What will you stand in line for?

We live in a drive through society or one click gratification but what will you stand in line for.

For me will wait for the line for a roller coaster, will wait out a busy restaurant,

You ?

Most things.

Food, movies, roller coaster, etc…

Unless it’s easy to comeback when it’s quieter, I’ll usually wait for most things.

Avocado-MEAT-cheese sandwich, especially if its one that weighs 1/2 kilogram.

The chance to meet the band members of Chthonic for a second time.
Otherwise the duo behind Anaal Nathrakh.

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Lol pretty much everything, im not that person thats always in a big hurry or lack of patients :slight_smile:

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When I’m at the checkout of a busy store.

Pretty much anything I cant download

Same here.



either the giving or receiving end of a bukkake.

afterall, people are always saying to try new things. and there’s that other expression, you should always try something at least once.

A Bukkake?,quite sincere xD

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Backs away slowly

Likes: Midnight releases of video games and books.

Dislikes: Standing in line behind some slow witted mortal in the grocery store especially if I have alcohol or ice cream.

Grocery stores arnt too bad since the Checkout person is usually pretty quick and the slow-witted indiviudual just has to stand there and pay.

Its places where you have to order food thats the trouble, WHY CANT PEOPLE DECIDE WHILE IN THE LINE???

Because ■■■■ multitasking.

Well at my grocery store, we have those automatic scanners which are great for me, no human interaction unless I’m buying alcohol. Just give them my ID, they punch in my birthday and boom, gone, done. And those automatic scanners are used only for 10 items or less, which nobody ever follows. I hate the old person in front of me, giving me dirty looks and he’s taking 20 minutes to scan a quart of milk and a box of oranges. Then he starts fiddling with change…

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Oh yeah, I havnt had much experience with those since my town only got a supermarket in 2006, so it’ll be 2050 before we see auto checkout.


That’s about it really, I might wait in line for a cinema ticket from time to time but generally speaking the only thing I ever queue for is food