What were you hoping bl3 woulda been like with planets? What did You Imagine?

I was hoping to see… Pandora in it’s full glory updated, Some new areas. Then Some different planets.

Limited areas like they are now… But increased the map and added more connections of each planet with each dlc. I was hoping each dlc woulda added new areas to each planet. Making it feel like a whole world to explore on each planet.

All the old monsters all there from the dlcs and then some. New monstera on each planet. Varied wildlife and ecosystems the way we saw bl2 unfold. But with multiple worlds allowing crazier variety.

Was hoping to see gigantic terramorphous style monsters everywhere, crazy variety. Monsters figbting other monsters vs bandits vs new enemies. Like how borderlands 2 was chaos anywhere ya go where monsters could intersect n path. The world felt so Alive!

I thought id find that variety n life all over on different planets with lots of varied areas on each planet.

So i wanna discuss what you thought Borderlands 3 woulda been like.

I dont wanna talk about letdowns negatives, whats wrong. I just want to know what you thought the game would be like

negativeive cesspools get discussions locked so try to minimize it. Tbh really just wanna know ur own personal ideas wonder expectations- thank you for sharing i like reading ppls pov.

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The planets were one of BL3’s greatest achievements. I absolutely loved the varied and interesting maps. I can’t really fault the planets and maps at all.


My hype for this game was more than my hype for fallout 4. Burned on both, moreso on fallout 4 though.
I pictured a wa-a-a-ay more open world for one. I thought zones would be akin to Witcher 3 maps. I thought planets would be a lot more content filled with exploration goals that went a bit further than the ones we did get. I pictured more character customization, skins actually being skins and not recolors only! Heads are okay but imagine SKINS! NAKED FL4K! PEG LEG ZANE! MIGHTY MORPHIN MOZE IDK!
I thought Sanctuary 3 would be laid out a lot better. I thought the B-team was going to be a huge part of the story. I had hoped we would see quests involving ALL old characters (axton, salvador, krieg, zed) since we are going to PLANETS.
I feel like these expectations were grounded in reality, and that’s what hurts the most tbh. Looking at games like the witcher 3 and assassin’s creed odyssey;
I believe there is no reason all those characters I mentioned could not have had their own side quests or even main quests. The scope of the game, lore wise, is freakin’ infinite when it comes to possible content you could create and put in the game. Planets! WE ARE TRAVELING TO DIFFERENT PLANETS!
AC and the witcher took place on ONE and they have WAY MORE STUFF! WHAT!
Aside from that, I also pictured more cutscenes and meaningful dialogue, as opposed to having to sit there and listen to lillith, cl4p, and tannis talk while I can’t check my gear or skills unless i’m in multiplayer.
Honestly the story and the dialogue were the biggest gripes. I’ve said it before in a different thread but there’s better fan fictions. So much potential and while it’s not a ‘bad’ game, it could have been freakin’ amazing. They should have taken notes from other good games that came out in the 7 years between BL2 and BL3.
Now that I think about it though, when was that unreal engine reveal? They probably didn’t start heavy development until they got the new engine thing sorted, so 7 years may be a bit of an exaggeration.
Regardless, AC Odyssey was pumped out in 2 years?
Have you SEEN what’s in that game?
Sorry if this was negative, I started ranting a bit :sweat_smile:


I was honestly a little bit disappointed in the planets, though extra shoutout goes to Athenas being so tiny. I suppose we were kind of spoiled by BL2 showing variety in Pandora alone that going to 3 and seeing just Pandora desert everywhere was kind of boring.

All the planets have a set theme/aesthetic and every area you go to on each planet basically was locked to it. Maps to me were also too big and had so much empty/unused space.


I’m a little confused. In the first post you seem to say you wanted varied worlds, each with their own creatures and themes. I feel like that is exactly what we got. The variety in the different planets was one of the best parts of the game.

When I first saw the BL3 reveal, I was like, this gonna be HUGE. I saw the skyscrapers on Promethea, the big cliffs on Eden-6, and on the gameplay reveal they show us that we can slide and mount. My first thought was, holy cr*p, how high we will be able to climb on those skycrapers in Promethea? Then I got into playing. The first thing I realised were the maps. One map seemed 2 or 3 times bigger than in BL2 for example. Leaving Pandora was really a big excitement for me. The way it was put in front of our eyeballs as “game candy”. New maps, new mobs, new environment. Everything new and fresh. I liked the idea that you can actually go inside the vaults and loot them. I liked the climbing option as well (hidden chests, whatsoever), but I was bit worried that this could take a lot of effort to reach them. Unfortunately, where’s good, there’s also bad. But you said no negativity, so I’m gonna keep this for myself for this time :man_shrugging:


I thought it might go more open world MMOG-like. That’s what it always seemed like the end of BL2 was hinting at to me.


Like how one planet can have a certain theme a city etc. surrounding area and then completely different areas. Like maybe a cave system. Ratches exist everywbere in bl3 was hoping for more wild life. The new wild life is ratches which are everywhere and eden 6 dinos and monkeys. Was hoping for a bigger variety in life like how Pandora and its dlcs and different areas were. Athenas is a great asian asthetic and very pretty. Was hopong to more than just te ple areas. Mayhe the wilds. Crazy monsters ppl living outside the temple. Maybe dlc woulda added more areas. Maybe fight a dragon… Who knows.

Promethea now its cool its got its tunnels. Bandits… And ratches. In sure theres other crazy monsters living out there… A chance ro see rhe natural terrain and not just the city. Space mice? Turtles?

Each planet variety means how u can go from.a tundra on bl2 to the wild life exploitarion preserve and all in between.

Hope that explains the pov

I really like the variety of planets! I just want more maps on each planet see more of the planet itself.

Planets should have different gravity feels too. That sorta thing :slight_smile:


I like the multiple planets we got. I was hoping for more Pandor though. As well as getting to see some of the old areas again, like Fyrestone etc in BL2. That would’ve been neat. Bringing back the old raid bosses in those old, yet changed areas.

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Well, you can’t please everybody…

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I see your point of view, and definitely respect it!

The only thing I can say is that, when you think about all of the varied environments on Pandora in BL2, Pandora was the entire game. The amount of art assets and whatnot that Gearbox would have to create in order for every planet to have vastly different environments was probably just too much to realistically accomplish.

Just a thought from the point of view of the studio. And again, personally I really love all the environments!

Definitely thought we be “hunting hundreds of vaults”. We got like 3. I guess 4 if you count dlc 2. Havent finished Gehenna.


It was pretty much what I expected, that the variety of BL2 and its dlcs level design would be assigned to Planets rather than different regions of one planet.

The addition of Sanctuary there made me wonder if space combat would be a part of the game, but it mainly allowed for map transitions via its navigation console. After a dropship visit Fast Traveling from the map serves the same purpose via Galaxy view.

Eden-6 = Hammerlocks Hunt Maps

Promethea = Opportunity & Motherless Board

Skywell - Veins of Helios and Triton Falls

Athenas & Nekrotefoya = Dragon Keep Maps

Xywhatever = Southern Shelf + Three Horns + Oasis

Gehenna = Come on now…

So there’s plenty of variety in the games environments, and the maps have some interesting routing quirks. But with the gravity only varying on a couple of maps, it so many bases already covered, there wasn’t much left without broaching actual different kinds of planets like Gas Giants or aquatic planets.


Using planets to provide varied environments was as expected. I had higher expectations as to how much of each planet we would experience however. I think Eden-6 was the closest to ok in terms of how much of the planet we seen during the campaign. Then again my expectations were probably too high due to the amount of RPG’s I’ve played where I was kind of expecting each planet to basically be a multi chapter mini campaign of sorts.


I wasn’t sure what the interface would be like, but it was pretty much this: numerous “Pandoras”, but with different names and map types. I wasn’t sure if original maps from Pandora would have been included.

I was, however, surprised that Elpis didn’t make the cut.


What if they Retcon the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned’s to take place on Gehenna?

And with all the games having a biological mutation subplot:

BL1 - zombification and Skaganthropy via experimentation,
Post-Mortem cybernetic reanimation

TPS - Guardian induced Eridium Mutation & genetically engineered viral mutation aka Brain Bugs

BL2 - Slag Experimentation and unintentionalSpore Mutation

BL3 - Siren Anointment (Evil Thoughtlock), Vault Monster remnant experimentation, Hybridization of species

having it start on Gehenna & Xywhatever (Jakobs being around for “300” years), and continue on via Ned in Jakobs Cove, then on to Hyperion via access to the Cl4ptrp model line via the H Source (corporate espionage 101) would create another through line that connects the lore.

I got pretty much what I expected but I wasn’t expecting one entire planet to only be a single linear map…


Pandora: Was Ok-ish, I love that they tried going back to BL1 Mad Max like feel. BL2 Pandora was all over the place especially at the end of its life cycle but like others have pointed out the maps look great but given the not very well used space and lack of side quests, easter eggs, whatever makes the maps often just boring to trudge through.

Also not revisiting past areas is a real bummer. Hopefully the Krieg DLC might change this.

Promethea: I love the urban warfare style but like I pointed out elsewhere, lorewise it is nothing like it should be. A mix of Nekrotafeyo, Trashlantis and its surroundings and a bit of the Bounty of Blood areas is probably pretty much how I envisioned it.

Also and this goes for each Planet there have way to few (differant) maps.

Might also add that I find it weird how the first Vault is still canon in this iteration but there is now also another Vault on Promethea. Just like with BL2 and its DLC, these things now seem to pop up everywhere :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Athenas: Speaking of too few maps. Athenas is perfect but I really hoped for lots of maps where we would make our way alongside serene mountain paths, these small asian wayside temples/shrines, exploring these monasteries in the distant etc.

And given Borderlands heavy ties to greek mythology I hoped for areas with greek ruins, amphitheaters, plazas with statues of Maya(given that they used to worship her before BL2) and such.

Eden-6: To be honest I didn’t really had any expectations for Eden-6 but when Marcus claimed bringing us to exciting new places like E6 at the end of New Robolution I surely wouldn’t have thought about just a bunch of swamps and Dinosaurs&Jabbers over and over again.

Nekrotafeyo: Is pretty much how I wanted it, well if I had known of its existence before traveling there :smile:


Spoiler from BL2 for those who haven’t played it: When we first play through Arid Nexus, there’s a moment when it dawns on us that we’re in the original Fyrestone… that was a jaw-dropping moment for me. I wouldn’t say no to having original maps back (because it ultimately means there’s more content), but maybe some stuff from BL1, but done in the same way. Like if we suddenly noticed that we were in Krom’s Canyon or Trash Coast or something. I’m happy with the current maps, but it’s more that there was a missed opportunity to make a new map but still throw some strong nostalgia at us.

The end of BL2 basically defined this as canon when the map was revealed.

I was certain they’d make a joke or easter egg if not an outright mission involving Space Vixens.


I have always been disappointed that Athenas only has one map.