What we want for Borderlands 3. A wishlist

  • please add individual loot-drops in Borderlands 3!
    So everyone has their own loot, but can still share!

  • Add more guns that feel like Borderlands 1-guns, with bullets and not NERF-guns that shoot explosive bubblegums!

  • let us find some Pearlescent weapons, without fighting through the chore of UVHM.
    Slag is just an annoying, tackled on feature!
    Still, keep the Pearls very rare and let them only spawn at the boss, or at later farm-quests

  • add something like the Adventure-mode from Diablo 3!
    So when the Main-quest and the 2nd Playthroug are finished, you’ll get bounties and can kill multiple bosses multiple times for better loot!

  • give us some “easy” farmspots already! Just like in Borderlands 1!

  • keep the awesome leveldesign from Borderlands 2! Just give us new locations, but some “old ones” recyled are okay too!

  • add Set-Items, like Set-gun with Shield. Or Gun with shield with skin or head! (that give bonus to whatever!)

  • Put (as DLC maybe) a super huge expandable, evolving roster of playable characters (like in Battleborn, just better!) into the game!

  • keep the gore, but do it more like in Borderlands 1 where it wasn’t so dependend on Physx!
    We all love your comic-gore after all!

  • I don’t think anyone has a problem if you reuse some playable characters from the “old” Borderlands (1 + 2) !!!

  • never, ever outsource the Borderlands-Franchise again (the Pre-sequel was dissapointing. Believe me!)

  • short underwater-segments that let you find hidden treasure or sunken vaults

  • add a littlebit more of character-costumisation

  • add random announcements / dialogue, for multiple playthroughs, just like in Battleborn
    (but I guess, you are thinking about that already, do you? :slight_smile: )

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I got Battleborn lol. J/k. Just a bigger game. With fallout 4 and division out now I’d like to see gearbox take some inspiration from them in a way but with gearbox I’m sure they have some surprises


I am hoping after playing battleborn, that the characters you do play as, feel differently than the otjers. One jumps higher than the others. One runs faster, etc. That would be a wish for me.


i got some stupid good idea for game :slight_smile: for promotion BL3
Anyone still rymenber Borderlands:Legends?

How about 2 Side scrolling shooter Like Soldat or Strike Force Heroes(Flash game) but instead playing Vault Hunters we playing Hero person relayted to weapon brand.

You start game as weapon brand hero/heroinne and your goal are gain trust of other weapon brand heroes by fighting them in deathmaches to agiasnt evil Arnold Atlas and twin sisters S & S

Playable Heroes/Heroines

-Danny Dahl
Weapon Burst Fire Combat Rifle with Red Dot sight
I love making bullets holes at daylight

-Tracy Tedicore
Weapon Exploding while reloading SMG
Maybe i deal small damage but mine fast reload can be helpfull agianst stronger enemies

-Jesse Jaycobs
Weapon dual revolvers with chance for critical hits
Small capity magazines are my problem but i got tendance to score critial hits in your a.se partner.

-Vladislava Vladof
Weapon Fast Firing Reaptear Pistol
Today gonna be rain…rain of bullets muhahaha!

-Harry Hyberion
Weapon Sniper Rifle with laser sight who stablizing shots
Angry bee style i say :wink: i cannot harm no body at first strike but next strikes can be deadly and effecitve

-Thomas Tourge
Weapon Shotgun firing exploding shells
:smiley: At least mine weapon are not made of freaking wood

-Mary Malivan
Weapon Laser gun who randolby changes eletemtar damage
Who knows maybe my weapon are powered by skittles :wink:

-Barry The Bandit
Weapon Belt feded Combat Rifle with shorter range than Danny Combat Rifle.
Huge mag for fun, killing baddies is always fun…oh wait nevermind.


Arnold Atlas (Final BOSS)
Weapon Single Revolver with scope
Get out!

Twin Sisters Sopfitia and Sylvia S&S (Bodyguards of Arnold Atlas)
Combat Rifle & Shotgun with large magazines
Sexy and Sleazy that why sisteters we are super :stuck_out_tongue:

Not playable neutral hero and heroines

Sonny The Scav (Owner of Ammo resupply machines)
Role duh! he sells ammo :stuck_out_tongue: in Item of the day offer one use belts who give ifinity ammo for some time
Gimme yo some scrap boyo and gonna fuel your gun

Pauline Pangolin (Owner of Finest shields machines)
Role Sells randomly varrius types of shields in Item of the day offer one use shields with health refiling for limited time
Better safe than sorry

Asuka Anshin (Owner of health kits machine)
Role sells healing items in Item of the day offers one use medical pouch who automacly revive your hero/heroine from cripled state for some time
:stuck_out_tongue: Medical Licence whats that?


Well honestly. Gearbox should really consider K. I. S. S. = keep it simple stupid. Bl2 was a super success. I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of hours of fun. Miss the loot midget runs lol. The only thing they need to do is keep bl2 running. Just add vaults. You showed them at the end of the game. Now add them to the game. No special tweaking. No reinventing the wheel. Just add to it and make a bl3. Sure you can add characters. You can add skills. But keep it simple. You’re guaranteed to make another mash hit.


some type of weapon customization!! i.e. I’d rather have a Hyperion sight or a Maliwan stock on this weapon.

maybe incorporate an archery based playable char?

more group friendly skills like tank/support/healer/cc type chars but still retaining that solo capability we’ve all come to love about the borderlands series.

Retain the style and flash and zest of borderlands that everyone loves (or loves to hate!)
please don’t try to appeal to other crowds in trying to imitate things that have worked for other shoot n loot games like Destiny or the Division. the stigma will still remain with those who don’t enjoy Borderlands and also probably won’t appeal to lovers of the series. because above all, it IS still Borderlands!

just my 2-cents, thanks!
I’m really looking forward to what is dished out in the upcoming sequel


Can’t state this enough – roll NVHM and TVHM into one so it auto-scales ~Lv50. That and having only two modes (instead of three) makes it infinitely less torturous.


I sign everything of this!

They shouldn’t change too much!

Also: The ending of Borderlands 2 that showed us much more vaults…
They should continue this path!

Everyone would be happy and still buy it, just for more vaults!

The DLCs for BD2 (and BD1) have clearly shown, that its totally ok to just add more level, more guns and new interesting locations (and dialogue!)!


I want Fiona and Rhys to be in Borderlands 3. ( as playable characters or not i don’t care)


Reseting quests/missions in game just like in Destiny.
Some people just like to use for example Kitten or VibraPulse before max level.


Why is there a lot of threads like this? I think it’s they’re starting to clutter the forum.


@diator1730 I already dropped one to @JoeKGBX about putting all B3-related threads into their own category, even if the game’s yet to be released.


Yeah, thanks. Either that, or merge these threads into one, I guess? idk

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I think a more customizable skill tree would be awesome. keep the 3 branchs, but have 2 options at each level. I would like customized attachments to guns that you can swap between regards of gun levels.
I find it annoying when you find a gun you like, but as you level, is too low now and you spend hours trying to get the same gun at a higher level.


@diator1730 I say merge all existing ones, both open and closed, into a single thread relevant to the subject. By this, I mean if there’s a specific aspect of B3 being discussed, or if the thing is just a general wishlist.

I just want the characters to be more diverse. The specials in borderlands are awesome but outside of the one special ability, people always kind of feel the same. Wish the characters had multiple abilities like battleborn. Here’s to hoping battleborn influenced some more in depth abilities for characters


Krieg, Athena and Zer0 play very different from gun based chars, but yes absolutely more variety would be great. Zero and Krieg and Attrna are great because they support more play styles.

The down side of so many chars is diluting the intensity of a small set of chars. I played a very little of Smite. The huge selection is off putting. Some of us like to play all of chars eventually as well.


My ideas;

•I used to play this game alone before I introduced it to my friends where the game really blew up among us. We really need the same co-op experience to return. The co-op experience in Borderlands is what has always made this game strong and fun to many players. Please make the experience return better than ever. I believe the co-op feature is one of the most vital aspects of this game.
We need the all the vault hunters from BL2 to make a badass comeback in BL3, as well as all the old characters to have a role in the new game.
THE HUMOR! All the humor from BL2 was perfect. It really fit well with the chaotic setting of the game and gave everyone very memorably moments of the game. I love the subtle humor as well as all the crazy ■■■■.
•Back when BL2 was first coming out, when fans saw buzzards we all thought we were going to have flying abilities. With the new console capabilities we should expect some areas in the world(s) to be places that were made for players to traverse the area in their own buzzard. This concept can be kind of like how some areas in the world were made specifically for cars while other areas completely excluded car travel. Please bring buzzards to the players.
I think a very good possibility that would be very interesting and cool to the players would be plenty of new environments. BL2 and BL:PS had the most amazing environments. Everything in the game was so scenic and amazing. The amount of art in this game was incredible. With the new consoles I believe that Gearbox can make this game even more amazing and scenic. With the new consoles I believe Gearbox could bring back the outer space environment from BL:PS. I think they could also bring in an all new underwater environment. I think an underwater environment would be really cool because it can give Gearbox a chance to make new and innovative gameplay while adding plenty of new enemies as well as maybe a new vehicle. Like I said earlier with the buzzards, there could be a new airspace environment as well.
•Players should be able to have their own, personal, and customizable area of their own in the game. Like they can have a home where they will have their vault.
•I don’t have many ideas for new vault hunters. I do think Tiny Tina would make a cool vault hunter as she could be grown up in the the new game and could have traits and skills like the Mechromancer.
•For new characters, I honestly just want the funny, ■■■■■■■ enemies to return.
•I truly love every single character in BL and all their personalities and roles in the story. As far as the plot goes I think more beloved characters should die in another heart-wrenching death like Roland’s. This can help make the story very emotional to really impact then players and their feelings.

That’s all I got for right now. Gearbox is the best and I am realllllllllllllllly looking forward to their next Borderlands. I have alot of faith in this company because they have helped and stayed close to their community unlike some of the other game companies out there lately. (we all know who I’m talking about :wink: )
As a community, we need to really be posting to these forums to help shape the next Borderlands for the better. Gearbox listens to their people and we need to give feedback in order to help shape our game. Have faith in the company because they have even more faith in us. Give feedback.


My Big One Wish is to change loot system in random groups.

Normally i like the loot systeme. When u have a static group its working well.

But when joining a random group its pretty annoying when u are a sniper and even dont see the weapons before someone other loot everything.

But i also dont like individual loot like Diablo 3.

My advise would be a shared (group) inventory who everyone can claim ownership before its transferring into the personal inventory.
With option to switch to original loot system.

So its exciting whenever loot something that seems a great weapon. And a great experience for the group play.

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Simple Question. Are u guys willing to pay for a Server based BL3? And when yes How much?

I would be Pay when:

A) The Price its not too high (maybe 5$ per month or maybe daily prices)
B) DLCs are free
C) events in game
D) Cheater free

Maybe i would appreciate when a Server Mode and a Offline Mode would come (with seperated chars)