What were they thinking? (Spoilers)

Why nerf anything and then turn around and make a launcher that hits for a million and oneshots on m4? lol I honestly cant believe they put this launcher in the DLC


If I had to guess, it’s because everyone cried that everything was too hard and wanted to try different builds. Well now you have the “I win” button, can farm whatever you want and then try your new build. Then they will nerf the launcher to oblivion. The flavor text kinda says it all. Maybe it’s the ultimate trolling of the hostile community?

Hahaha I’m playing around. I have no idea, but I can’t wait to use it!

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What is it called? I only am seeing purples and blues. Playing it on M4.

lol. I’m not buying the DLC so I don’t know anything about it but that sounds about right. Picking up and using OP weapons is a lot of what people want to do. Don’t worry, it will get nerfed, it will be just like the launch of the game.

They put out the game with a lot of OP weapons in play and OP builds in play and loot everywhere. Then they nerfed the characters and nerfed the loot over time until people got really cranky with them for doing it and had to back off. They just wanted good reviews up front to sell boxes which is pretty standard practice these days unfortunately.

The same will probably happen all over again.


Personally I think the woodblocker needs a damage nerf…


I think it’s a joke put in by the devs. It’ll get nerfed pretty quickly. And if it doesn’t… Then I’m gonna have a ton of fun with it lol. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

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What is the gun called, stats and where?

They should just put a check box for God Mode in the options too, right?

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Yeah it’s called Amara XD

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Gearbox and Balance does not go well together, nothing new.

Bout time we got a Legendary Rocket Launcher that didnt suck or had some awful gimmick that makes in near impossible to use effectively. Also god forbid something is OP in a Borderlands game…cause thats suddenly a bad thing like the Norfleet wasnt broken af in BL2.


Im down with a spawnrate nerf; with 30-40% of my lego drops being woodblockers, its a little rough

great, another OP weapon that I will get one day before they nerf it into the unusable… all because the community cry of OP OP zOP

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I hope it comes in radiation, my rad build Zane clone could find that handy.

So how is the DLC so far. Might have to pick it up.

There’s some nice touches. I really love the soundtrack…

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I am still at work and some are already calling for drop nerfs. Second thread I have seen while on my break complaining.

You and the player complaining about the com drops should play together.


Lol imagine not getting 5 Green Monsters while playing thru the DLC like I did…

lets dial back the critique of the drops on the dlc (especially if it’s beneficial) until at least a day or 2 have passed. not everyone has even had a chance to play it yet.


No kidding, you got people who have already completed it and its only been out for 4-5 hours. Sheesh.