What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist


That’s interesting, makes me think back to the tweet where Elon musk was asked to do the rest test for a flame thrower weapon.

(soulshock) #1218

Would triple/quadro-barreled shotguns request be too much ?

(SixtySicksShooter) #1219

You already have triple barel shotguns.


And already got quads.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1221

Yeah, as not a fan of slow moving bullets i have to admit that the Three Way Hulk is a cool shotgun. But i miss my Vladof Blast hammer in the sequels.

(The doc is in.) #1222

Maybe he want a triple mounted quad?
Couple that with Torgues gyro jet and and you get yourself a fragmentation Rocket Launcher! :smiley:

Not a wish per say but something I’m looking for.
New interresting gun mechanics. One of the things that make Borderlands… Borderlands.

(Isthiswill) #1223

That’s what I was thinking, call it a Zodiac Barrel, or maybe an Annual Barrel?

Either that or just the return of the Bandit and Torgue barrel shotguns.

(siimpetser) #1224

Can we have wingsuits, please?

(The doc is in.) #1225

Not a fan of the band but… I I just did a peak run with Krieg.
I’m sure you can cram it somewhere. :sunglasses:

(Pythonheir) #1226

I just want a junk option for invetory, and then the ability to “sell junk” in the shops.

(The doc is in.) #1227

Yeah! Never figured out why it wasn’t there in TPS. I guess there was some technical excuses…
You’re building a 21st century loot game. Should be a no brainer.

(Idiosyncratic Wannabe.) #1228

Was this not already implemented in the form of sell non favourites in TPS?

I personally liked TPS’s system alot as if I got a good drop I could mark it not to be sold but all the piles of worthless gear in my inventory I could sell in one click. In contrast in Borderlands 2 you have to individually mark items as junk before you can click sell junk. This is so tedious that pretty much everyone I ever see play will rather just sell each item individually when they reach the vendor.

(The doc is in.) #1229

Probably because I haven’t reached end game level in TPS. There’s stuff I don’t want to mark as favorite but not ready to sell yet.

Diablo III have a “trash non legendary” button that I like. It’s all relative.
Good input.

(Watcher on the wall) #1230

I still want Mordecai.

(Honorary Miscreant & Charlatan) #1231

If i’m being honest, what I want from Borderlands 3 is for Gearbox to break their current trend of constantly declining quality in their releases. Don’t get me wrong, I love Borderlands, but their success rate is rather worrying. I just want Borderlands 3 to be great. I don’t care that Battleborn is dreadful (my opinion, not arguing with people who like it), nor do I care about their history of releasing generally average titles in the past, I just want this one franchise that they’ve got mostly right so far (TPS is better than the sales suggested IMO) to continue and be great!

By the way, i’m not bashing Gearbox. It’s just how I see things.

(siimpetser) #1232

Just responding to "current trend of constantly declining quality "
Borderlands 1 was kinda cool but I wasn’t into it very much. Played the Pre-sequel and it was super super awesome sometimes and surely the best such game I’ve ever played. Later played BL2 and imo, it wasn’t as good as Pre-sequel (maybe I was already too spent on the previous one). But the DLCs of BL2 were actually more fun than the main game itself. More humor, crazier opponents etc. And also the environments were somewhat cooler… So the trend doesn’t apply on BL series this far in my opinion:)

Anyway - the low gravity and slamming could be brought back to the 3rd game. Not all times (because that’d be annoying of course) but in tastefully placed sections of the game.

(siimpetser) #1233

Use echo and reverb effects where it suits - large areas or with a wall nearby. With additional option to set those effects levels to player’s own taste.

When a massive boss gets closer, at least let the weapon shake a little. Maybe even a lil’ earthquake would be cool?

(RavenOfArisia) #1234

Plus One to everyone who’s mentioned gear “sets”, I would like to swap out suites of weapons with one button press.

And missions: Drop the walk around aimlessly and pick stuff up missions.
Torture Chairs being a great example. A stroll around Sanctuary with no combat and no particular gear (though a corrosive rok salt does do wonders on loaders). I know adding backstory is important and can be interesting, but mix it in with gameplay. Picking up Tannis’s echos in BL1 was the right way to do it, get backstory while killing things.

(SixtySicksShooter) #1235

I’ve just revisited some of the old cut content from Bl1 and i have some ideas based on a manufacturer that didn’t made into the game. So I would like to bring Corraza back. CORRAZA was a manufacturer that didn’t made it into Bl1. I have no idea what Gearbox planned for it back then, but i imagine Corraza making a viral type of weapons that shoots high velocity syringes, similar to spiker pistols from B2. Their bullets contains viral strains. Virals magazine size is very small. Up to 5 bullets for pistols and 1or 2 for sniper riffles. Virals does not use other types of ammo. Also their backpack ammo capacity is far less than any other types of munitions. When fully upgraded the backpack capacity contains 20 clips that can be used only with viral snipers or pistols. With viral weapons enemies can be infected only when their shields are down. The syringes does not do any damage to shields,because they break on impact. Some of the virals can spawn poisonous gas cloud upon breaking on shields, but the damage from the cloud is half the gun damage and the effect can easily fade out. So in order to infect an enemy properly the player must bring down his shield first before using the viral weapon. Unlike the elemental damage that easily fade out, once a viral bullet infect an enemy it start constantly to drain off his health until he’s dead. All viral effects is removed when the player dies, so you cannot one-shot bosses and just wait them to die. If a playable character gets shot by a viral weapon he or she will certainly die, but he/she can be cured with either a second wind or healed by another playable character while being revived, even if the infected player is not in FightForYourLife.

Corraza also produces a Drug type of weapons that can enrage enemies. Once a an enemy is enraged/drugged he/she will attack everyone around him/her. The idea is similar to the Goliath mechanics from Bl2, but this time it should work with almost all types of enemies, except those with heavy armor. If a playable character is shot by a drug type of weapon he gets dizzy and starts to move slowly until the efect fades out.


Please pass a bylaw in Sanctuary that makes knocking illegal.