What weapon really stood out from the last update?

From those you had the occasion to test, which one really became awesome?

I have tested the garcia : It munch amno but it became an incredibly strong weapon, not Lob powerfull, but totally M4 powerhouse

I haven’t tested the One Pump Chump but the up seem minimal at best, barely making a difference in the displayed number

Dude, it went up by like 30-40%

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Boom sickle went from unknown to kills everything on the map, including yourself xD

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None for me



Just 86k dps from card, nothing interesting, usual story…

It seem to be a mistake. The damage seem over the chart

Nothing stood out like the Lob or Krakatoa, but the XZ41 is nice.

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XZ41 is alot better. The Roisen’s Thorn is now also very good.

The Boom Sickle is what stood out for me although I haven’t tried them all. I’ve been having fun with a kinetic Boom Sickle with a bad anoint. I can only imagine how good it is with elemental damage and a good anoint. I still don’t think that it’ll be on the level of the Lob for damage but the mechanics of it work better for me.

The ZX41 seems good but I haven’t had a chance to use it a lot.

ZX41 is one of the best general bossing weapons in the game right now. Absolutely tears through any large enemy like a Conference Call on 'roids.


ZX41 was what I used to farm Agonizer 9,000, prebuff… cant wait to try it now…

Boom Sickle is crazy…

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I don’t think Boom Sickle can spawn with elemental damage…

YEs it can. I have a fire boom sickle

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Whaaaaaaatt? (In pewdiepie)
Omg it’s true! I saw it!
Warden, prepare your butt!
I gonna farm you forever!

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I have a cryo Boom Sickle

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Fun fact : The faisor alternative fire mod hit harder than the boom sickle and is way more accurate. My Moze is totally wrecking things with 3 faisor of different elements


I’m glad that you mentioned that. I like the faisor as an AR and keep forgetting to use it in shotgun mode. I’ll give it a try!

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You will be farming him forever if you’re looking for an elemental Boom Sickle. :smile: It’s a very rare drop.

It’s a goal!!!
I am looking for 4 elements!
About the faisor, I was trying it, the damage is awesome but the recover is too slow
Maybe I would need more points in the green tree or a means of destruction COM
But I am using bloodletter and the switching to rifle all the time is annoying