits, damage taken, time spent in combat, items looted, time completed etc. Say the reward is a shotgun for completing the mission. You hit all the benchmarks to earn the unique variant, your buddy only gets a green. However, all missions should be repeatable.

This would make it so leaderboards could be a thing in game. (It would also be cool to see an in world leaderboard like in the torgue dlc would update to show player names, kind of like the old school arcades where you can leave your initials.)

Things like the slaughter domes and the raid bosses would be especially competetitive. And if you aren’t into competing against others, this won’t hurt your experience at all.

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Yes in PvP balance is keying, but not too much. I tried to systemize the overall aspects of a PvP arenas, you can read about it here If you played Borderlands 1 you may have noticed these arenas. What I’m proposing is a gambling game of guns, where you can rip guns from your friends using these arenas or duels. Like i said this should not distract you from your main goal of looting and progressing, it’s just a quick gamble on the side or an after-game material when you and your friends are OP enough and you want to slaughter each other until you lose every gun you have. According to the balance thing, this video explains things right. Have fun,man. :>

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Really interesting video! I see how what your proposing would be fun between friends. I am familiar with the arenas from bl1, and that was more interesting than the current duel system. What it seems like people are asking for is cod style deathmatches or battle royal modes. Which would technically work. Maybe instead of needing players by not letting them use their skills or high tier weaponry they could make it fun by having an insane amount of health and or she’ll strength/regen? Regardless like the video had said people don’t like losing stuff. I wouldn’t personally enjoy betting my high tiered stuff on matches where players get instantly health gated, it’s very much a coin flip.

If they could pull off a pvp mode and make it both fun and balanced that would be amazing, many people are against that idea even because it would potentially take away development time for the game itself and it’s coop dlcs…

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Most of the people who played Fortnite and PUBG wants similar mechanics in Borderlands without realising that those games are completely different compared to Borderlands. Borderlands have some unique competitive aspect - the loot race when playing coop. When in coop you may have noticed that every player rushes to open loot chests first. A melee mechanic that can push away a friend from the chest would be interesting. If B3 came out again with 4 vault hunters, battle royal wouldn’t make much sense. BR mode worth a try in games with more than 10 players at once.The duel mechanic is similar to a deathmatch, but you can’t profit from them, thats why i think a combination of Duels and Trading based on a gambling principle may make them more interesting and fun to play. In the end if B3 happens to be the last game in the series i see a potential PvP Dlc where you can play with everyone in the games so far. Torgue,Tina, Moxxie, bandits and wildlife - all playable with their own unique skill trees, but as i said this should be a Dlc not a main game matterial. Take care, man.

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@britton I certainly see your point. What I was illustrating with my comment about balancing borderlands for pvp is that their simply isn’t a point. It would either me the game dull, or based entirely on chance where the meta gets solved immediately. That’s why I suggest competitive pve, if the game has to be competitive at all. Thanks again man.

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One game which had a good concept for a pvp mode (sword art fatal bullet which actually surprised me) is teams competing to deal most damage to a big boss enemy that deals high damage with big aoe and high health while players could kill each other as well , with a respawn timer which was not punishing, so there was strategy to either go after full on the target or suppress your opponent while slowly building the damage up on the boss.
I feel if the pvp was like that it would be bareable.

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I’m a big fan of the games the arrowhead develops. The gauntlet remake, magicka, helldivers. All are 4 player Co op games. In helldivers and gauntlet, friendly for is a real, and absolutely hilarious thing at times, other times it’s maddening.

For instance in magicka, there’s elemtel status effects. For instance if you are wet, or standing in water, and a friendly player is using shock near you, you can kiss your Ass goodbye. But anyone of your friends can easily being you back to life with a button combo. In helldivers, players can request to airdrop equipment in a similar manner to Hyperion moonshot containers, for whatever reason it’s uncanny how often they fall on your teammates, but as long as you or another friendly can get to safety you can call for Re enforcements and airdrop your friend back into the fight. Personally I’d both love to see something like this in borderlands. But I might lose friends. XD

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no PVP, Borderlands is primarily a PVE and COOP game.

Arenas like in borderlands 1 for unique loot, say Gearbox Manufacturing loot and of course earning skill points would be good.

Weapon proficiency from Borderlands 1 returning would also be good.

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As a lot of people mantring about playable Tiny Tina, here’s how i see things:
Tina have her own dream DLC and all playable characters must play as Tina In her dream. There should be a "Berserker"Tina, “Siren” Tina, “Soldier” Tina, “Assassin” Tina and probably an “Alien” Tina. There you’ll have enough of your favorite Tina.

PS: Ashley Burch will have to do a lot of voice work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve been thinking about some of the plot holes in the previous Borderlands games. Especially the one with the New-U stations. Being canon or not ,why we have to pay money to Hyperion every time we respawn, where more logical is to pay experience points (not skill points)? The respawn exp. fee may follow the same exponential growth, like the money did so far, but this time money can find a whole new purpose like characters, vehicles or gun customizations. Giving exp. points for respawn will make the player more careful in his fighting decisions. And yes if the character dies a lot the respawn fees can downgrade his level making an already assigned skill point inactive until the experience points are reclaimed.I guess this may bring more balance to the game but Its just a suggestion, you know.

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Add ways to impact/change the environment. Not only dedicated to progress but just for fun. Avalanches, rockslides, destructible farm equipment. etc.

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That’s an interesting concept but as far as typical gamers go I don’t think they’d like it. I can tell you if this were a working model in bl2 I’d have gone from 72 to 50 pretty quick especially on raid bosses.

I’d be for this as a option (or maybe requirement in higher difficulties) but the core game I wouldn’t like this.

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Agree, I do see this as TVHM/UVHM mechanic just to make these modes more challenging. You may have noticed that the exp. bar is divided by 10 sections (cells), so for example, if you respawn in TVHM that will cost half of the exp. cell, which means if your exp.bar is almost full,you can respawn 20 times before it downgrade your character. I think its a good amount of respawns for a decent farm, also as you kill the boss you’re farming,even if you didn’t get what you want, you still get a good amount of exp. points. Also as you enter the game from the main menu,this will not require exp. point, so farming won’t be hurt by this mechanic.
In UVHM you loose a whole exp. cell - so 10 times before downgrade. Casual players can still enjoy Normal mode with a classic gameplay (money fees) or just an insignificant amount of exp. that will not cause great harm to their overall progression. After respawn you must kill 2-3 bandits and your lost exp. is regained. If the respawn stations isn’t directly under enemy factions control, that will fix at least this major plothole. Thanks for your opinion,man and take care. :>

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One of the things that made BL 2 truly great was the re-playability. And what is re-playability? Well, technically it would mean to be able to play it again, but… To me, it means reason to go back and do it again. Certain loot or enemies is usually the main reasons, but I also think that the way the main- and side missions are designed really matters.

Side missions

I’ll simplify things by saying that there are basically two ways of designing missions. The Lazy Way and the Ambitious Way. Of course there are lots of nuances in between, but that’s basically it. Designing a mission the Lazy Way often means that you re-use the same area that you’ve recently passed through in the main story, and that you had to pass in order to progress. Then you toss in a few (Fewer than during the main story) basic enemies. Add some nonsense item that you need to pick up, or a simple task to perform, and then you top it off with some XP, some cash and some crappy loot that no one in their right mind would farm for. The even lazier way would be to simply not put any side missions at all in an area that is a part of the main story, but I’ll save that one for later.

Designing missions in the Ambitious Way requires you to create a whole new area just for this mission. Special enemies ( a boss) and special loot needs to be in the mix, and you also need a fair level of difficulty to make it interesting.

In reality, both these types need to be in a game. One of the reasons being that it requires a lot of time and resources to create all this, but if you make all side missions “awesome”, there will still be a few that are “more awesome”, and therefore turn the rest into… meh.

Story missions

Here’s where you put the most of the creative effort. This will make or break the game. The difficulty level should be higher than in side missions, and this needs to be pronounced from the start of the mission. It’s tough when you’ve breezed through a story mission with underleveled gear, just to face off with the boss of that area, and have your ass handed to you. It should be obvious that your gear ain’t gonna cut it when you shoot the first enemy in that area.

Dialogue is a big part of the main story, so lots of it, please. But… Do NOT leave me standing there like a moron while whatever stacks I had struggled to build up, just ticks away, just because some dialogue was going on, and I was unable to proceed. Do NOT do that! It pisses me off every time it happens. The shiniest example of that idiocy that I can think of is when you play Aurelia in BL-TPS, and have built up 100 Avalanche stacks. Once I’ve built those stacks up, I’d like to enjoy them. What’s the point if they’re just gonna go to waste every time?

In parts of missions where an ally needs to do the killing, or where you have to do the killing with a certain gun, at least have the decency to provide enough firepower in those situations. Yes, I’m looking at you Turret Calibration in Titan Production Plant, the crappy laser in the Zapped-trilogy and the crappy AR in the Doc Mercy mission. Sure, they work in NVHM, and even in TVHM, but in UVHM… Skipping missions or using “creative ways” to work around the problem is what comes to mind.


A lot of what I criticized are straight out of BL-TPS, but… That doesn’t mean that it isn’t present in BL 2. BL-TPS seems like, and probably also was, a rush job, where they wanted to ride the wave that BL 2 had made. In some aspects, I think that BL-TPS is better than BL 2 (I never thought I’d say that! :wink: ), but as a whole, BL 2 is way better.

If you take the vanilla version of both these games, and then list the side missions that are worth re-doing for the loot, then the list would probably look something like this:


Land Among the Stars
Nova? No Problem
Torgue-o! Torgue-o
Sub-level 13
Kill Meg

BL 2

Assassinate the Assassins
Medical Mystery
No Vacancy (no special loot in this mission, but it activates fast travel station)
In Memoriam
Cult Following
Splinter Group
You Are Cordially Invited
The Good, the Bad, and the Mordecai
Slap Happy
Best Mother’s Day Ever
Doctor’s Orders
Won’t get Fooled Again
Safe and Sound
The Overlooked: This is Only a Test
Rakkaholics Anonymous
Animal Rights
The Bane
Breaking the Bank
Hyperion Contract #873
Demon Hunter
This Just In!
A Real Boy
The Lost Treasure
Hun gry Like the Skag
Uncle Teddy
You. Will. Die. (Seriously.)

Re-farmable bosses in main story are not included in here. Only side missions. And no DLC material. Apart from the missions “Kill Meg” and “Eradicate!”, I had to struggle a bit to find side missions that are worth re-doing in BL-TPS, whereas in BL 2 they’re all over the place. Some of these missions also lead you to areas that you don’t pass through in the main story, and some of these areas are totally awesome. Lynchwood, anyone? :star_struck:

- Shut up, Ron!
- OK, I’ll end it here!

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Please, no hanging letters in the sky.

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1-don’t make it “like Bl1” again with that slow combat and “story is unimportant” feel.
2-don’t make Tiny Tina a playable Character, why? because all of her sweetness is the thinks she does,not picking up guns and killing Vault monsters as a 13 year old kid.
3-please don’t make some of maps unnecessary big like some of the map in BL1’s general Knoxx DLC and BL2’s Sir.hammerlock big game hunt DLC

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Hey,man, i want to add to your wish those few things:

  1. Please DO make it “like Bl1” gun system cause it’s far more superiour than Bl2s…
  2. Don’t make Tiny Tina playable, because 18 or 20 years old girl still lacks the experience to deal with open combat. She was a demolition expert and you can’t play the game placing bombs all the time.
  3. Don’t remove “Lands” from The Borderlands, because “Border” is a stupid name for a game. :slight_smile: So huge levels where you can do more side missions at first visit than constantly turning back for a few quest. I want to fully explore new areas at once than turning back to do so. It messes up the feel of progression. May be there should be “another reason” for turning to low leveled areas , but not random side quests. This is not diversity , It’s boredom. Return underground levels. Do not design vertical levels if non of the characters can’t use it. B2’s overall verticality was pointless as we weren’t able to ride flying vehicles. In Tps verticality was ok, because low gravity.
    See ya’ later! :>

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She’s a psychotic murderer.

Gaige was 16 years old in BL2.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1196

Ok, but I still don’t want Tina playable. :>