What Will You Play First, TPS or BL2?

What game are you going to Play first and why? What are your thoughts and opinions on it?

starting out fresh myself at first, so going to do PreSequel first cause of the new content added that I havnt playd yet, plus its quicker to get thru, then ill start my run on BL2 which will take me awhile, sense im starting from scratch, sold old PS3

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Borderlands 2 because I’m starting fresh and gonna experience it for the first time.

borderlands 2, if the other one is played first to any new people to the series the story line will be messed up

I’m starting with BL2.

After ALL the downloads of old saves and patches and DLC… BL2 lol…my Boretastic, Static Shockingly, Money Shooting, Explosifing, Buzz Axing, SMG holding Badass Toons are ready to wreak havoc all across Pandora

Well i have bl2 on 360 and ps3. And the pre sequel only on 360. Im getting the handsome collection for ps4. So ill have all my ps3 saves. Ill be playing bl2 first. And probably just play the pre sequel to see how it looks amd plays. Ill keep playing pre sequel on the 360. Im not doing everything all over again. Wish you can transfer saves between different consoles

First time huh? You are in for a treat with borderlands 2!

Lol same here mate :slight_smile:

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your comment made me curious, didn’t the PreSequel take place between BL1 and Bl2, so how does playing presequel first mess up the storyline in BL2, sense it was before BL2, Played all on PS3, just maybe I missed something on the story, just curious

It wouldn’t mess anything up. It would actually make more sense playing tps first. To see the start of handsome jacks story and how he turned evil. I dunno why he said playing pre sequel first would mess the story line up.

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It’s a tough choice for me having played bl2 through its main campaign when it first came out so I know what happens there story wise. Although I never touched TPS game so haven’t decided what I’ll end up trying first on xbox-one this week.

I have not tried the new characters on TPS, so my head says I should start there.

But my heart says BL2.

Heart will probably win out in the end…

I already have BL2 and all the DLCs on Steam so I will most likely play TPS first.
I don’t know how well that’s gonna go since I just LOVE playing Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. ( and that ending <3 )

another reason im doing PreSequel first, to save the best for last, take my time and enjoy the game

Actually if you think about it, The TPS story is narrated from after the events of bl2 if that makes sense. So if you didn’t play bl2 first then you would have no reason to know the TPS story and you wouldn’t know why Lilith is being such a biznitch to Athena in TPS
Nor would you know why any of it is important to the borderlands series.

I’m playing BL2 first, again. Then TPS, which I’ve never played.

One reason I can think of playing the “last” one first. The Last of Us. You play that before you play Left Behind even though Left Behind is a prequel. Playing LB first would introduce spoilers to the main game.

I’m new to Borderlands in general and only recently started with BL2. I might start with TPS and then play BL2 to experience story chronologically.

I told myself I was going to play TPS first since I haven’t played any of the DLC yet, but the siren song got me, and now I am back on two playing Maya again.

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I’m going to play BL2 first, because if you play TPS first then BL2 you will be too used to the gravity mechanics (double jump and ground smash) you will not want to play BL2