What went wrong?

So the Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition has come and gone and while those who have played the game have found it to be good, it clearly has not gone well in the big picture, the rerelease was announced back in December last year, had 5 months of marketing put into it, Duke Nukem shoved in at extra price and even had the possibility of a Bulletstorm 2 being put out there if things went well.
Yet based on the sales(at least Steam sales), things are looking very poor for Bulletstorm.
(Even if you add on some general console sales, it still doesn’t seem like the game hit much)

Especially when you compare it to the other 2 rereleases that came out in this same month.
Both of which had WAY WAY less marketing.

All that appears to have happened with this release is it has made more people angry at Gearbox for how badly they handled it and barley anyone paid any attention to the game itself, just like how the whole thing went with the Duke Nukem 3D World Tour release where everyone was so mad about the price and removal of the Megaton Edition that no one really cared about the new episode.
The backlash just overshadowed the releases.

So I want to know what went wrong and how can Gearbox finally stop this constant barrage of embarrassments.
The most obvious point is of course that disgusting price tag, a point those other 2 releases clearly schooled Gearbox on.
$50 with an extra $5 for the Duke Nukem add on, I don’t know how in the hell that supports the “extra value” thing they were going for, but the price royally screwed this game the moment it was revealed.
Both Halo Wars and Bayonetta have released at a charming $20 price tag and have both received a great audience reception with loads of people(myself included) going out of their way to support these games and beg the companies to rerelease more of their stuff.

Another big thing may have been that whole G2A controversy, but that happened pretty close to release and blew over rather quickly, Gearbox got some flak for it, but I think most of the hate went on G2A, still couldn’t have helped things for Bulletstorm though.
In my opinion, Gearbox was backing out of the situation quite maturely until their CEO opened his damn mouth on Twitter blaming People Can Fly for the whole thing.

Then there was the marketing…oh my god…the marketing.
That first trailer was mediocre, but then came all the painful live action “hashtag turnt” Duke ads, the gameplay trailers that showed the game was relatively unchanged and had that very very off lip sync for Duke and that launch trailer that should have got someone fired, which they clearly didn’t learn their lesson cause they used the same music for their review trailer.
I really wanted Gearbox to start up hashtag asking people to “Put Duke somewhere else he doesn’t belong!” only so I could see them get flooded with pictures of Duke standing in Gearbox HQ.

Anyone else have any ideas on what went wrong? Or did I already hit the nail on the head?
If so how can they avoid this mistake next time?

Hey you ahould add battleborn, the marketing was so missleading.

I wanna blame 2k they publish the games (atleast battleborn is).

All reasons I’m pretty sceptic about BL3 becoming anything good.
With the track record of ACM, D3D20A and this. DNF aswel, even if it was more of a dev hell thing.