What weapons work well with the 500% elemental crit annoint?

I would like to build using the 500% elemental crit annoint. I am aware that the elemental crit damage is based of the status effect damage. Off the top of my head, I think the Storm would be effective? High DoT, and the Storm balls can crit. Criteria would include: Many crits (decent fire rate/ high accuracy), high DoT, any suggestions?

I’ve tried it with a kill-of-the-wisp, which had huge elemental proc damage, and was not impressed…
Even with a Recursion I didn’t see much in terms of damage…

I’ve heard that a Megavore Fl4k with it on a Reflux is pretty amazing.

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As it turns out, it doesn’t exist.
And here’s why.
Simply because 500% is too low a number.
This anointing occurs when you make an elemental critical hit, followed by a cooldown!
For example, let’s say you have a weapon with a relatively high number of elemental damage of 50,000
Activated with this weapon, you will do 2.5M damage.
And then we go into the cool down.
Meanwhile, other anointing weapons will easily pile up several times this damage!

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Tbh only the maliwan pistols are doing work with it and a non x12 insider. U dint want extra pellets for a insider to do it. Oh also trevonator. So damage of it has to do with how much the elemental dot is and pretty much only maliwan can make it do good damage. The new beacon gun makes it do INSANE damage. Keep in mind the elemental dot chance on a gun is directly linked with the chance to explode

That is not correct unless they just changed it. The chance is directly linked to dot chance and can happen alot there is no cooldown
This video explains italll

I havent heard about a cooldown on the Annoint. I heard it was a chance though. Can you link where you heard it was a cooldown?

Haven’t tried it but I’d imagine the Hellfire would probably benefit from it.

Hellshock with +500% novas is fine.

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I had a Krakatoa I thought this would be great on. Turned out not to be the case.

The Krakatoa has a DoT chance of 0% thats why

I’m trying to make this build and found most of the Torgue guns are good.

The basic concept is that you want to find a way to create a stronger DoT than normal. This means using something like ASElemental or Skag Den to make Shock Elemental DoTs into Fire or Corrosive or Radiation (but why?). Why shock elemental? Because Torgue Shocker shotgun and and Maliwan Storm Sniper have the two of the highest non-Rocket Launcher DoTs in the game, but are also shock locked.


I were having fun with el dragon relic and a non-ele ripper with 500% on crit annoint (Infusion amara). I were getting 36M novas hehe

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Kill O’ Wisp is up there on DoT as well IIRC.

Problem is that the DoT isn’t tied to splash. So Skag Den can’t create a fire version.

Also, KotW is very weird about how it applies it’s damage…

I have definitely made it do wicked stuff on Amara though

That video might actually have Amara KotW in it!

That’s right, the only way I got it to work was a Nimbus Com. KotW was there to proc it’s own absurd dot ticks…which it can’t actually create.

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I’m away for a while so can’t check this. I found a X18 Bangstick with this annointment. How will it go on that?

The hornet works perfectly with that annointment, I melt enemies with ease

Zane’s Clone with Double Barrel will proc the 500% anointment as long as YOU are holding a gun with the anointment, and I have a Storm, Trevonator, S3RV-80S-EXECUTE, Hellshock, and Hellwalker with the anoint. I regularly (every 1-3 seconds while there are sufficient enemies present) see the clone getting hits over 7 million on M10/11 while I’m just watching, harvesting loot. If I really want/need to get serious, I’ll activate the clone with a Trevonator, then switch to my 500% S3RV to support him with the debuff chucks.
I don’t believe the gun the clone is holding needs the anointment, it just has to have elemental damage and the ability to crit.