What We Will Discover in the Heart of Ekkunar

So I played through the algorithm and I heard a line from ISIC that I hadn’t heard before…

When ghalt tries to get ISIC with a logical paradox, ISIC responds:

You think the Varelsi are bad? What do you think they’re running from? C’mon, champ. Think about it! What do you think could possibly scare the Varelsi into leaping across the dimensional divide, snagging the very stars from the sky, and dragging 'em back with them? What do you think has THEM planning for the worst? What do you think that looks like, champ? Really… really think about it, champ.

So do we have any predictions for what might be sending the varelsi across the universe to darken the stars? do you think we’ll even get a solid answer for this?

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That version has been an obsession of mine. Given references to big reveals on the Varelsi leaked about this Operation, this is exactly what I thought of too. (Also, ties in with theories relating to my obsessive hope that Borderlands and Battleborn will be revealed to share a universe)

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This. They are preparing for this.


I’m super excited about this too, not only because of ISIC’s line, but I always wondered what’s driven Rendain into madness, yes he’s a villain, and propably an a*hole, but after all he’s a Jennerit, loyalty is above all…
So my thought, Rendain saw what scares the varelsi off, and it must’ve been such terrifying that Rendain hasn’t seen another way to save the Empire and Jennerit… that’s what he’s always talking about, survival…

“Any deed, any price!”

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This feels very Zarpedon-esque when you put it like that. Putting others at risk (destroying Elpis and pandora to stop jack/destroying the remaining universe to save his empire)

I’d absolutely LOVE a vault tie in. Maybe the big war referenced at the end of TPS is a lot more universal than just a few vault hunters?

And we all know what happened the last time a group of soldiers descended to the core of planet/moon…

There’s some threads slowly weaving themselves together that I’m surprised I just now started putting together (even if I’m making all of it up)

ah yes, the dreaded CL4P-TP Vault Monster bot

Imagine finishing up the final boss battle at 100 ops points and hearing “HELLLOOOOOO BATTLEBORN”


I always had the impression that the stars are darkened, but the other Planets aren’t destroyed (propably in the aftermath of a darkened sun, but some planets [Bliss?] seem to be frozen anyway, now they’re just dark and frozen), so maybe Rendain was facing an enemy he was so terrified from, that he chose to help darken the universe to preserve the jennerit, or risking that they vanish into oblivion, maybe fear of what he saw has driven hil mad, maybe it was desperation…

either way, I’m pretty pumped to see what’s really going on!

I mean no planet is worth anything without its sun. But there is direct mentioning of not only stars being darkened but planets too. In the prologue Mellka (bless her nerfed heart) says her planet was darkened rather than her solar system or sun.

I think being overrun by varelsi and being pretty much “consumed” like what the remaining planets are going through with the mass varelsi attacks is what the darkening of a planet is like, where darkening a star is straight up absorbing its energy and destroying it.

I’m still fuzzy on how rendain ending the final star would help save his empire though… would the varelsi then take all of them to their dimension? Because once the last star is gone, that’s the heat death of the universe and is unlivable.

One ending id LOVE to see is Ambra using her sun powers to help jump start the universe again and start making new suns. Maybe reverse the heliophage?

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I was thinking about a powerful entity on “the other side”, something that promised rendain to preserve the empire for his assistance in darkening the universe.

(I’m just speculating here)

I’m thinking there is an entity but they’re basically harvesting energy from this universe to be used in the “other” one. Which might lead to some connections with vaults or eridians or something. If you think about it, the use of masks on humanoid figures does seem pretty suspicious

Battleborn varelsi:

Borderlands eridians:

The similarities aren’t perfect but there are definitely some similar design choices :eyes:

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What time will it be out?

Like 3 pm EST/noon pacific

If Battleborn and Borderlands share a universe that would be stupid and bad (in my opinion).

My guess is that the Varelsi have some relation to the Aztanti. You know, that civilization that just “mysteriously disappeared.”

Maybe the stars are activating in their universe so they are coming to ours to darken our stars so they can again live in the dark.

Then again every time you travel to their side its dark as hell so that can’t be it.

Don’t give them any ideas.

Puhlease and thank you.


I really hope they do come together, and I think it makes perfect sense. If you look at the Eridians and all their vaults, so far they’ve basically been interdimentional prisons. So we know travel between dimensions is achievable in both unverses. We know very little about the Eridians except that they suddenly disappeared from their universe for unknown reasons, just like the Aztanti. They could easily link both worlds and do it well.
I understand your skepticism, but I have faith they’ll pull it off in that generally amazing Gearbox way.

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They flee the hentai beast from Borderlands 1. I would.

Lets be sure the threads that talk about it, have CLEAR SPOILER TAGS!

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or at least use this? yeah?