What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

(The doc is in.) #1237

I second that.

(Ceramical) #1238

I want BL3 not being in development hell.

(RavenOfArisia) #1239

Here’s one that may only apply to me, but I personally need it.

When one gets to max level, please still provide an indicator that a enemy has died.

What I mean is this; Prior to max level, when an enemy dies you get the display of the experience points you just earned for the kill
After max level, you of course do not, since you are not gaining any experience.

But, that also means you don’t get an immediate indication that your target has died. I often may not be certain (particularly in a mob setting, or when there are damage effects polluting the screen) so I put a few more slugs into the area (dead body) until I can see that the health bar is gone or the enemy has collapsed.
This keeps me on a target I don’t need to be hitting a few shots longer than is useful, and keeps me from moving on to the next target.
While this is not always necessary, sometimes it’s really bleeding obvious that the enemy is no longer with us, but it happens enough to be a minor pain.
Changing the previous exp gained text to something that says, for example “terminated” or whatever word the designers choose would be handy to know when exactly when it’s time to move on, and would save that half-second or so that you spend figuring it out. My personal Peak runs would be helped by this.

(The doc is in.) #1240

That or you move to the next target thinking you killed it…
Only to see it come back at full health. :man_facepalming:

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Something just came up:

A chatbox to hasten messaging if you need to tell folks to wait, and ability to cancel the fast-travel.

Also, I was reminded of something while reading this:

How does a Homing Rain grenade sound?

Also, nothing like this…:

…which is supposed to happ-- well, the first part, anyway.

(RavenOfArisia) #1242

If BL3 is going to have missions or challenges that differentiate between day and night, well, let us know when it’s day or night!
The challenges Afternoon Delight and …I Got to Boogie and the Hammerlock mission Urine, You’re Out all have to occur either in day or night.
But when is that? Outside you can usually tell, but in enclosed areas (like the Urine mission) it’s hard to notice.
And, since BL2 does not have a wait XX hours option that many other RPGs have, getting to night is tedious. I generally just run around until the urine patches show up, and that can take quite a while.
So if you’re going to have these, somewhere show the time of day, and give us a wait option.