What will Happen if you use all of The remaining refund?

Are they going to charge up or is only a one time feature i ask

One time. Use them wisely.

Jup. Used them just for the sake of it, and once they’re gone, they do not replenish.

What remaining refund? Am I missing here? :confused:

You can refund up to three platinum skin or taunt purchases in the marketplace; say, if you don’t use a character that you bought one for anymore.

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:scream: I wasn’t aware of that! Thank you for letting me know!

No problem; i used my three to get rid of my miko skins and taunt when i realized that i prefer Reyna as a support/healer.

Sweet! When I get to play later today, I’ll refund the skins/taunts I bought for Benedict, Reyna and Orendi since I don’t play with those characters anymore.

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It’s not via character, just so you know; three purchases TOTAL is what you can refund. In other words, i bought both of Miko’s skins and taunts, but i was only able to refund three of those four purchases (i naturally refunded the most expensive ones); so now i’m stuck with a Miko taunt that i’ll probably never use again.

So choose wisely :slight_smile:

I’m launched the game real quick to do the refund but can’t find an option. How do you do it? Is it an ingame method or do I need to contact support?

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I don’t remember EXACTLY what it was called, but there was a “purchases” tab SOMEWHERE in the marketplace, which lists every purchase, including credit-based ones. Scroll until you see the name of the taunt or skin you wish to refund (purchases are listed chronologically), and there should be an option to refund it. If you have purchased a lot of loot packs since buying the skins or taunts in question, you’ve got some scrolling to do…

Found it! Thank you very much!

Just want to add: The list contains only items you purchased within the last few days (meaning it´s no complete history, only the most recent items appear).
Wanted to refund a skin once but had bought to many packs in between, chance was lost.
I think its primarily made for a quick refund when you bought something by misclick.

Hope you can still find it on the list @RayLightning ! :heart:


Yep, found them all. I was able to refund 2 skins that dated back in July 2016.

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Is it? Huh… Well THAT blows… Also, it’s GOT to be a little longer than a month, because that’s how long i had Miko’s stuff before i jumped ship over to Reyna.

Then my list must have been buggy! Need to check that when I play next time… (Not that it would change much, it was back in summer and I grew fond of Rath´s icecream-skin^^)

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Yeah, either that or mine got glitched to my favor. My list showed my entire purchase history since end of May 2016. I refunded 2 skins (Benedict and Galilea) and one taunt (for El Dragon).

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