What weapons do you find great on Wilhelm?

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #1

So, I’ve been wondering what weapons people have been using that may not end up in top gear. I’ve been experimenting with a few options over the last few days and found some gems.

Gwen’s Other Head-In cryo, this hits just as hard as the Fridgia (no hard numbers, but that’s what it feels like), but even even the non-elemental version was great at ripping apart shield and health. As expected, critical hits take out pretty big chunks of health.

Striker- I don’t know why, but this gun just works really well for me.

So, what hidden gems have you guys found to wreck face on our favortie half-robot mercenary?

Also, as an aside, has anyone tried Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle? I’d be really interested to know how that worked if you did.

EDIT: Thanks for the responses thus far, but I think most people know by now that lasers are great with Wilhelm, so I just want to see what else besides laers people are using.

(Super Badass Constructor ) #2

A Tediore Cryo Splitter. I love that dang thing! It seems to have an excellent freeze chance with 6 shots, and it hits like bricks if your Laser Focused!

(Jmababa) #3

any cold weapon will do just don’t forget to pick up cold war skill and chronicler of elpis

(Super Badass Constructor ) #4

Also, Maliwan Blasters are smexy.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #5

…nothing that isn’t just as awesome in any other character’s hands, but as I basically play him for the sole purpose of punching frozen enemies with Power Fist, I use the Frigidia a lot (Wolf can take care of enemies that don’t want to get punched).

(Residential Idiot) #6

Aside from Laser weaponry and guns with high cryo chance, Wilhelm is pretty fine with any other gun.

(Zamb92) #7

I like a good sniper, works well with laser guided wolf.
A cryo mining laser is also pretty good at freezing stuff if that’s your thing, and it’s got way better range than a splitter.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #8

Anyone know any pistols worth keeping any eye out for?

(CDR_Shepard) #9

A good pistol I’ve found is the T4s-R (taser) from the Holodome. Maybe that’s because I found a ‘Redundant’ (two shots for one) shock one! Also the Maggie is always a great pistol, no matter who – they’re like mini-snipers.

(Super Badass Constructor ) #10

I’m quite happy Maggie gets to shine in TPS. Loved it in BL2 but it just couldn’t keep up in the nutty high level end game.

(Here comes the BOOOOM) #11

The Maggie keeps popping up. I’m going to have to try one soon!

(Samuraith) #12

Cyber Eagle is very good. With my mauler com, two scoops has been a good shotgun, the howitzer, i still like my double pounder. I have a number of builds going on.

(Samuraith) #13

Pistol wise cryo anarchist, the other gwens head, and my purple tmp.

(All your base are belong to us!) #14

I’ve been partial to Dahl ARs with Vladof barrels as my main weapon.
When ADS they unleash at least 3 bursts of 3 rounds every trigger pull, more if you match stock (and grip? not sure).
I can’t match the damage output with any other AR, and have yet to find an SMG or Blaster…although I did find a slightly underleveled Anarchist that almost beat the AR on Damage.
I used to play Sal in BL2, so I’m plenty familiar with the awesomeness of Vladof pistols - I’ll be all over it if I find a better one.

Any decent quad-barreled Shotgun (Torgue Ravagers & Jacobs Quads are TITS) + Extendo-punch for close-range mobs, a Maliwan Shock Railgun for long-range shield stripping and a Corrosive/Fire Beam depending on the area.

With this kind of loadout, I figure once I spec into cold war, the rest of TVHM should be a breeze (and I might not have to worry about using Cryo weapons at all for UVHM either?).

Willhelm is a beast.