What Will Happen To The Queues Now?

So, no more Verses Draft or Solo / Duo Queue for the foreseeable future.

Incursion, and to a lesser extent, Meltdown, will now once again dominate Quick Match.

(RIP, Capture & FaceOff…I really enjoyed you!)

Meltdown & Incursion don’t really work (in my opinion) in 3 vs 3, whereas FaceOff and Capture might actually be BETTER in 3 vs 3.

Also, new game mode gets released, months of hype, big excitement, almost instant matchmaking…BUT ONLY ONE OF THE 3 MÀPS TO VOTE BETWEEN IS A NEW ONE!!!

It literally took me two and a half hours before I played Ziggurat today!

Please, have voting be between the three new Supercharge maps!

Honestly, I would be happy with Supercharge being rotated in and out and keeping the queues similar to how they were before Supercharge dropped.

What do you all think?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Pinging (PING!) @joekgbx @dante_d_silva @jythri for awareness!

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Verses Draft was frustratingly difficult, but going into Quick Match with a skilled, fully communicating 5 man and ripping less experienced players to shreds gets old real fast!

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I think this will be incredible for the state of incursion for BB.

There will truly be a large varied pool of incursion players looking for games which will make matchmaking…maybe just maybe just maybe do it’s job properly for once.

Everyone wins. EVERYBODY wins…except for people who liked draft. I liked draft but I still cant wait for the larger incursion playerbase which should help ELO work more like ELO and less like mush.


We could just remove bots battle and let the pve players go play there 8-13 maps (if they have the ops) where the pve AI give them a little challenge and put draft back in. But what about my pvp lore I need to get done the bots battle players ask? Good question. How about ya know maybe play some pvp??? They can keep there bots battle for the novice que and everyone wins.


What do you mean by incredible? Seeing Ghalt, Kelvin, Boldur and Thorn in everygame is not fun. Weve seen that meta before we had draft and now it’s right back to it. The team that stun locks better wins. Draft at least forced people to have to learn new comps and learn how to make a real team comp without the same 8-10 characters being played every game just because they are the top tier picks


Hey that’s that thing I thought


Gotta say, I really liked that it was chosen for you. Now you only get incursion or meltdown(if incursion is not there). I like Face-off…rip.

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No, they exit the game and uninstall after they had finished everything that’s doable in PvE and will never come back.

Can we please stop blaming Bots Battle for killing the PvP in this game? It didn’t. It’s a queue that’s just there, where people can

  • relax
  • do their lore and dailies
  • try a few things out

No one, with more than one working brain cell, queues for Bots Battle when they want to play PvP in reality.

The PvP killed itself. And that death started more than half a year before Bots Battle became a thing. People are sick and tired of every second game being a lopsided stomp. I played more PvP lately again and the only close games I played (and mostly lost) were when I was grouped up and also knew most people in the enemy team. In the other cases I either got stomped or I stomped.

This is no fun, for no one. This was a thing that should’ve been tackled when playercount was higher, now it’s basically too late again.

Good luck to players who have no high skilled friends in this game and get the daily quest “Win 7 Incursion matches” should there be no Bots Battle around. I’d honestly go into my “screw this crap” mode and just ignore it. I already did this and didn’t bother with completing my dailies for more than a month (only played private games and PvE) even with Bots Battle active. This is a sign of the system failing and not doing its job as intended. If you make them basically impossible for people who can’t spend multiple hours a day in the game, the fail just gets bigger.

For the PvP queue, the result is the same, e.g., I’m not found in PvP unless I want to play PvP. For the steamcharts, which some people love to use as a “Ded Gaem”-trolling device, it makes a difference if I’m one of those who play Bots, PvP or PvE or a different game.


With me on your team, yes it will. I’m a Meltdown fanatic. :heart:

In all seriousness though, I think we should have a 3v3 queue consisting of Supercharge, Capture, and Face-Off; then a 5v5 Draft queue consisting of Meltdown and Incursion.

Either that, or Supercharge gets its own queue, and Quick Match stays as Meltdown, Capture, and Face-Off, (but keep the voting enabled); and Draft stays as it was before Supercharge dropped.


I don’t like the fact that 5 mans are forced into an undrafted queue where they can once again pick the strongest possible team comp against a solo queuer.


Versus draft needs to return. It is a small solution to the “premade stomp” complaint. I feel like it suits battleborn and allows people to become more familiar with how a competitive game feels.


Didn’t blame bots for it. Just saying the que can leave for another que

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Not everyone is as equally skilled with the entire roster like you. For the majority of people solo queuing, it’s actually better when they can pick characters they’re familiar and comfortable with in stead of having them picked out from under them or banned.


That’s nice of you to say, but no matter what, I’m probably going to struggle against a comp like Kelvin, Boldur, Miko, Thorn and Toby (something along those lines) no matter who I play. Whereas in Draft, Boldur and Kelvin would be banned, I probably would take Thorn making Miko and Toby not a problem!


And I’m saying that this is unnecessary, because Bots Battle doesn’t replace any PvP queue.

There are many people who enjoy it for their own reason and next to no one would play PvP instead if it’s gone.

Some people just use it as a quick method to finish lore or dailies and that’s OK:

Do you really want to have, e.g., a free trial Toby who does his suicide lore in your team in a real PvP game? Do you want a Deande that only runs around with low health to escape with holotwin? I don’t mind at all in Bots Battle, I’d be annoyed as hell in a PvP match.