What were your preferred classes and playstyles throughout the series?

Since BL1, I’ve always been the run and gun guy. Always preferring to either get up close or take out enemies from afar. I rarely ever went mid-range unless the gun I had was the most effective at that range. I remember my first playthrough with Mordecai, picked him cause he was the coolest looking for me. When I saw his skill trees, I began it with gunslinger, and I invested all my points into that one skill tree. Of course, at the time, I hadn’t figured I could have invested points on the other trees, I just focused on the tree that improved damage. To this day, I still play with a conserved mindset, don’t waste ammo on an enemy that could go down with one clean shot to the head. After a while of playing this way, I grew bored with just standing in one area shooting from afar. Even more annoying, people I would play with ignored me when I went down, as they were preoccupied with their own gunfights. Eventually, I decided I wanted a more in your face playstyle. Mordecai was squishy, but with most of my points I invested into gunslinger, I felt I could still do some pretty good damage. It was at this point, I started testing out other guns.

It was during this testing period I became a Jakobs man. I don’t know what it was, but they felt like the guns that did the most damage to me. My favorite guns to use from them were sniper rifles of course, but I also enjoyed their shotguns and pistols. I remember the feeling of giddy happiness as each of my shots connected in a satisfying way. Overtime, I began to mainly use a shotgun, and the playstyle stuck me for the rest of my Mordecai playthrough. Of course, I did another with Roland, but it didn’t feel as satisfying. I loved the damage I could pull off with Mordecai, and even though I didn’t really use the action skill with Bloodwing too much, I still preferred that over the turret. Don’t know what to say, I had come that far with Mordecai, building him up in a way that suited me just fine. I was still able to do a lot of damage but was more mobile in the approach. Of course, this meant a lot of practice and dying, but I got use to it. In fact, I could say I became twice as dangerous when my health bar was low. It annoyed the hell out of the people I was session with time to time, but I still proved overall effective.

When BL2 came out, I immediately went with Zero, thinking the assassin was just a more modified and cooler looking hunter class. I enjoyed Zer0’s action skill very much, it allowed me to get in close, or to run away when there had been too much heat. I invested heavily in the Bloodshed tree, but unlike Mordecai, I didn’t really feel like I was doing as much damage as I could. The assassin class had indeed been different, found myself dying a lot before getting somewhat good at playing the character. I knew how to keep alive and strategize with the character, but in the end, it wasn’t as satisfying. Even after multiple playthroughs, I was just average. I still couldn’t solo any of the big bosses in the game. Eventually, Krieg came out, and I was immediately drawn to the new psycho character. If the fact that he was a psycho wasn’t awesome enough, it was what his action skill allowed me to do.

At this point, I knew how I was, Krieg certainly put it into perspective. Even this late in the game, with some of the characters I leveled, and Zer0 being my crowning achievement, Krieg blew them all away. I loved being a screaming psycho that tore apart his enemies. Not only was the play style in your face and mobile, it complimented how I chose to play. I still found myself in “fight for your life” a lot. And I will admit, I became heavily reliant on the mania skill tree. I still am, but I don’t much mind, hitting the enemy NPC’s like a freight train feels rewarding. Hearing the slash and thumps are like music to my ears. Krieg would always be my favorite in 2, I knew it when he first came out, and I still believe it to this day.

By the time of the Pre-sequel, I knew who I wanted to play. I wanted to play the Doppelganger but still had to wait for his complete development. Until then, I had the four main vault hunters to consider. I went with Wilhelm, mainly cause I wanted to see him become more machine. The augmentations to his body for Cyber Commando was agreeable for me. To be able to push back an enemy that got to close, running without slowing down the moment I let off a shot. Didn’t matter what shotgun I used from each corporation, I mowed the enemy NPC’s down, and it felt good getting in their face. Never did get the hang of Wilhelm’s action skill though. I’ll just say this, I sucked when trying to use it, Wolf and Saint became no more than decoys and cannon fodder to me. When the Doppelganger came out, he was completely different from anything I played in the other games. He felt more universal in a sense, as in, it didn’t matter how I chose to approach a firefight. Felt like I had an army each time I used his action skill. Like with Krieg, I became heavily reliant on the skill. Unlike with Krieg and my other playthroughs, I didn’t feel I was bound to any approach but the one I wanted to go with. I used many different guns with the Doppelganger. The character allowed me to experiment in a way I hadn’t felt with the others. Not that I was ever locked into my playstyle, it just showed me things I hadn’t considered.

Now with three coming out, I already know who I’m playing as. Zane will definitely be my main, not just for how awesome he is, but for his skill trees and his ability to use two action skills. Unlike my other playthroughs throughout the series, I don’t think I’ll be focused with any one tree. I’ll definitely start racking up points for the Hitman tree, the violent momentum skill is definitely a must-have for me. But Undercover and Double agent also have skills and abilities I think will be both crucial and enjoyable for me. Zane was definitely built to be a mobile character, the question left to me now, how will I apply it with the multiple options I’ll get. Only time will tell, but I’m certain to be as jolly as Zane was dancing in the “Happy Together” trailer. The quality of life improvements like mantling, sliding and pointing at a specific target are certainly some of the things I know I’ll love and enjoy.


In BL1 it was Roland 1st then Lilith 2nd. Liked Roland because of the turret and Lilith because of the SMG skills. In BL2 1st Axton because of the dual turrets and the way you can boost them and 2nd Gaige because of her mech, Deathtrap. In PreSequel 1st Athena because of her Storm skill tree and the Aspis and 2nd Frag-TP because what’s not to like! In BL3 1st Moze because of her mech and 2nd maybe Zane because of what I have seen in the gameplay videos.


When I started Bl1 I picked Roland because he was the well-rounded, easy to learn character, and also sequentially came 1st. Repeated this with Axton in 2. They both worked well for my playstyle at the time, brazen but with just enough finesse to make use of some longer ranged weapons occassionally.

From there I shifted to Gaige in Bl2 and Wilhelm in TPS, both struck me as similar characters that were easy to run solo with given their action skill, which allowed me to begin experimenting with other weapon types and got used to working with specific elements.

From there I branched into Sirens, both Lilith and Maya, which was really fun. Having learned so much more about the games and mechanics by now, tapping the awesome powert of the elements was a whole new experience for me.

Lately I’ve begun using snipers. Aurelia mostly, Mordecai a little and Zer0 not as much yet. I’ve really enjoyed Aurelia though, her ice prowess is a lot of fun and a force to be reckoned with.

All of that just to say I can’t really pick a favorite. I love the plethora of playstyles made available by the characters and the further variations each one individually has to offer. There’s just so many ways to approach the game, and each is fun and unique in their own right.

If I absolutely had to choose a favorite from each game so far I suppose it would be Lilith, Gaige, and Aurelia.


BL1 I started with Lillith because of the whole mystical powers vibe from the intro vid.
BL2 I started with Zero because he was a ninja and he was my main until Gaige was released.
TPS I started with Claptrap because I wanted play the annoyance of the world.


The powers of a siren, being able to control both beauty and beast, yes the appeal is there.

Same here, it was one of the assassin’s draws, sadly I wasn’t all that great with him. Certainly better with him when it came to the others, but I couldn’t make him the badass he could be. Krieg essentially became what I had been trying to accomplish. Was better with him overall, I’m guessing Gaige was a similar experience for you.

You see this, this is both awesome and hilarious. I hope you’re proud of yourself you savage because I know I am. Though I’m left wondering how you yourself did not go insane. XD

Never played BL1, but when I started playing BL2 my first VH was Axton while my brother got Salvador.

At first, I was kinda disapointed because of the damage difference, but once I started reading about skills and gear, we were both running Harolds and MIRVs to great effect so I didnt feel behind anymore.

I still remember the first time we took Terra down. The Bee + CC was nerfed already but was our best bet.
My Tactician COM helped a lot, as the cap was 50 and we were both invested in Survival/Brawn to try to survive the most we could. Good times farming the Warrior without knowing the moonshot way for a CC (we ended up with 1 slag and one NE).
We didnt even know about LLM farming! :smile:

And we only started knowing about Moxxi healing effect when we struggled to take down Pete. Really, a shock Rubi and Kitten were our way to go so we could tank Pete DoT. :smile:

Or when we killed Hyperius as Zer0 and Maya, and I was a health tank Maya for Slagging and Res/Heal while he bored the bots with my converge and swaped to a Law and Order combo to take the Boss down with Killing Bl0w help. Good times :smile:

Later we discovered about beehawking and Pimp/RL and our lives changed forever.

Anyway, my life changed when I got my own PS3 and started Gaige solo. She is by far my preferred VH! <3

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Dang, those are some good times, especially those moments you shared with your brother. I tried to get mine into the game, but he wasn’t really into the RPG elements. He was fine playing any FPS, he just never liked anything he felt complicated it. I on the other hand enjoyed it, as it gave me a sense of player freedom and choice in how I chose to build up my character. I remember Terramorphus, never really got around to farming the beast. I just killed him once and I was done. First reason because he had already killed me so many times, second because I needed a group just to bring the beast down. It’s different now that I’ve come back to it in the Handsome collection.

Gameplay feels the same, but the bosses themselves, (even those who seem to still be a pain) don’t seem like such a big deal. Though I can’t take credit for that, learned a bunch of builds I could use to make the task of beating a raid boss easier. Albeit, the grind isn’t as much fun as it use to be, I had already gone through the content about five times. Three times with Zer0, two with Krieg. Since the Handsome collection, I’ve now done it seven times. Games still fun, but I didn’t really enjoy following a format. Anyway, farming was never a thing for me. I do enjoy looting my fallen enemy as much as the next fan, but what I really enjoyed was completing the quests. I thought objectively, each new piece of loot I received became a tool in completing the task set before me. I never grew attached to a gun because I was always looking to switch it out with something better. Going back to the bosses that torment me all those years ago, feels damn good to turn in that quest, even if the reward didn’t mean much compared to the loot I had on me.

We all have our vices within the game. I’m happy you and your brother could make some fun times together. I thank you for sharing, and glad you could enjoy the game on your own with your console. With 3 almost here, I think it’s nice to reminisce on our old experiences. Makes you appreciate all the time you put into the series. I hope you and your brother, if he still plays with you, have a swell time of it in 3.

In the first game I went with Mordecai. I tend to like snipers and/or pet classes. I tried Roland, but his turret is the worst.

In the 2nd game, I started with Zer0 but found him too squishy and disliked his Action Skill. Out of the four original characters I progressed farthest with Maya. But I think I like the added characters better. Krieg is probably my favourite.

In the Pre-Sequel, Claptrap is my favourite. But he also always amused rather than annoyed me. The runner up would be the dual wielding Sheriff whose name escapes me. I really wanted to play all of the PS characters in a better game, though.

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My general playstyle has always been aggressive, I prefer a run-and-gun style but I also like strategic crowd control and melee combat in most games.

I didn’t play a lot of BL1 but I immediately gravitated towards Lilith, because Siren, and her power granted her the ability to control the battlefield by repositioning herself. I was a fan of Mordy too because kill skills. Brick should be what I like, but I just didn’t like Brick.

In BL2 I started out as Zer0 but quickly learned that his ability was more about micromanagement and it just wasn’t my style. I’m a Maya main through and through, she has hard crowd control and great kill skills that paired with her crowd control allow her to build momentum play wildly aggressively, or be a passive push-and-pull character and I love that level of versatility. Krieg is a favourite, he runs in screaming and ■■■■■ ■■■■ up, he’s everything I wanted Brick to be.

In TPS I was an Athena main from day one and while I switched to Wilhelm after a while I never strayed far. She’s everything I think a melee character should be, and IMO the best melee character by design in the franchise so far. Nisha is fun to level but by endgame just feels boring, and the same goes for Timothy. Athena being so interchangeable between guns and melee pleases me greatly, she’s like a Lilith/Maya hybrid with hints of Krieg and Gaige, and Amara is looking like a Maya/Athena hybrid so she’ll definitely be my main in BL3.

Other than Amara I’m very interested in Zane, he looks like he could be the true run-and-gun character that Wilhelm almost was but fell just short of being.

I love my Sirens, and as far as I’m concerned Athena is the Siren of TPS. Only time will tell how good Amara will really be, but I haven’t been this excited for a game or a character before.

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I enjoy playing “up close & personal”, whether gun or melee. Unfortunately, I’m not very good :smiley: so I need a high level of survivability.

At the top of my list, across all the games, is Merc or Plaguebearer Lil. Stunning a Badass and “dancing” around them, critting with a Double Anarchy, never gets old. If things get out of hand, then just disappear! I would love to see “stunning” skills like Striking and Mind Games make a return in BL3.

Close on Lil’s tail come Brick and Krieg. I love charging into a group of enemies, punching or axing (is that a word?) . Brick starts out the more powerful but fades in PT2.5. Krieg gets stronger and stronger so just about takes 2nd place.

Honourable mentions go to Gaige and Clappie. Gaige + Anarchy + Ravager = “giggly good times” :slightly_smiling_face: Clappie is surprisingly good because of his extensive survival skills.

I should love Zer0 and Athena, for their melee but I’ve never managed to master them. It’s the survivability thing.

“Why no Sal?”, you may be thinking. Well, Sal is about guns much more than skills. I have no love for farming weapons and tend to use what I find along the way. So, he’s never at “full power” for me. I did take the trouble to properly build a Sal for raid bosses but he’s not a favourite for everyday play.

Except … the Reborn mod changes everything! :slight_smile: I’m playing a Sal through currently and he feels just like Brick :smiley: The skills haven’t changed significantly but Reborn offers you better gear, especially from the vending machines. For me, having better quality, on-level gear has made a big difference and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. The changes make Gaige even more fun to play. However, the most extensive Reborn revisions have been for Maya and, at N/TVHM, I like to see if I can survive without using guns :smiley: If Reborn was included in mrbombasticronca’s question, my choices might be different.

For the future, I’m hoping that Amara can be built for a level of survivability to match all her wonderful melee skills. Could she be the Lil beater? :smiley:

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Melee, flashy elemental effects, short cooldowns. Stuff that makes the game different from just shooting guns at bad guys.

First off, my background: I find FPS absurdly boring and for the most part uninspired. Until 2012 the only game that is a shooter that I really liked was the Unreal Tournament series, especially UT 2004. Other than that I tried to get into COD and Medal of Honor, but could never keep my interest in them for more than an hour or. It didn’t help that my aim was total ■■■■. I’m more the RPG guy, grown up on games like Final Fantasy, Jade Cocoon and similar titles.

Then, I heard the hype around Borderlands 2, looked up footage from the trailers and gameplay and as it looked cool I bought it day 1. Which I never did up to that point. Fate is a strange beast.

I started out as Axton, playing with a now long-lost friend that played Maya. Axton’s playstyle is a bit dry, but it worked for coop. When I went on to play solo I tried out Maya and it just clicked. Later, when Krieg was “released” (pun not intended) I had my fair share of Borderlands 2 (probably over 2000 hours put into it) and played all characters at least up to level 50. And Krieg just made it click again! Maya and Krieg are vastly different characters, but they have one thing in common: The frantic style of crowd control! It is weird how I just love both my Maya and my Krieg so much. To this day I’m a Maya and Krieg main. Due to Maya rewarding good aim I strived to become a better shot, so I did and while my aim still isn’t top notch, it is respectable enough to get everything done.

After I discovered the series with BL2 I wanted to find its roots and played BL1, starting out with Lilith. She really is in a League on her own and literally melts enemies with her skills. Sometime later I tried out Mordecai and hell, was he fun. The skill-intensive playstyle with the extremely high burst damage is just so good. And while he isn’t really flashy, he is a solid challenge and rewards you for playing well.

In TPS I main 3 characters! Athena is basically the siren of the game and thats why I love her. The elemental system in Borderlands is so simple, but it scratches that RPG itch I have perfectly. Claptrap as he is is just a blast to play and I love the explosive skills. Also, the random nature of his Vaulthunter.Exe keeps the fights exciting as it wants the player to react accordingly to the outcome. Ruber Duck in the middle of a huge crowd of enemies? Yes please! And last but not least, Timothy, which is the frantic type of character I learned to love in BL2. I build him around his middle and right tree as those compliment each other and my playstyle perfectly.

For Borderlands 3 I am not sure yet. I want to see Fl4k, but right now, Zane and Moze are the most appealing for their mobility and aggression. But Amara is great as well… I’ll probably end up just rolling a die and going with whoever I get. And yes, I think that the VH’s this time are that appealing!


I’ve never been a gamer, let alone for shooters.
When I started bl1 I picked Lilith, after one playthrough moved on to bl2 where I picked Maya (who is still one of my favourites).

I only wanted to play the female characters first, for identification, so Gaige was second (she’s now my least favourite).

Started tps with Aurelia and then Clappy, because reasons.

Then I tried melee Zer0 and failed at op levels :joy:
Then came Sal, for raid bosses, and finally I did what my husband had always suggested, because in his opinion I always rush in like a psycho, no matter who I play - and tried Krieg.
He’s now my second main next to Maya.

Also played Axton, Athena (maxed but left at start of uvhm), Jack (loved him), started a Nisha I never finished, went back to bl1 where I finally finished Lilith and also maxed Mordy and now respecced my Zer0 to Sniper and we’re happy now too.

But if I have to choose one class - I guess I’d classify myself as Psyren :joy:


Much like Lexi, I wasn’t a game player, and definitely not an FPS person. I buy like, a game a year, and normally just look for something interesting. So when I tried BL2, I figured I’d try Maya first. She was cool, but some research brought me to Gaige. I still like Maya, but my crowning achievement is my Gaige.

My Gaige is a Little Gaige, Big Trouble, Claws To The Walls, Nova Storm. She plays with a hard Four Shotgun build, and a Hide of Terra Shield. She’s got a bladed heartbreaker to tear up flesh enemies while improving her health, and when her shield pops she unleashes a nova and her claws reach full potency. Swing and murder, healing herself, and refilling her shield while giving her bonus speed and a shield regen for 8 seconds while any DoTs her nova made get stronger. I have my grenade and melee bound in a weird spot on my mouse, so I sometimes throw a grenade when I mean to melee. My friend calls it “the most in character Gaige ever”. Micro-managing Unstoppable Force and Melee is a challenge, but watching Olney die by the claw is worth it all: https://youtu.be/t2i0KzrOm8U

Then in TPS I play Lady Hammerlock, with a Skullsmasher and a Boxxy Gun. The Skullsmasher gets to take care of enemies at range, then when stuff gets close, Boxxy just creates Cryo Shock Ricochet Chaos everywhere.