What were you hoping bl3 woulda been like with planets? What did You Imagine?

Yes, I’m still hoping for a return to T-Bone Junction which is my favourite hub area in the series.

Should have been more clear. I meant on the same planet (Promethea/Pandora already having a single one for years).

Yes I thought the same as a possible way of Handsome Jack “returning” without shoving him in our faces for the x time.

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The map seemed to show loads of planets, but I guess each planet could have several vaults.

Interesting thought. How many vaults have we come across, over the various games?

  • B1 we see the vault of the destroyer, which is really more of a feeding tube
  • B2 we encounter the vault of the warrior, I think (is it in a vault?)
  • Torgue DLC we open the vault of the badass
  • TPS, we open the Elpis vault
  • TFTB we open the vault of the traveller (which has no set planet)
  • B3, we open one on pandora, plus the great vault, one on promethea (which isn’t the first vault, it seems), one on eden-6, and one on nekrotefyo.

Is that all of them?

I doubt the Torgue Vault is legit. Any other vaults opened by the blood of a coward?

And there was an Arch on the Warrior’s pit, but he didn’t come out of a Vault and we didn’t go into one.

At least BL3 was consistent with the Arches being the entry way, as was the cause of BL1.

But BL3 also established no all Vaults are built the same, based on what they contain.

TPS gave us Eleeser, but not a conventional vault. We enter a suspended rock, and in side of that appears a Vault-like doorway for the Sentinel.


I thought BL3 would take the lessons learned from BL2 and TPS and improve on them. In some ways I think they did, but in other ways I get the distinct impression that they wish people would forget TPS ever existed (no grinder, no low-g areas except for one spot in one DLC, no mention whatsoever of the inhabitants of Elpis, etc.)


That’s one of my biggest disappointments tbh. Despite shortcomings, TPS added to the BL formula. A grinder would be fitting for this game. (skill trees are better too imo despite not having augments and 3 AS)

I went back to playing TPS and the ozkits added so much fun and speed to the gameplay. For the planets, I was hoping they’d have different gravities to make use of jumppacks for dashing, double jumping, and gliding. Makes perfect sense since the bosses have more avoidable attacks. Its sour that Ellie makes a joke about it too.


To be honest, I was severely disappointed when we didn’t get to go to Aquator and have underwater gameplay.


Isn’t Lectra City a new, New Haven? I know this isn’t quite the blast from the past of Fyrestone.

I was hoping for more engaging side quests/quest chains. The few for the B Team were nice but I couldn’t appreciate them because those characters deserved so much more.

The few that stuck with me were Clan Wars, Cult Following, A Real Boy. I found these all very entertaining and did them on almost every playthrough even though they were side quests.

This is something I just don’t get in this game, it’s been more or less a race to the finish each time to unlock mayhem mode. I do think the planets and maps look great…but are kind of shallow content wise


That’s something I would really like to see in BL3: make Mayhem available from the start after you beat the story once, no matter on which character.

So, once I finished game with Fl4k, all new Mozes, Zanes, Amaras, and Fl4ks should have Mayhem option enabled from level 1 in Echo menu. Guardian ranks are already account-wide, why not Mayhem as well?


Yes. This has been something I’ve wanted since release. Especially since the base game is so trivial after playing m10. It would also help to level characters quicker yet also keep you from over leveling since enemies scale to the player

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i didnt expect a high tech city and a forest and jakobs house , but expected something that looks like Gehenna .

The planets? I sure was hoping I could travel from one to the other without having to detour to a third map only to twice run pointlessly from one end to the other there. On every playthrough. On every character. Again, and again, and again. :wink:

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